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Responsabilidad social & medioambiental eng


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Responsabilidad social & medioambiental eng

  1. 1. SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITYWhat is Sands Eco 360º?The Sands Eco 360º, Global Program for theSustainable Development, is the result of the unionbetween Las Vegas Sands’ best practices intechnology and in methodology in the sustainabilityfield.Sands Eco 360º is based on three pillars:people, the planet and the benefit. The first pillar isthe commitment that LVS has with its employees inthe creation of a safe and healthy workingenvironment, and the commitment to improving thequality of life of the communities in which it operates.The second pillar is the commitment to sustainabledevelopment to minimize the ecological impact oftheir buildings. The third one is based on themanagement of recycling, energetic efficiency andrenewable energies programs.LVSC covers four key areas on sustainability: These pillars include areas such as the conservation of The sustainable building of their resorts.  Outsourcing their best practices and innovations energy and water, recycling, working directly with providers to help others be more respectful with the to innovate new products to be more sustainable and the Environmental policies. environment education of its employees, customers and communities to (employees, customers, Administrations and learn how to coexist with and respect the Purchasing policies. corporations). environment. These practices do not minimize the luxury experience that distinguishes all of LVSC Resorts.
  2. 2. SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITYWhy was Sands Eco 360º created?The answer is very simple. Many of theproperties of LVS are in geographical areaswhere there is lack of natural resources, suchas Las Vegas. Sands Eco 360 is acomprehensive, wide way to respect andprotect the local environment, naturalresources, climate and cities where LVSChas created its touristic resorts.Mission:Las Vegas Sands is committed to protectingthe environment and to being a sustainablecorporation of tourism development at aglobal level.In order to achieve these goals, it develops  Improving its visitors’ touristic experienceand implements environmental practices onits various touristic resorts and on all of its  Improving the quality of life of thefuture projects, what means: communities where its resorts are located Protecting natural resources  Cooperating in a responsible, rigorous Offering its professionals a safe, healthy manner with operators and working environment Governments.
  3. 3. SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITYLas Vegas Sands FoundationLas Vegas Sands Foundation is a non-profitorganization that offers assistance to charitycenters and organizations that focus onimproving the quality of life of people.Being an exemplary company and a goodcitizen is a built-in part of Las Vegas Sands andall members of its team. LVSC is leader in thecountries where it operates, since it offers itsprofessionals a model working environment bysupporting the communities in which they live.The Foundation carries out the mission ofsupporting charitable organizations and causesto help young people, to promote a healthylifestyle and to expand their educationalopportunities. It also promotes organizationsthat focus their efforts on helping minoritycommunities improving the most disadvantagedareas.