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Wake Up, America! Trademark Aug 24 1993


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Incorporated Wake Up, America! 1/28/1992, as a 501(c)3 Delaware non-profit, with established offices at 2300 "M" Street, Suite 800, Washington DC 20037. Organization Charter filed by Adrian Cronauer established legal counsel, Lewis Financial Services provided accounting services, and Lynnea Bylund founder of Wake Up, America!. Adrian is the real life character portrayed by Robin Williams in the movie, "Good Morning Vietnam." Adrian wrote the screen play about his real life experience and was my legal counsel for 10 years, up until his employment with the Department of Defense.

After establishing Wake Up, America! as a 501(c)3, we instigated the Wake Up, America! national trademark process in April 1992. Wake Up, America! trademark was officially awarded to our Washington DC based "non-wireless" NGO August 24, 1993. We received the official certificate of registration from the Patent and Trademark Office, which we held up until August 2003. Registration Number 1,789,760. Wake Up, America!

The purpose of Wake Up, America! was for gathering, compiling and disseminating information about different public interest issues; namely, promoting social justice in the field of individual rights and responsibilities, promoting environmental and health awareness and a public understanding of economic issues such as, but not necessarily limited to, deficit reduction and governmental frugality, in class 42 (U.S. CL. 100) first use 4-1-1992, in commerce 4-1-1992. Per no 74-288,039, Filed 6-25-1992. Rual Cardova, Examining Attorney.

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