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Aegon 4Q 2017 Results Infographic


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Aegon concludes 2017 with strong fourth quarter results. Find out key results in our Results Infographic.

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Aegon 4Q 2017 Results Infographic

  1. 1. 4Q 2017 Results “These results conclude a strong year for our company.” Alex Wynaendts CEO Aegon UNDERLYING EARNINGS BY REGION (EUR MILLION) Underlying Earnings € Net Income Sales € Gross Deposits 3.9 34.9 EUR billion EUR billion 4Q 2017 3.9 4Q 2016 2.7 34.9 22.6 525 986 STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES Optimized Portfolio Operational Excellence Empowered Employees Further embedding our diversity and inclusion credentials, the Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement published our first international survey on the retirement aspirations and planning of the LGBT community Employee engagement, as evidenced by our Global Employee Survey, improved and reflects Aegon’s ongoing commitment to become the preferred employer in the industry Aegon Asset Management led the way by launching an affordable housing debt fund in the US, the first of its kind We’ve invested in new technologies and platforms that help our business grow, and divested parts of the US business that were no longer core to our strategy Customer Loyalty Americas Europe Asia 167352 12 Holding (42) Asset Management37 EUR million EUR million 525 986 4Q 2017 3Q 2017 4.5 40.73Q 2017 4Q 2016 4Q 2017 4Q 2017 556 4693Q 2017 3Q 2017 554 4704Q 2016 4Q 2016