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  • * Expected students. * 07/16/96 * ##
  • All kindergartens offer dual mother tongue language (English and Chinese) teaching from children of 18 mths – 5 years. * = expected students. * 07/16/96 * ##
  • UNB Honourary Doctorate. Recently awarded by the UN Council for International Education Reciepient. * 07/16/96 * ##
  • Also start a family in China…few couples have started. * 07/16/96 * ##
  • Why are we here? * 07/16/96 * ##
  • You can apply this diagram to every school, lesson planning and classrooms. Standards is our curriculum using Technology infusion, Social and Emotional Learning, Comprehensive Assessment, Project learning and Integrated Learning to build the 21 st Century Skills. * 07/16/96 * ##
  • Need to have some fun at work…expect and accept last minute changes. * 07/16/96 * ##
  • 2013 akd si

    1. 1. AKD International Inc.AKD International Inc. WelcomesWelcomes You!You! Andy TruongAndy Truong July 22, 2013July 22, 2013
    2. 2. Mission Statement We will work to develop the best possible learning environments for our students, employing professional teachers and use proven teaching practices so that our students can develop to their potential as individuals and become 21st century citizens of the world. Within this mission, we will strive to promote understanding and good relations between the Chinese and Canadian people.
    3. 3. AKD Schools in China 加皇国际教育集团直属学校名称 1. Beijing Concord College of Sino-Canada (BCCSC) 北京中加学校 established in 1997 (1200 students) 1997 年成立( 1200 名学生) 2. Shenzhen (Nanshan) Concord College of Sino-Canada (SCCSC) 深圳 ( 南山 ) 中加学 校 established in 2001 (900 students) 2001 年成立( 850 名学生) 3. International School of Nanshan Shenzhen (ISNS) 深圳南山国际学校 established in 2001 (180 students) 2001 年成立( 180 名学生) 4. Canadian International School of Beijing (CISB) 北京加拿大国际学校 established in 2006 (1000 students) 2006 年成立( 1000 名学生) 5. Beidaihe Concord Bridge School (BCBS) 北戴河中加英桥学校 established in 1993 (900 students) 1993 年成立( 900 名学生) 6. Anhui Concord College of Sino-Canada (ACCSC) 安徽中加学校 established in 2011 (200 students) 2011 年成立 (200 名学生) 7. Guiyang Concord College of Sino-Canada (GCCSC) opening in Sept 2012 (Recruiting Grade 1 – *30 students and Grade 7 – *30 students) 8. Hunan Concord College of Sino-Canada (HCCSC) 湖南中加学校 scheduled to open in Sept, 2013. 预计在 2013 年 9 月开学
    4. 4. AKD Kindergartens in China 加皇国际教育集团直属学校名称 1. Dongguan Mensa Kindergarten, Guangdong Province established in 2011 (*20 students) 2. CISB – Shunyi Campus in Beijing opened in Sept 2012 (*20 students) 3. Xuzhou Montessori Kindergarten, Jiangsu Province opened in Sept 2012 (*20 students) 4. Chongqing International Montessori Kindergarten opening in Sept 2013 (*20 students) 5. Canadian Kindergarten of Changsha, Hunan Province scheduled to open in Jan 2014 (200 students capacity)
    5. 5. AKD Organizational and School Structure Dr. Francis Pang AKD Chairman of the Board 1) Mr. Charles Pang AKD Board Director and Executive Director of CISB 2) Mr. Andy Truong AKD Board Director and Executive Director of BCCSC and ACCSC 3) Ms. Joyce Pang AKD Board Director and Executive Director of SCCSC and ISNS 4) Mr. Alfred Pang Executive Director of GCCSC 5) Mr. Xin Cao Executive Director of HCCSC
    6. 6. Beijing Concord College of Sino-CanadaBeijing Concord College of Sino-Canada (BCCSC)(BCCSC)
    7. 7. Canadian International School of Beijing (CISB)Canadian International School of Beijing (CISB)
    8. 8. Shenzhen (Nanshan) Concord College of Sino-CanadaShenzhen (Nanshan) Concord College of Sino-Canada (SCCSC)(SCCSC) International School of Nanshan Shenzhen (ISNS)International School of Nanshan Shenzhen (ISNS)
    9. 9. Anhui Concord College of Sino-Canada (ACCSC)Anhui Concord College of Sino-Canada (ACCSC)
    10. 10. Hunan Concord College of Sino-Canada (HCCSC)
    11. 11. Grow with us in China 1. We are a big family, your home away from home; 2. We are here to help you settle and adjust to China; 3. Provide professional assistance, guidelines and help you to advance in your professional career; 4. Provide regular in-service and professional development, updates and training in your related profession. This will be done on an ongoing basis and include participating in professional development activities and accessing information from available sources provided by the NB Dept of Education or its agencies; 5. Gain valuable international experiences; 6. Teachers are most respected profession; 7. Build lasting friendships.
    12. 12. Expectations 1. Hired as a professional to work in China educating children; 2. Students are our priority; 3. Represent the best of Canadian values and attitudes; 4. Teachers should be conscious of differences in values and attitudes, respect the culture, and avoid at all times derogatory comments about the Chinese or imply any inferior status to Canadian culture; 5. Teachers, as do other professionals, have a code of conduct, which provides guidelines on appropriate behavior when relating to their students, to each other, and to the school; 6. Utilize SmartBoard and other technologies to enable students to meet their learning goals; 7. Full commitment to follow the 21st Century Learning and Skills agenda.  The overall goal is to build TRUST with the students, parents, and colleagues.
    13. 13. Preparing 21st Century Students  21st CL prepares students with the following skills: 21 世纪教育将使学生拥有以下技能: 1) Creativity and Innovation 创造力与开拓精神 2) Collaboration and Communication 互相合作与交流 3) Inquiry, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 主动提问、批判性思考、问题解决能力 4) Global Thinking 全球性思维 5) Leadership and Responsibility. 领导力与责任心
    14. 14. 21st Century Learning Diagram 21 世纪教育图表
    15. 15. 2013-14 School Year 1. Increase # of AP courses for BCCSC, SCCSC and successful launch of AP program at ACCSC; 1. Participation of Round Square Association for BCCSC and SCCSC; 2. Continue to promote the Duke of Edinburgh Award program; 3. Increase IB diploma students; 4. Increase memberships and accreditations; 5. Increase academic excellence; 6. Improve Student Satisfaction Score.
    16. 16. CCSC Graduation Ceremony inCCSC Graduation Ceremony in the Great Hall of the Peoplethe Great Hall of the People
    17. 17. CISB Graduation Ceremony
    18. 18. Achievements of Excellence i) 100% of 2013 CCSC graduates received acceptance letters from Canada, US, China, Korea, UK and EU universities. 85% have received scholarships of CAD 500 or more. 4 graduates were admitted in IVY League School; ii) Both BCCSC and SCCSC successful became members of the Round Square Association. 1st school(s) in China! iii) 18 BCCSC students scored mark of “5” in 3 or more AP courses. Team (44 students) score an average mark of 3.93. 33% of BCCSC and 20% of SCCSC students are taking 3 or more AP courses. iv) CISB graduates admitted to top universities. Received Full IB World School. v) 50 BCCSC and SCCSC graduates admitted into University of Toronto. vi) 130 CCSC students awarded DOE Bronze Level.
    19. 19. Canadians in China  Canada Day Celebration  Monthly Canadian Alumni Network  Canadian Embassy Charity Ball  Terry Fox Run  Canada China Business Council  Canadian Embassy and Consulate Good websites: 1.www.canadiansinchina.com 2.www.thebeijinger.com 3.www.canadainternational.gc.ca
    20. 20. Support from our Leaders Dr. Pang with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and Cdn PM Stephen HarperDr. Pang with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and Cdn PM Stephen Harper
    21. 21. For more info, please contact: Andy H. Truong Executive Director email: andy.truong@cisbeijing.com www.ccsc.com.cn Tel: 8610 89599051 Fax: 8610 89598434