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  1. 1. mm eMarketer. Automotive online: The Race Is on Executive Summary: Despite a3.4% decline in total ad spending in 2Cn5,the automotive irdustry is still the la rg-est US advertiser, withoverall spending atS21 billion thatyear, the lastfull year for wtich figures aieavailable. Reports in late 2(I)6 show the trend is likelyto oonti nue as automakers and dealers pulled dollarsoutof television, newspaper and magazine media buys and redirected them across the whole spectrum of digital media: rich media ads, microsites, search engine opti mization and mobile marketi ng. Paid search advertising remains the singlelargest category of US online ad spendingfor automotive oompanies, as it will for the rest of the decade. Tloilrltlhoohuut cnnuuuwn-an It unuununu
  2. 2. ‘me Search I5 On eMa'loetar the auto industrywil spend $105 bilion on paid search amertising this year and more than $1.7 bilicn it 2010. These figures are in l'ne with eMartetsr's BSSESSITV-EMS i: r paid search adasrtising which is exxrzctad toccnstitute about . t2i¥= vclt-: t.alorlir>a. ad*. ia1isings; ;iendirrg ttisyear. US Paid S-earch Advertis: "ig ‘Spending by Axrtonrodve C0ll: pr'tIlirS, 20-35-2010 (bihroirs) 3 .4__ .44 use it ($0.83 ‘$1.04 1' 51.21 E7 ‘in: r ) Nxe: iidtdes . -uIon. wt. -L-caters, r. uubr'. :r'cie_oler. sroc{. -‘. ims . ‘n‘. ‘sii: a’ dis. -oarzhps . -rd . i~. -«ms. ‘n1-w. '. wd r. =r. -Jeers csfall rzcdang c-vvsrr-s, sec-cm ivagaaai. sovs. ykds, crossyias, IrzorDrt)cl: s.AT| /s, em); errchdes axe IIR1'U'lC€ and ummvtna’ ocrpunes SQ. 'te'. em. -ch-trr, Man‘: sea? u in: « wt auarlrnnroan In the e. rt: rnoti. ~e hdustry eflcrts will go beyond ccrnpstingfor lceywzrds, toward l: -zttt-: -rcptimization cf site oonterrt to boost natural search results. For exarrple. Pcrttie: 's new sc-dd media site onYahcoI. caled ‘Pontiac Underg'ound, 'wi| notrscdae direct marlcetng spercingbrcordingto MediaPost. th: -site is "ocrifigued it away that will make it rankquite highthrougt natural search. ‘ C-aalers. tc-3. are gettingsarhier ab-outsearch asa way to generate quality leads and raisethevisiblity otthairweb sites Cunemty, 75% of auto dealers use search engrre optrrizatiort accordingto JD. Pom: -rarid Associates. besedcn 1.010 d-salereaeluations. cal, ’ 33% cfdsdas use paid search, but more that eats c-lthatgroup said it improves Mb at-e traf'l'i: . because shoppersccrne die-: tt, r tlvougt a search engne aid not a third-pat, ’ shzppirrg site. Part of theeszalation in search budgets is due to ice, -mid pricing pressures. hmever cyclical. Across all industres, ears; prices rose : -lightly between the fourth q. rarter of 2036 :31 A5) Hid the same | :»: ricd in 1136 ($1 51). azccrdngto Fathom cnir>e, vihil-3 the sezondquarter 20% average fell to S1 17. Althougt holday spending byonline retailers and others isrellactad inthe f-: urth qusrterdata, pricesgensrally pldmrret intha lastf-aw weeks of I: -3cer'rt>: -r. aft-: -r orrtire shppingdates haze past, Fathom reports l~+cw: -:-r. thos-efinal weeks are signifizantiorautomalcers and t£a| ersccm| :>: tin‘gforl:2', -aordsbase-don h: -av. -y promotions to clear the cldmodel imentcry Av: -rage Keyword Price ii. the US, 04 2005-04 200' if 3'77" '7: 'r'- | .:J. "_i. ."'3 .3; ' i; "'. '*. .:; .; 3*” '1 j C A 1' ‘ x_. ... s. ~, v__ [Ln 3.5‘. sa; .rt'e. ' I-Brian Febuazzvcv ccarn wmmurhwar. c-an consurn: -rs H8 h: -aw usersof search when itccrnc-sto orlire am shopping, espe-a’rJl, - to find r. ehi: l-as. price intormatizn and lc-: a| rkelashps Ac-ccrdngto avahool search maricstng report fielded byccrnscore Media Networls in September mug: Nmwrberzccs, search consistettly dove mcre active shzppes to all types ofauto sites than anycther na. -gationd chanrel: 37% of visitcrs to manufacturers’ sites cane though sponszred ads. asirrree-t9ie. of'. isitcrsto branded sites su: h as Edmundscc-m. Kelley Blue Back and trahoolAutos. a'1d nae cftisitbrsto unbranded sites sudt as'Nhy9a, 'Stidoer. ccrn. Autcrnoti-'e. cor11 aid Nsmisrsccm.
  3. 3. Aammmgunruuuungrronos "eaayf ‘Kelley Blue Book. " ‘used cars‘ and 'Ar. motrader"wer'e the four most popula seath terms that chwetrafhc to auto wdr sites in Sqrtember 2006. accordhgto Hitwise. For example. people vahoare looldngfor a new or used vehicleoftm have at older one they wish to sel or use sa trade-‘I1. oorsumers check out tlirdpartystesto tho the going pnce iortheir older modds. top. rge what dealers mfirtolfer for a trade-‘n orto looldor usedca deals in their iwnediate areas For consumers who are in the rrraketlor a new velicle. drecldrg outa r11anula: ura's site has becornea typical panel‘ the orline research experience. Top 10 soereh teruuthetorovetrefficoonatounotive Websieus rzlllflxehereoteleeerell r i 1.0I‘o 9 : 0.615 flfi $3 0.51‘: i lheryotu EE 35 E: 5 s 3% However, when oorsurners search for OEM brand names. a different orda errarges Sever of thetlop losearch terms in my zooowere for foreigr autorndcers: sxfrornlapan and onefrorn B. rrope.1tryota. Honda and Mssan were the brands mostoften seachedfor it July zma. aooordng I-IitrM'se data published by clicltzcorn. Ford and Chrydals Dodge braid rarked fourth and filth on the list respectively. 0 Auuunotm Onllno to 10 south Teruuo it the Automotive Meuulectuer oty, united by there of Secret whune. July 1. taoyoh 2. 64' . 2. bonrlu 2.52% *~"‘- W333 UKTIXII However. there isstil plenty al room for irnproverrant in natural search results Using 116 keywords acrnssfrve major search engnes cool. Ask Go-age. MSN md Yahool), search corrparry icrossingshawedthatonl, r11outolthe36FormrIe5oo automotive oornpari§—-jtst31%—eoored dame Zooon a scale alom lo i'l narnl search visiblity with the highest being 359, by General Motors only six of the Fortune sooautornotive compmiesappeeed ‘tr the Ists of the rooweb sites most visble forrhe loeywords melyzed. consumer-facing oornparies. asaecidly orline auto dealers and nerneplaue brands [GM Ford. etc. ) did for betta than businesst1t>bus'nees suppiers when it cane to natural searth visibility Percent of Firut Pogo‘ uuked Yerulo for the Top 11 Fortune 500 Automotive counplieo, 2001 jcoopevfuelldiev 4'- -Ienienutuuutiue 2‘- Iqmfldelucenlu’ ueonerdntae. ‘ ‘ new tuvnevuoftilburld cepnnedlsiddundyxd pqenennel ouunu Iuuuuhnrlorln
  4. 4. An‘; 'el'tl: mg a, ndMar. tredngTrends More bad newscameto liyrt in the week followngthe Z307 Super Bowl in Féruary for sorneof the DEM: who ed-vertised tl'r: re. ‘I'he day after the game. Reprise Media ptblished its third amual “super Bowl Seeth Marketing scorecard. "show‘ng that. dthough 56% of the advertises bought plaaenratt in paid search agartst the'r brand names. 759sdid not integrate any reoogwizdale dernents frorn the1'v ads into thersaarch ads Nnongauto adrertisers. Reprise faulted the Ford F-450 comrnerc ial (along with several otha non-automotive 8dJBl'| iSel'9 for bang ‘virtually imrisible orlir>a' after spendirg more than $2 milfon for a at-second ‘lvspotAds forhctra. Chevrolet. Ford Eda GM corporate and Mercedes had an online presence but "rrissed the opportunitytn integrate itthrouyt search. ‘ on}, - Honda and Toyota showed an integeted approach. but"stopp»3d just shorter the goal. ‘ in fart. GM and athersw-: -re scooped Iyythe lices of Ecrrundsoom and its carspacecorn site. AooordingtoAdvertisirgAge. a search for"GM st. pe' bowl ad" sentsearcnars to those sites. wlich paid forthe laeywordslba firstnatural search resulttooltpeople to GM's press release ennotncing a contest promotion for its Chevy l-I-IR, nottothe Chery I-HRTV spotjust a'red. "'l'hc; -re OOllId'Vt: been tons of incremental lift ifthey'd bought a handful of keywords specific to that ad and they just didn't follow with t hat. " —Feter'h‘ershtz-erg, Manag'r~. _2 Partner. Reprise I. -tad :9, Ame rtising Age, Fetbniarys, 2307 Ant rrr r1.. .ornmV 10