E Moderating Workshop


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Slides from a professional development workshop delivered by Professor Gilly Salmon to colleagues at the University of Southern Queensland.

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E Moderating Workshop

  1. 1. E-moderating knowledge Dancing fires Gilly Salmon USQ Nova Copernicus 17th November 2011 Project 1
  2. 2. 5 stage model picture: inside the Forge16/11/2011 E-moderating Knowledge Gilly Salmon 2
  3. 3. 5 stage modelfor productivelearning forums 5. Development 4. Collaboration 3. Co-operation 2. Culture Building 1. Access & Motivation E-moderating Knowledge Gilly 16/11/2011 3 Salmon
  4. 4. 5 stage modelfor productivelearning forums Link, Feedback, Search 5. Development Interact 4. CollaborationNavigate, save time, personalise 3. Co-operation Receive and Send 2. Culture Building Access 1. Access & Motivation E-moderating Knowledge Gilly 16/11/2011 4 Salmon
  5. 5. 5 stage modelfor productivelearning forums:the role of the 5. Development Guidee-moderator 4. Collaboration Facilitate 3. Co-operation Lead 2. Culture Building Host 1. Access & Motivation Welcome E-moderating Knowledge Gilly 16/11/2011 5 Salmon
  6. 6. E-moderating: roles Recruit Train Develop experience (environment) enable deploy Understanding enable sustain16/11/2011 E-moderating Knowledge Gilly Salmon 6
  7. 7. E-moderating: recruitment Experience as an e-learner Good regular (& mobile) access Pace & use time, ability to multitask, succinct, inte rruptablity Determination & personal development In Strict Confidence by computerartsde16/11/2011 E-moderating Knowledge Gilly Salmon 7
  8. 8. E-moderating: recruit & induct: understanding online as a social & learning environment Build trust and purpose for groups Appreciation of pedagogy, affordances & scaffolding Create concise, energising messages & responses Build learning from tiny chunks of contribution & resources Switch rapidly from task to task Build e-identity Great Blue Heron by mikebaird16/11/2011 E-moderating Knowledge Gilly Salmon 8
  9. 9. E-moderating: training Enable others, foster discussion, weave, summa rize, restate, challenge, m onitor understanding & misunderstanding, promo te collaboration Take & give feedback Effective use of personal time Promote vicarious & connected learning Birds flying in formation over Maghreb by kali.ma16/11/2011 E-moderating Knowledge Gilly Salmon 9
  10. 10. E-moderating: training Enable groups, bring in non- participants, pace discussion Understand scaffolding process Scale up Show authority with sensitivity Enhance social & emotional aspects of learning online Ready to Rock James Jordan16/11/2011 E-moderating Knowledge Gilly Salmon 10
  11. 11. E-moderating:development Explore & develop arguments Deploy sparks of information for discussion Promote reflection & consideration Create links with e-learning & make choices for programmes Celebrate & use diversity Be positive about e-learning Torched by talkingplant16/11/2011 E-moderating Knowledge Gilly Salmon 11
  12. 12. E-moderating:development Deploy range of approaches Deploy range of technologies Communicate with technical designers Communicate without visual cues Diagnose & solve problems Use humour appropriately, Work with emotion, handle conflict constructively Sustain a useful, relevant e- learning community Bird Houses by See-Ming Lee16/11/2011 E-moderating Knowledge Gilly Salmon 12
  13. 13. Braid, jenny E-moderating Knowledge Gilly16/11/2011 downing 13 Salmon
  14. 14. 16/11/2011 E-moderating Knowledge Gilly Salmon 14
  15. 15. 15:44:3 E-moderating Knowledge Gilly16/11/2011 15 Salmon
  16. 16. Carpe diem16/11/2011 E-moderating Knowledge Gilly Salmon 16
  17. 17. “Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Ghandi “Never doubt the power of a small group of people to change the world. Nothing else ever has.” Margaret Mead “Every society honors its live conformists and its dead troublemakers." Mignon McLaughlin No budgets or humans were harmed in the making of this presentation16/11/2011 E-moderating Knowledge Gilly Salmon 17
  18. 18. Art work by Rod Angood . All images from Flickr.com, Creative Commons Licensing.16/11/2011 E-moderating Knowledge Gilly Salmon 18