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Satyagraha Tour of South Africa Sharpeville Program 2018


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Gandhi Legacy Tour - Satyagraha Tour of South Africa 2018

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Satyagraha Tour of South Africa Sharpeville Program 2018

  1. 1. Dear Satyagraha Tour Member, We are SO excited that you will be joining us on your tour for a day in Sharpeville. In preparation please ensure that you have a passport size photo black and white for entry on the tour. Please ensure that your camera and phone batteries are fully loaded PRIOR to the day. Here is your program for the day! Sharpeville2020 and Truth Tours – “The community where the past builds the future! We look forward to your day with us! Nicho, Nina, Gama and the Sharpeville Gang SHARPEVILLETHEPAST 09h30 to 11h30 Arrival at Sharpeville Police Station Greeting by Truth Tours and Tour Proceeds. Nicho Ntema of Truth Tours Passbook Issue & Stamping Introduction to the history of 21 March 1960 and the events of that Sharpeville day at the very same police station where the people had assembled on that day. – Nicho Ntema of Truth Tours A visit with the present-day crafters located in the police station which is now a national heritage site. Moving to the site where people who had been shot fell on 21 March 1960 – Sharpeville Memorial Garden of Remembrance 11h30 13h30 Dlomo Dam, Sharpeville with light porta-snack Sharpeville Phelandaba Cemetry Phelandaba means the place where last words are spoken Truth Tours Nicho Ntema Dlomo Dam – the rain fell immediately after the last shots on that day and the water and blood flowed into Dlomo Dam The scared space in Sharpeville Visit to Graveyard Phelandaba Cemetery where the victims were buried. George Thabe Stadium – The Signing of the South African Constitution Site 1996 SHARPEVILLETHEFUTURE 14h00 TO 15H00 Tree Planting Ceremony at Vukuzenzele Farm The Future – Growth, Peace and Laughter The shooting on 21 March 1960 Happened at 14h00 Experiences from India – Anuradha Bhosale Community Engagement Platform Words from Arun Gandhi & Son Tushar Gandhi 15h00 TO 15H30 Lunch At Iva Home Theatre 15h30 TO 16H00 Iva Home Theatre Play – Snippets: Life with a Passbook 16H00 TO 16H30 Sharpeville2020 Vision Platform Nicho Ntema & Arun Gandhi Special Event at Hector Street. Iva Home Theatre – ARUN GANDHI’s 3rd visit & work at this organically grown centre of consciousness, liberation & peace. 16h30 to 17h30 Coffee Soiree Light performances by local musicians in an art gallery 18h00 Departure