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Estimulo economico eng

  1. 1. ECONOMIC STIMULUSThe Integrated Resorts that LVSC proposes forSpain: They will transform the leisure and the business tourism sector in the country. They will play an important role in the economic recovery of Spain. They will give the country a significant advantage as they will increase the competitiveness of the tourism business.They will provide significant benefits:  Commercial Objective: increase of business trips, focusing on MICE activities,  Economic Stimulus: investment consolidating the city that houses them as  Social and environmental responsibility: attraction, visitors and incomes in the an international business center. managing social and environmental issues resorts and other related businesses. in responsible and rigorous cooperation with  Job creation: creation of thousands of operators and governments.  Mejora del turismo: estímulo del sector jobs at the resort and in the supply and turístico, atrayendo nuevos visitantes de auxiliary industries. ocio y de negocios extranjeros, nacionales y locales.  Income tax: generation of new revenues from taxes for local, regional and national  Improvement of tourism: promoting governments. tourism, attracting new visitors for leisure and business, foreigners, national s and  Competitive Advantage: positioning of locals. the city that hosts the project to be able to compete with other international destinations.
  2. 2. ECONOMIC STIMULUSEconomic impact of the Sands Integrated  The average number of tourists whoResorts will visit the Integrated Resort will spend 150% more per day than theThe investment of 17,000 million euros proposed average of the tourist in Barcelonaby LVSC for Integrated Resorts in Spain will and Madrid, not including thegenerate a significant increase in national and potential expense in gambling.foreign visitors, as well as in tourist revenues,and will have a substantial positive impact on the  There will be a 17% increase inlocal economy of the city, the region and the overnight stays in Barcelona orcountry. The impact analysis of international Madrid.economic experts shows that in 2025: Increased convention business and In general: related support activities.  It will generate about 30,000 million  The ideal type of tourism: euros of total economic output. geographically diversified and of high income.  It will create over 260,000 new jobs directly and indirectly.  Increased convention business and For tourism: related support activities.  It will attract over 11 million tourists, contributing to 40 million hits a day and producing an increase in tourism income of about 15,500 million euros.