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Techaisle Report SMB Cloud Success 2014


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80% of SMBs in North America now indicate that cloud computing adds to continued business growth, according to a new investigation from Techaisle. This is a big departure from earlier years, when the focus was primarily on reducing IT expenditures. The report results indicate that cloud computing providers and resellers should rightly expand their sales presentations with prospective customers beyond the cost and capex vs. opex motivations for moving to cloud computing, concentrating more on the business value proposition of cloud-based services.

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Techaisle Report SMB Cloud Success 2014

  1. 1. 2014 SMB Cloud Computing Adoption Trends Contact: Blog: For more information: Coverage • SMB Business Issues, IT Challenges, Priorities • Business Issues, IT Priorities & Challenges • Connecting IT with business priorities • The ‘net net’ • Current and Planned use of Cloud Computing Solutions • Current & Planned deployment of Cloud Solutions • Understanding the gateway to new platform and business capabilities • Key cloud workloads and applications • Differences in small business & mid-market SaaS adoption patterns • Free vs. paid cloud applications • Current and planned use of Private, Hybrid, Public clouds • Benefits and Inhibitors • Greatest benefits that SMBs receive from cloud solutions • Key inhibitors for cloud adoption • Looking back at 2011, Overcoming Cloud Adoption barriers • Value of cloud solutions to business growth • Key Attributes of a Successful Cloud Solution • Assessing success: key cloud solution elements • BDM and ITDM perspectives • What describes SMBs cloud computing status? As a center- point, supplement or complement? • IT or Business: Who is driving SMB cloud adoption • Who leads in the cloud area within SMBs – IT or Business and their respective roles? • SMB Cloud Security Management • With respect to security of cloud-based applications and data – what roles do business management, IT department and third parties play? • Roles and responsibilities in cloud security management • SMB Cloud Future: When will cloud usage patterns change – and how? • Where are SMBs heading from here? Tracing the trajectory SMB cloud usage • Workload and application perspectives • The final word on ‘when’ Methodology • Phone based Primary Research with ITDMs and BDMs • Analysis by employee size (1-9, 10-19, 20-49, 50-99, 100-249, 250- 499, 500-999) and BDM (Business decision maker) / ITDM (IT decision Maker), IT budget trend, business outlook, business imperatives, number of locations Deliverables • Reports delivered in PowerPoint format for individual countries • Reports are priced per country, US, Canada available in January; other countries in April-May