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Application Note: Data Center Connectivity


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Application Note: Data Center Connectivity

  1. 1. APPLICATION NOTEData CenterConnectivity “Enterprises today cannot tolerate network downtime, and they need the flexibility to expand network services as their business changes.” Yasuhisa Yamada, KDDI CorporationYour Transport Network Is a Strategic AssetCloud computing, virtualization, business continuity and disaster recovery – all demand access to increasingamounts of bandwidth with the lowest possible latency. Financial and regulatory demands have now forced ITmanagers to reassess their data center storage strategy. Enterprises, including financial institutions and utilities,have started to deploy geographically dispersed server clusters and SANs. Disaster recovery concepts thatguarantee the availability and survival of essential data, even in case of a catastrophic failure, have become amandatory design requirement. Due to the large bandwidth requirements involved, optical transport networks area critical strategic asset for driving innovation and success in data center connectivity. Built-in redundancy andsecurity concepts are essential to achieve compliance regarding data safety and integrity.Our Solution –a Unique, Economical DWDM NetworkPrivate optical networks based on WDM technology By leveraging built-in protection and redundancyenable secure transport of massive amounts of data concepts, our FSP 3000 dramatically improves thebetween redundant data centers. Our FSP 3000 overall availability of your mission-critical businessoptical transport solution helps you to cost- applications. It provides you with increased networkeffectively interconnect the most demanding low- reliability to achieve regulatory compliance, whetherlatency, business-continuity and disaster-recovery you are moving one Gigabit or one Terabit acrossapplications. The platform supports any interface the network.protocol and bit rate at native speed, including 1G,2G, 4G and 8G Fibre Channel, FICON, InfiniBand, Qualified by all leading storage suppliers, ourEthernet, FCoE/DCB and other protocols such as FSP 3000 has become the foundation of thousands ofSONET/SDH. data center projects across the globe. Its robustness, power and space efficiency, combined with a modernOur ultra-low latency optical transport technology suite of security features, have made it the only choiceprovides you with a competitive advantage for your for enterprises that must avoid application downtime,core applications of high-frequency trading, exchange prevent data loss and create operational efficiencies.connectivity or data center interconnection. In ourFSP 3000, every component from transmitter toreceiver is optimized for speed. Whether connectingto an information feed over Ethernet, interconnectingvirtualized servers or accessing storage networksusing Fibre Channel, our FSP 3000 allows thetransport of any protocol, over any distance, withbest-in-class latency. Data Center Backup Center
  2. 2. Data Center ConnectivityKey Benefits – Delivering Security and Resiliency FSP 3000 ADVA Optical Networking’s scalable opticalHighest availability, lowest latency and maximum transport solution is a modular WDM systemsecurity are all mandatory attributes of today’s specifically designed to maximize the bandwidthnetworks for enterprise data center connectivity. With and service flexibility of access, metro and coreADVA Optical Networking’s scalable optical networking networks. The unique optical layer design supportssolution, you can deliver the right information to the WDM-PON, CWDM and DWDM technology,right hands. We have already helped more than 10,000 including 100Gbit/s line speeds with colorless,enterprises to build the network solutions they need to directionless and contentionless ROADMs.succeed. Our industry-proven FSP 3000 scalable optical RAYcontrol™, our integrated, industry-leadingtransport solution offers: multi-layer GMPLS control plane, guarantees • Ultimate flexibility and scalability operational simplicity, even in complex meshed- 120 wavelengths and service interfaces ranging network topologies. Thanks to OTN, Ethernet from 10Mbit/s to 100Gbit/s for all current and and low-latency future data center applications aggregation, the FSP 3000 represents • Enhanced security a highly versatile and Integrated encryption and optical line monitoring, cost-effective solution addressing concerns about fiber plant integrity, for packet optical security and availability of applications transport. • Lowest latency Transparent wavelength conversion and ultra-low latency amplification for data transfer at lowest About ADVA Optical Networking possible latency ADVA Optical Networking is a global provider of • Regulatory compliance intelligent telecommunications infrastructure solutions. Built-in redundancy and security concepts, allowing With software-automated Optical+Ethernet transmission users to achieve regulatory compliance regarding technology, the Company builds the foundation for data safety and integrity high-speed, next-generation networks. The Company’s • Lowest operational cost FSP product family adds scalability and intelligence to Easy-to-install system architecture, combined with customers’ networks while removing complexity and power- and space-efficient system design for low- cost. Thanks to reliable performance for more than 15 est operational cost years, the Company has become a trusted partner for more than 250 carriers and 10,000 enterprises across • Industry qualifications the globe. Qualified for interoperability with all major SAN vendors for enterprise application extension over hundreds of kilometers Partner ADVA Optical Networking Inc. ADVA AG Optical Networking ADVA Optical Networking North America, Inc. Campus Martinsried Singapore Pte.Ltd. 5755 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Fraunhoferstrasse 9 a 25 International Business Park Norcross, Georgia 30092 82152 Martinsried / Munich #05-106 German Centre USA Germany Singapore 609916 For more information visit us at