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Software Consulting and Web Development Services


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Leading software consulting and web development company offering cms solutions, workflow solutions, php programming services, professional seo services, domain name service and web hosting services to customers around the globe.

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Software Consulting and Web Development Services

  1. 1. Software Consulting and Web Development Services ADII Research & Applications (P) Limited Solutions and services in software and web development, Internet search marketing and business intelligence.
  2. 2. 2 We, at ADII, continually make effort for high quality solutions with guaranteed client satisfaction. We provide customized solutions specific to enterprise and adapt to respective business processes. We help our clients gain focus on their business goals rather than software and web implementation. We provide end-to-end solutions from product conception to successful deployment of software systems and web applications. Our solutions are powered by our research in usability engineering, web analytics, search engines behaviour, artificial intelligence techniques, numerical algorithms, mathematics and statistics. We have a research unit for developing generic software components and tools. We use agile methodologies in our software and web development process. We have proven track record of successful software product design and deployment. We have high level expertise in IT process implementations, and project management.
  3. 3. 3 “They were very polite, professional, honest, and competent. They were very willing to go the extra mile (for example, in helping me resolve the issues with my host provider) and deserve the highest rating. They are excellent on communication and documentation as well.” Thomas Grow Inove' International, LLC. Strategic IT Consultancy Application Performance and Security We come into scene if your IT process or implementation We provide consulting services for performance and consumes your valuable time and money due to repetitive security of web applications built with open source and Microsoft technologies. We review the state of issues, or if your projects run beyond the ideal triangle of performance and security through our proprietary tools scope-time-cost, or you are facing inefficiencies in your complying to best practices and take necessary steps to regular projects or departmental functions. achieve optimal level of performance and security. Online Business Consulting Our solutions are powered by our research in mathematics and statistics. We have a research unit for developing An online business needs a great amount of planning generic software tools and applications to compliment our and effort to be successful. It is critical to adhere to consulting effort. We have expertise in various IT process standard guidelines and judicious decisions at every implementations and project management. stage of building an online business and managing it. Product Planning and Technical Architecture Our end-to-end solutions enable a business owner to focus on business rather than hassles of technical We provide consulting services for software product issues and troubleshooting. planning and implementation. We have experience with products in horizontal (content management systems, HR Web 2.0 Scripting and Distributed Computing systems, project management systems), and vertical markets (manufacturing sectors, real-estate, health care, education and retail). We have knowledge in both open source and Microsoft technologies thereby making the choice of technologies quite broad and justified from the best practices and cost-effectiveness. We have strong expertise in web 2.0 application development. We implement social networking websites, real estate portals, e-commerce systems, distributed ERP and CRM applications among many others. We also customize and integrate various open source systems.
  4. 4. 4 Desktop Application Development Website Design and Branding We develop desktop clients to be used within LAN or to be Usability and brand retention are two key parameters used as a thin client for a distributed application. We for any website. We understand the importance of create office business applications (OBAs) to work with these, and make continual effort to ensure greater Line of Business systems and can make those accessible usability and accessibility of the websites. We follow the to those who know only MS Office. standard procedure of design process starting from moodboard to the final comp(osition). We then convert Scientific Simulation and Mathematical Modeling PSD layout into W3C compliant XHTML/CSS markups. We have long experience in large-scale molecular Web Application Development and Integrationg simulations that involve resource intensive computations We develop custom web applications using AJAX for real-time scenarios and event-driven 2D and 3D frameworks and adhere to relevant guidelines to make controls. We have expertise in solving nonlinear integro- the applications usable, optimally-performing, and partial differential equations numerically and to model secured. We have a strong expertise in customizing scientific and technical parameters for obtaining insight open source web applications like WordPress, Drupal, into the actual systems. We use custom libraries and also OSCommerce and SugarCRM among many others. We the interface of packaged software like Scilab. have experience in building applications with SaaS and Game Programming using object-oriented design patterns. Content Development and Research Content plays very important role in the visibility of website and in encouraging human users to stay longer, and possibly, to transact on the website. We provide content development services for websites, web applications, online e-learning applications, and blogs. We have experience in online game development and We build content and illustrations that can easily be game engine development. We have specifically used understood and appreciated. Our professional bloggers Python along with Pygame to develop game engine. The can generate regular content for your website. We have work includes facilities like building Supersprites, adding experience in creating user guides and technical events to Supersprite, and using widgets, etc.. documents too.
  5. 5. 5 SEO and Internet Search Marketing Web Hosting, Storage Solutions, and Remote Server Administration We provide consultancy on search engine optimization ADII is equipped with rock-solid server infrastructure. (SEO) and Internet search marketing. We have expertise in Along with the state-of-the-art server and network blog marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click infrastructure at our production lab and corporate (PPC) campaigns. office, we have an extensive network of servers to host our and our clients' websites and web applications. We have dedicated servers in major data centers including Rackspace having both Linux and Windows as server platforms. Performance, reliability and security are three key parameters of our web hosting. Availability of varying programming facilities (PHP, Perl, Python, RoR, ASP.NET) and popular database support (MySQL We adopt proprietary tools and methods to enhance and MSSQL Server) have made our hosting environment ranking of websites of our clients on search results at popular among web developers too. major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Live, and Ask. We have successful experience in regional search Major corporate houses in India and abroad have marketing campaigns. hosted their websites and business critical applications in our server environment. We offer domain name Data Warehouse Management, Data Mining and Business registration and security certificates as our value-added Intelligence services to our clients. We provide consultancy across a broad spectrum of business intelligence. We have expertise in reporting, query & analysis, OLAP, integrated analytics and visualization. We have capability for implementing and maintaining large-scale data warehouse. We can assist you if you need a better way of data archival and analysis process, and/or if you want a fast and Moreover, we do remote server administration and informed decision-making capability at your senior manage servers remotely. We also do remote software management level with role-based intelligence support. installations at client place.
  6. 6. PHP Application Framework We have envisaged a technology framework to facilitate development of web applications with PHP. The framework adopts MVC design pattern as it naturally fits into a web architecture. Our team consists of highly qualified people with experience in technology research, software development, web design, search marketing, and IT consulting. ADII has a well-managed secured digital nervous system through which management, employees, vendors, and clients collaborate and communicate. We strive for smart use of software and web technologies to address business issues, to attain optimal productivity in business processes, and above all, a greater degree of improvement in user experience. We adhere to well-defined standard operating procedures and quality process for successful project execution and delivery. We have made this project open source. You may review the entire project at ash.MVC project website. Review project process at ADII: Technologies Frequently Used at ADII View our project portfolio at  Open source and Microsoft technologies  SAAS, UML Modeling, Design Patterns, Web Services  Server-side and Client-side Caching, SQL Injection Client Support Portal Prevention, Yahoo 8-Rule Compliance  SEO, Keyword Analysis, PPC Management, High-value link building  Usability Engineering, XHTML, CSS, LaTeX, XML ADII Press Releases:  PHP, Python, ASP.NET, AJAX, Flash, Silverlight  C, C++, Java, VB.NET, Java, Perl, Linux Shell Scripting  MySQL, MSSQL Server, Oracle ADII in News ADII’s Technology Lab ADII Research & Applications Private Limited Mailing Address: #421, Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar 751 007 (INDIA) Tel: +91 (0) 674 2542753; Fax: +91 (0) 674 2542754 Email: Business Hours: Monday - Friday; 9:00AM - 6:30PM (+5:30 GMT)