- Automate mundane, repetitive tasks in AD                                                                - Do away with c...
“Web-based Management v  Create/modify thousands of user accounts on the fly  Manage user mailboxes in Exchange servers   ...
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Active Directory Manager Flyer


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ADManager Plus is a web-based script-free Active Directory Management tool for bulk user creation and management using CSV import in a single click. Configure standard values of user attributes using templates for new user accounts. Manage Active Directory Computers, Contacts, Groups in bulk. Get 150+ pre-defined Active Directory reports. Set up Active Directory Automation. Schedule, export Active Directory Reports in formats like CSV, PDF, etc.

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  • Hi bookjeorge, the answer is simple: With native AD tools, every task or action is a complicated, multiple step process. But ADManager Plus simplifies even the most complex AD tasks and turns them into just point and click activities.

    For example, ADManager Plus allows you to create multiple new accounts (users, computes, groups, contacts) or modify existing accounts in bulk, in one step. You can even automate delegate any task to reduce excessive burden on you. Also ADManager Plus offers 150+ pre-built reports in categories like User reports, Exchange Reports, Distribution List Reports, etc. which can also be exported in formats like Excel, PDF, HTML, etc.

    Another huge advantage, ADManager Plus is a web-based tool – you can perform any AD and Exchange Server management / reporting task from anywhere in the world, with just UI and mouse-clicks based actions!
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  • Thanks for this nice update. could you please let us know why we should switch to a third paty tool rather than native active directory has all the features. Please specify this reason also so as to know the exact reason to figure out this accomplishment.
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Active Directory Manager Flyer

  1. 1. - Automate mundane, repetitive tasks in AD - Do away with command line tools or scripts - Delegate tasks to help desk technicians - Comply with regulatory standards like SOX, HIPAA - Ease through audits with over 100 in-built AD reports Enjoy hassle-free AD Management and Reporting! “The Active Directory Management ChallengeEvery IT Administrator faces the challenge of managing user accounts inActive Directory almost everyday. Configuring user properties manually is We evaluated ScriptLogicextremely time consuming, tiresome, and error-prone, especially in alarge, complex Windows network. Moreover, accomplishing these tasks Active Administrator,demands a deep knowledge in Active Directory and related technologies. Quest AD management toolA software that can automate these cumbersome tasks, simplify AD man- and ADManager Plus toagement and provide exhaustive reports on tasks done and their status, isthe need of the hour. solve our day-to-day AD management & ReportingIntroducing ADMtanager Plus needs. ADManager PlusADManager Plus is a comprehensive web-based Active Directory Man-agement software that simplifies User provisioning and Active Directory with its high-end featuresadministration. The solution features a single console from which IT man- and low-end costagement can view and manage Active Directory users, computers,contacts, groups and reports on Active Directory environment, ADManager was an obvious choicePlus avoids manual, error prone administrative activities in Active Directoryand save time and cost. Meraz Nasir, Manager of Infrastructure (ITS), Interfaith Medical Center.
  2. 2. “Web-based Management v Create/modify thousands of user accounts on the fly Manage user mailboxes in Exchange servers With ADManager Plus, we can run Manage passwords for user accounts in AD reports to make sure that we are Template-based approach staying within the compliance guide- Clean-up Active Directory - delete/disable/move accounts lines between audits. ADManagerWeb-based Management v Plus helps us take some of the edge More than 100 out-of-the-box granular reports of Active Directtory of SOX compliance, and since the infrastructure resources. Get access to user activity, computer status, Exchange server purchase we have received good properties, file system & printers SOX reviews. Export to a number of formats like HTML, PDF, XLS, and CSV. - Brian Seka, Schedule reports to run daily, weekly, monthly or during off-peak hours. MicroComputer Analyst, Flexible custom report development. Marmon/Keystone Corporation.Delegation: Role-based Access Management v Dashboard Screenshot More granular delegation of administrative authority Delegate tasks like reset passwords, create/delete/disable accounts, unlock user accounts; to help desk techs Exercise control over every attribute modified by help desk techs OU-based administrationCompliance v Retrieve and utilize AD data to assist in organizational policy compliance Compliance reports to meet regulatory standards like SOX, HIPAA and moreSystem Requirements For more informationPentium IV 1.0 Ghz, 512 MB RAM on Windows 2000, XP, Website : www.admanagerplus.com2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows Server Live Demo : http://demo.admanagerplus.com2008 R2 . Browsers: IE 5.5 and above & Firefox 1.5 and For Sales Queries : sales@manageengine.comabove. For Tech Support : support@admanagerplus.com Toll Free : 1-888-720-9500