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ADSelfService Plus is a secure, web-based, self-service password reset management program. It allows end users to reset their Windows Active Directory Password remotely from a web browser without relying on the helpdesk personnel. ADSelfService Plus reduces the most critical password tickets which consumes a substantial amount of help desk time by rendering a secure, reliable and robust web based self-service solution to the end user. ADSelfService Plus also supports self-service account unlock, employee AD self-update, people search and sending password expiry notification. Self-service Reset password/Unlock Account helps improve employee productivity, as they no longer have to wait for helpdesk personnel to respond to their password reset/account unlock queries. With employee self-update and people search, employees can update and find up to date, accurate, relevant information about their colleagues. With the help of Password Expiry Notification, end users can change their Active Directory Password before it expires. ADSelfService Plus displays the domain password policy requirements on the Password Reset/Change Password page, helping users to pick a strong password that complies with the password policies. ADSelfService Plus also provides the ability to reset password/unlock account right from the computer’s logon screen with the help of built-in GINA/CP extension. Users’ identity is verified using SMS/Email based two-factor authentication for highly secure password reset. All data transmissions between the ADSelfService Plus server and the user web browser is secured using SSL. Furthermore, ADSelfService Plus provides comprehensive reports on all users activities helping you to keep an audit trail. ADSelfService Plus improves employee productivity and eliminates the leading source of helpdesk calls.

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ADSelf Service Password Flyer

  1. 1. Empower Your Users, Make Password Reset Worries a History “ It is estimated 40 percent of help desk calls are related to password reset from users. Each password reset call can cost up to $40 in dedicated resources for resolution and associated “ user downtime. ADSelfService Plus helps eliminate password related calls and in-turn facilitate a significant cost savings to your organization.Key Features Minimize Help Desk Calls End Users can Self Reset their Passwords ADSelfService Plus allows users to reset their own passwords, unlock their account and also update their personal information in Active Directory. Self Unlock Locked-Out Windows Accounts This helps to cut down support calls and eliminates the need to employ Self Update Personal Information in AD additional HelpDesk associates. Change Password Securely by Meeting Password Policy Requirements Increase Return On Investment (ROI) Enable Automatic Password Reset of Users at Scheduled Times The self-service option of ADSelfService Plus is a novel idea to relieve IT Staff of support requests and allow them to take up more challenging Identity Verification by Secret Questions & Answers when Password Reset tasks. It also lowers system down-time, increases user productivity and thus facilitates a greater Return On Investment. Automatic Enrollment of Users by Import of Security Answers Single Sign-On with Windows Credentials Extensive Auditing, Reporting & Notification “ The price is right. The functionality and feature set matched our requirements exactly. The licensing model was Password Expiry & Soon-to-Expire Password Reports friendly enough. The support staff Reports on Enrolled & Un-enrolled Users “ seemed genuinely eager to help with Enrollment Notification e-mails Selecting problems. Users by Domain or Ous Chris Jackson, Systems Administrator Schedule Reports & Notify Users by e-mail for Enrollment & on Passwords Soon-to-Expire TXP Corporation Enforce a Change Password at Next Logon
  2. 2. Reduce Employee Frustration Login ScreenshotEliminate typical delays, frustration, lost productivity,and overheads experienced while waiting on hold for ahelp desk member to process a user request.ADSelfService Plus not only removes the burden fromthe help desk, but also lets employees helpthemselves and get back to work without intermittentdelays.Web-Based Access to AccountsUser information that is maintained in AD needs to beup-to-date. ADSelfService Plus facilitates real- timemaintenance with an option for users to update theirpersonal information without seeking helpdesk Dashboard Screenshotassistance.Enhanced SecurityADSelfService Plus makes use of the Secret Question& Answer method to authenticate the users who haveenrolled themselves to enjoy self-service benefits.This acts as an excellent security mechanism to verifythe credibility of the user accessing the application.Accountability of ActionsWith ADSelfService Plus, all user activities can beeffectively tracked to give an accountability for theactions performed using the product. This is especially System Requirementsuseful to meet compliance requirements and can be Processor P4 - 1.0 GHz, RAM 512 MB, Disk Space 200 MB.supported by a list of useful reports. Supported Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista. Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer 5.5 and above,Deploy with Ease Netscape 7.0 and above Mozilla 1.5 and above, Firefox 1.5 and aboveADSelfService Plus is easy to install and deploy, with a System Requirementssingle click installation process. Website : Live Demo : For Sales Queries : For Tech Support : Website: I Demo: I Support: