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Aenc affinity


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Aenc affinity

  1. 1. AENC POLICY FOR MEMBER BENEFIT PROGRAMSThe Association Executives of North Carolina may, from time to time, enter into an agreementwith a vendor to provide a product or service program (henceforth referred to as a benefit) toAENC members.POLICY1. The benefit offered must be of significant interest to a wide range of AENC members.2. Preference will be given to vendors who have the capacity to offer and service AENCmembers who reside in all areas of North Carolina. Vendor must be a member of AENC.3. The proposed benefit must be appropriate for AENC to undertake and must be related tosome aspect of the association profession and/or the life of an association professional.4. The benefit program must not conflict with the general purposes of AENC or any of itsestablished policies.5. The benefit must be of a high quality and the vendor must maintain a reputation for honesty,reliability and voluntary compliance with the law.6. The direct and indirect costs related to developing and administering the program shall beassumed by the vendor to the extent possible. In any case, the vendor shall be responsible forall costs related to producing a suitable brochure and/or promotional piece. In addition, thevendor shall assume all costs related to promoting the benefit each year. Costs to be assumedby AENC are negotiable depending upon the amount of the royalty or service or administrativeallowance received by the AENC. At a minimum, product must guarantee to generate aminimum of $5,000 annually for AENC (this could include marketing fees, royalty, marketingand/or sponsorship dollars).7. AENC shall have final copy approval on any and all promotional literature prepared by thevendor. No copy may be printed without prior approval of the AENC Executive Director.8. AENC benefits are offered to provide special savings or products to its members.9. Each proposed benefit will be reviewed by the appropriate AENC staff and must be approvedor denied by the Executive Director, who may refer it appropriately as the situation warrants.10. Once a benefit is approved, all terms of the benefit program must be outlined in a letter ofagreement or contract between AENC and the vendor. This agreement shall include a specificexpiration date, options to continue and include language regarding exclusivity. In addition, thevendor must agree to hold the AENC harmless.PROCEDURE 1
  2. 2. 1. Any vendor seeking to receive AENC sponsorship of a proposed benefit shall be made aware of this policy from AENC, as well as a deadline date for submitting proposals2. The vendor shall then provide the AENC Affinity application, completed in full.3. AENC’s Executive Director must receive this proposal by the date requested during theinitial contact. The Executive Director will then submit proposals to the Executive Committeefor action.4. AENC’s Executive Director, along with the executive committee, shall have theresponsibility for the investigation and review of proposed benefits and alternatives andmake recommendations to the Board of Directors. Once approval from the Board has beengiven, AENC will work with counsel to develop contract between AENC and vendor.5. The Executive Committee will periodically review all current benefits and makerecommendations as to possible new benefit programs for the AENC membership ordiscontinuance of existing programs. 2
  3. 3. Review Application for AENC Member Benefits ProgramThank you for your interest in AENC’s Member Benefits Program. The following informationwill help AENC determine the appropriate next step toward AENC affiliation.Please complete this application and return it to: Jim Thompson, CAE,IOM Executive Director AENCCompany Key Contact InformationName: _____________________________________Title:_____________________________Relationship of Applicant to Business: ______________________________________________Name of Benefit: ______________________________________________________________Company Name: ______________________________________________________________Phone Number: _______________________ E-mail: ________________________________Address: _____________________________________________________________________Address: _____________________________________________________________________City/State/Zip Code: ____________________________________________________________ Company InformationWhat is your company’s mission?Briefly describe your company’s history. 3
  4. 4. List associations or other business affiliations that your company currently has amarketing relationship with, especially those in NC. For each entity listed include acontact name and phone number and a brief testimonial. Product DescriptionWhat product/service do you wish to be considered by AENC?Summarize the features of your product/service.Describe your product/service pricing structure. Add additional pages if required. 4
  5. 5. Attach a detailed brochure describing the product/service.What special pricing would be available for AENC members?Please be VERY specific. If pricing is situational, please provide several examples.What fee or compensation are you proposing to provide to AENC?Are you a member of AENC, and if not, do you intend to be?Outline the purchasing process under the proposed provider program, including howAENC member status would be verified.How would AENC members be able to purchase the product/service?(check all that apply) Internet form Toll-free telephone number Faxed order form Mailed order form In-person sales staff Other (please describe) ________________________________Outline how the purchase would be fulfilled. 5
  6. 6. MarketingIf accepted as an AENC Member Benefits Program supplier, what marketing activities doyou envision AENC doing?If accepted as an AENC Member Benefits Program supplier, what marketing activitieswill you undertake (initial and ongoing)?Do you intend to advertise your product/service to AENC members?If someone taking advantage of the AENC Member Benefits Program discount dropstheir AENC membership, how do you propose to handle their discount under thisprogram? Non-Dues RevenueAt a minimum, product or service must guarantee to generate a minimum of $5,000annually for AENC (this could include marketing fees, royalty, marketing and/orsponsorship dollars). How do you propose reaching/exceeding these numbers in Year 1,Year 2 and Year 3? 6
  7. 7. CompetitionWhat makes your company unique compared to your competitors? QualityHow do you ensure the quality of the product/service you offer as well as your customerservice in support of your product/service? Program ValueWhat value or benefit would the Program bring to AENC members? Note: This application does not bind your company and AENC, it is simply a proposal. Thank You! You will be hearing from us soon! 7