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Mbs de un vistazo eng

  1. 1. MARINA BAY SANDS AT A GLANCEMarina Bay Sands Hotel consists of three towers, crowned by themagnificent Sands Sky Park. With more than 2,500 rooms andsuites, Marina Bay Sands is the largest hotel in Singapore. The roomspresent views to the South China Sea or to the Marina bay and theskyline of Singapore. It has: 2.561 rooms and suites, distributed in 55 floors and 18 different types of rooms It includes 230 luxury suites with privileged access to VIP areas and butler service It offers a great variety of gastronomic experiences that include:  Rise, an open-all-day restaurant featuring international cuisine, although it mainly offers specialties from Southeast Asia. Rise offers buffet breakfasts and à la carte, brunches, lunches and dinners  Rise Lounge, a lounge serving light meals, continental breakfasts, afternoon tea and good wines and cocktails  Fuse, a bar in the center of the atrium, which offers good music in a relaxed atmosphere  SweetSpot, a café featuring pastries  Jin Shan ( ), a high-range restaurant that serves exquisite Chinese food  24-hour In-Room Dining, offering a selection of eclectic menu to tempt the palates of customers from all regions, in addition to traditional homemade food
  2. 2. MARINA BAY SANDS AT A GLANCEOther highlights of the hotel include : The hotel boasts several straight towers that connect at level 23, creating a unique building. In the first tower of the hotel, the slope is of 26 degrees, which makes it one of the most complex buildings that have been ever built Marina Bay Sands built a new floor every four days, making it the building raised more rapidly in Singapore
  3. 3. MARINA BAY SANDS AT A GLANCEThe best views of Singapore - Sands SkyPark:The SkyPark is an architectural masterpiece seated on top of the threetowers of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. This tropical oasis of 1.2hectares is longer than what the Eiffel Tower measures and is wideenough for four A380 aircraft to park:  It is located at 200 meters high.  The gardens have 250 trees and 650 plants.  12,400 square meters of space and capacity to accommodate up to three football fields.  Exclusive restaurants including The Sky on 57, which offers dishes from the famous chef from Singapore Justin Quek.  A spectacular viewpoint that can accommodate hundreds of people.  A 150 meters pool, the largest outdoor pool built at that height.  The Club at Marina Bay Sands, an exclusive lounge, located in Tower 2, which allows customers to enjoy breakfast, you and cocktails with the spectacular views of the SkyPark.  Every night at 8 pm, The Club at Marina Bay Sands opens the doors of the Chocolate Bar .  Acclaimed restaurants as the Sky on 57, which serves modern Asian cuisine and other dishes of the famous chef Justin Queck author. Sky on 57 is located in Tower 1.  At the other end of the Tower 3 there is the KU DE TA, the impressive lounge-restaurant, regarded as one of the main lifestyle destinations of Asia.