A D P Social Media Reputation Management For Car Dealers V7


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A D P Social Media Reputation Management For Car Dealers V7

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A D P Social Media Reputation Management For Car Dealers V7

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  2. 2. Meet The ADP Social Media Reputation Management Team<br />Who Are We? <br />The SoMars are the sole Account Managers, the most important element of ADP’s Digital Marketing Department. Their definitive goal is to use Social Media to capture the Market Share of their dealer clients, build a vibrant Community online, and manage your dealership’s Online Reputation.<br />How Do We Do it? … It’s a simple thing called passion, and we all have it! The SoMar’s are motivated and fired-up to manage your dealership’s Online Reputation by providing Brand Monitoring Services, along with a variety of affective marketing strategies & tactics to efficiently achieve your dealership’s Social Goals!<br />
  3. 3. MEET OUR DIRECTOR, Mr. Ralph Paglia<br />“The ADP SkySong Operations Center for Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management in Scottsdale, Arizona has been a labor of love for me. We have the best and brightest creative social marketing specialists onboard (recognized as ADP ‘SoMars’) that are devoted to serving our dealer clients.” –Paglia, Ralph<br />Background:<br /><ul><li>Joined ADP Dealer Services as Director of Digital Marketing Solutions in March 2007
  4. 4. Founder and owner of the popular Automotive Professional Community at www.AutomotiveDigitalMarketing.com
  5. 5. 20 years of leadership in information technology, automotive- based strategies & tactics
  6. 6. In 2008, Ralph began the development of a social media strategy design and services bundle that has now transpired into the new ADP Digital Marketing Department in Scottsdale, Arizona providing Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management solutions for dealer clients.</li></ul>Ralph Paglia <br />E:ralph_paglia@adp.com<br />T: 505-301-6369<br />Twitter: @RalphPaglia<br />
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  16. 16. Meet The ADP Dealer Service Consultants<br />Who Are We? ADP Dealer Service Consultants are the ‘Solution Integrators’ whose number one priority is to make it easier for the dealer clients to achieve their business goals & objectives, through the implementation of Social Media within the dealership and their community. <br />How Do We Do it? The Consultants make sure the dealer’s employees are fully trained and aware of the importance of Social Media Marketing & Reputation Management Services along with other ADP Services. By working closely with your team, they make sure to “maximize system utilization” …meaning, our Consultants make sure to:<br /><ul><li> Drive Results for your dealership
  17. 17. Achieve greater profits
  18. 18. Keep your customers/clients happy
  19. 19. Maintain your employees productivity</li></li></ul><li>
  20. 20. Bill Cress’s Page<br />