APPLICATION NOTEUltra Low-LatencyOptical Networks                                              “A 1-millisecond advantage ...
Ultra Low-Latency Optical NetworksKey Benefits –                                                FSP 3000Lowest-Latency Opti...
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Application Note: Ultra Low-Latency Optical Networks


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Application Note: Ultra Low-Latency Optical Networks

  1. 1. APPLICATION NOTEUltra Low-LatencyOptical Networks “A 1-millisecond advantage in trading applications can be worth $100 million a year to a major brokerage firm, …” Richard Martin, Information WeekInnovation for Run-Time Sensitive ApplicationsIn today’s high-frequency trading environment, fractions of a second make all the difference. As technologyadvances, faster networks drive revenues. Decreasing latency by reducing time in the transport network takesadvantage of the significant differences that exist in optical networks today. It is no longer sufficient to employsmart people and fast computers running great software. The transport network with the fastest equipment andthe shortest fiber distance also makes a significant impact. Successful time-sensitive applications require lowest-latency data transmission – something only achieved through dedicated fiber-optic networks with the fastestelectronics. But not all fiber-based networks yield the same performance. It is a combination of the shortest routeand the optimal transmission equipment that makes the difference.Our Solution –the Fastest System on the MarketOur scalable optical transport solution, the FSP 3000, the ability to provision additional 1Gbit/s or 10Gbit/sis designed to achieve the lowest-latency transmission channels faster than anyone in the market.possible to respond to the demanding requirementsdriven by time-sensitive applications. Traditional data For managing your low-latency network, you havetransport options use technologies that introduce the option to run our FSP Service Manager, keepingadditional latency, such as forward error correction you up-to-date on network status at all times. Itand dispersion compensating fiber, to compensate for is built on an intuitive graphical user interface thatfiber irregularities. provides service provisioning and management across your entire network. With only a few clicks of theIn our FSP 3000, however, every component from mouse, new services can be online, eliminating thetransmitter to receiver is optimized for speed. Whether need to drill down to configure individual elements.connecting to an information feed over Ethernet, Whether commissioning, delivering, servicing orinterconnecting HPC clusters with InfiniBand or troubleshooting – our ADVA FSP Service Manageraccessing storage networks using Fibre Channel, the enables you to manage your services and not yourADVA FSP 3000 allows the transport of any protocol, network elements.over any distance, with best-in-class latency, coupledwith the added confidence that only in-service fiberprofiling brings.Our FSP 3000 allows you to expand your networkto up to 120 transmission channels. In addition, to Metro Networkgive you the capability to react to traffic storms, wehave a scalable network option that provides you with
  2. 2. Ultra Low-Latency Optical NetworksKey Benefits – FSP 3000Lowest-Latency Optical Transmission ADVA Optical Networking’s scalable optical transport solution is a modular WDM systemADVA Optical Networking has a long history of helping the specifically designed to maximize the bandwidthenterprise community achieve its business objectives. and service flexibility of access, metro and coreWe are at the forefront of providing innovative transport networks. The unique optical layer design supportssolutions for dedicated high-performance networks, WDM-PON, CWDM and DWDM technology,and we support you with best-in-breed technology and including 100Gbit/s line speeds with colorless,application know-how. Our FSP 3000 ultra low-latency directionless and contentionless ROADMs.solution provides you with the following advantages: RAYcontrol™, our integrated, industry-leading • Maximum performance multi-layer GMPLS control plane, guarantees Lowest-possible-latency optical transmission, operational simplicity, even in complex meshed- providing you with the fastest connectivity avail- network topologies. Thanks to OTN, Ethernet able on the market and low-latency aggregation, the • Highest service availability FSP 3000 represents Revolutionary approach to equipment, monitoring a highly versatile and and support that provides our customers with the cost-effective solution highest levels of reliability for packet optical transport. • Ultra-fast scalability Scalable network option, allowing reactions to traf- fic storms and the addition of new circuits faster than anyone on the market About ADVA Optical Networking • Simplified operations ADVA Optical Networking is a global provider of Service-based network operations for end-to-end intelligent telecommunications infrastructure solutions. service provisioning and service management With software-automated Optical+Ethernet transmission across the entire network technology, the Company builds the foundation for • Continued innovation high-speed, next-generation networks. The Company’s Continuous functional enhancements to the latency FSP product family adds scalability and intelligence to characteristics of our equipment, allowing your customers’ networks while removing complexity and systems to steadily improve cost. Thanks to reliable performance for more than 15 years, the Company has become a trusted partner for • Trusted partnership more than 250 carriers and 10,000 enterprises across Our roots in enterprise connectivity, our dedication the globe. to the space and our dedicated laboratory allow us to be the perfect partner Partner ® ADVA Optical Networking Inc. ADVA AG Optical Networking ADVA Optical Networking North America, Inc. Campus Martinsried Singapore Pte.Ltd. 5755 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Fraunhoferstrasse 9 a 25 International Business Park Norcross, Georgia 30092 82152 Martinsried / Munich #05-106 German Centre USA Germany Singapore 609916 For more information visit us at