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Social media aids customer acquisition media buyerplanner

  1. 1. Last Updated May 03, 2010 at 11:05 PM EST Subscribe to Media Buyer Daily Enter your email a Categories Archives Popular Advertising, Marketing & Media Issues Business Environment Demographics & Regions Media Options & Channels Sales, Operations & Tech Verticals & Sectors Social Media Aids Customer Acquisition Published on April 26, 2010 | Email this article Many B2C and B2B companies are successfully using social media networks to acquire customers, according to [pdf] the “State of Inbound Marketing Report” from internet marketing firm Hubspot. Major Social Media Channels Provide Leads to 4 in 10 Companies More than four in 10 companies overall have acquired a customer from four major social media channels. Forty-one percent of companies have acquired a 5/4/2010 Social Media Aids Customer Acquisition……/social-medi… 1/4
  2. 2. Downloads: Oneupweb Introduces The Verge. Are Your Campaigns Ready? Get the no-nonsense truth about digital marketing in Oneupweb's new magazine. Is it Really Worthwhile to Market on Twitter? Now Microsoft Supports HTML5. Is it Finally Over for Flash? 3D's everwhere: in a newspaper, games, on the desktop iAd May Be Tipping Point for Google's AdMob Acquisition eBay, AOL Benefit from Increased US Web Usage Industry Buzz & News: 5/03/10 MarketingVox Retailer Daily MarketingCharts customer from both Twitter and LinkedIn. That figure rises to 44% for Facebook and 46% for a company blog. Social Media Especially Helps B2C When social media customer acquisition figures are broken out by B2B and B2C companies, it becomes clear that B2C companies generally obtain more value from their social media marketing efforts. Fifty- one percent of B2C companies have acquired a customer from Twitter, compared to 38% of B2B companies. The difference is most stark in customer acquisition figures for Facebook, from which 68% of B2C companies have obtained a customer but only 33% of B2B companies. When it comes to LinkedIn, however, the usefulness trends reverse. Forty-five percent of B2B companies have obtained a customer from LinkedIn, compared to only 26% of B2C companies. Figures for company blog customer acquisition are closest in range, with 57% of B2C companies and 43% of B2B companies obtaining a customer through this channel. Blog Post Frequency Makes a Difference The more posts a company makes, the more success it will have driving new business. One hundred percent of companies posting multiple times a day on their blogs acquired a customer, and 90% posting daily acquired a customer. This figures declines to 69% for companies posting two to three times a week, down to 13% for companies posting less than monthly. Most Business Blogs Post Weekly The majority of business blogs in 2010 post weekly (38%). Another 29% post two to three times a week, and 17% post monthly. Only 3% post multiple times a day. Only 5/4/2010 Social Media Aids Customer Acquisition……/social-medi… 2/4
  3. 3. Get free media planning headlines every business day in your inbox. Easy to read, easy unsubscribe Share 58% of companies making weekly blog posts acquire a customer, meaning most companies are leaving a significant tool for customer acquisition on the table. Bigger Business Blogs Better Lead Bringers Business blogs begin generating significantly more leads when they have a median of 24 or more articles posted, according to other research by Hubspot. Businesses with blog article numbers above this critical threshold are likely to have enough content to make a significant impact on search engines through additional indexed pages and new keywords with which to associate. In addition, other sites are more likely to link to a blog that offers a steady stream of content. Businesses with blogs of 24-plus articles are more likely to be committed to updating their blog frequently and, thus, are likely to generate more traffic from referring sites. Business blogs that have 0-11 articles posted will generate a median of three leads. Once blogs reach the 12-23 posted article threshold, this median dramatically rises to 10. However, blogs with 24-51 posted articles generate a median of 13 leads, and will generate a median of 23 leads when the posted article threshold reaches 52. This represents 77% lead growth, more than twice the 30% lead growth that occurs when the number of posted blog articles reaches 24. Related categories: Direct, Interactive, Blogs Email: Subscribe Latest Headlines 5/4/2010 Social Media Aids Customer Acquisition……/social-medi… 3/4
  4. 4. About Advertise Contact Editorial Privacy © 2005-2010 Watershed Publishing All rights reserved. Top 10 TV Shows Lose 5% of Revenue in 2009 Radio Ad Sends Signal, Dials Phone National CineMedia Tops Mediaweek Out-of-Home Hot List Belo Corp Sees Automotive Ad Spend Jump 45% in Q1 'The Sun' Unveils 3D Edtion 5/4/2010 Social Media Aids Customer Acquisition……/social-medi… 4/4