Presentation ecu wed 17 october


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Presentation ecu wed 17 october

  1. 1. AL©CAustralian LibrariesCopyright Committee Keeping Up with Copyright Australian Libraries Copyright Committee Australian Digital Alliance Margaret Allen Chair, Australian Libraries Copyright Committee Director, Australian Digital Alliance Ellen Broad Copyright adviser, Australian Libraries Copyright Committee Executive Officer, Australian Digital Alliance [@ellenbroad, @aus_digital]
  2. 2. AL©CAustralian LibrariesCopyright Committee Who we are What we do • Australian Libraries Copyright • Engage in domestic copyright policy reform: submissions to government departments, Committee appearances before Parliamentary committees, awareness raising with policy • Australian Digital Alliance decision-makers • Contribute to international copyright reform: Advocating for balanced, flexible through IFLA, WIPO discussions in Geneva, copyright reform closed trade agreements like ACTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement • Free copyright training for members, and development of useful copyright resources • Participate in legal cases concerning copyright issues
  3. 3. AL©CAustralian LibrariesCopyright Committee What are our goals? • Implementing balanced and flexible copyright laws that provide adequate protections for creators while ensuring access to information, education and culture in the public interest • Achieving technology neutral, simple to understand legislative reform • Amending copyright laws to prevent contracts and technological protection measures from overriding exceptions that enable libraries, educators and individuals to access and use content for non-infringing purposes
  4. 4. AL©CAustralian LibrariesCopyright CommitteeLaw reform agenda at a glance • Australian Law Reform Commission Inquiry into Copyright • Attorney-General’s Department Review of Technological Protection Measures Exceptions • Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiations • Legal Deposit consultations • Library and Archive discussions in Geneva
  5. 5. AL©CAustralian LibrariesCopyright CommitteeALRC Copyright Inquiry • Issues Paper released 20 August - • 55 questions spanning range of copyright issues, including: • Libraries and digitisation, section 200AB (Questions 19 – 22) • Functioning of statutory licences (Qs 28 – 31) • Orphan works, exception or licensing scheme (Qs 23 – 24) • Consideration of fair use (Qs 52 -53) • Contracting out of exceptions (Qs 54 – 55)
  6. 6. AL©CAustralian LibrariesCopyright CommitteeTypes of questions asked: • Is section 200AB working adequately for libraries? If not, what are the problems with its current operation? (Question 19) • Should the Act be amended to create a new exception or collective licensing scheme for use of orphan works? (Question 23) • Should any uses of content covered by statutory licensing scheme be instead covered by a free use exception? (Question 30)
  7. 7. AL©CAustralian LibrariesCopyright CommitteeMaking a submission • Deadline Friday 16 November • Webform – do not need to Image - answer all 55 questions userid=2&username=rumsey&resolution=2&servertype=JVA&cid=8&iid • ALRC interested in evidence, =RUMSEY&vcid=NA&usergroup=Rumsey3x&profileid=13 statistics, scenarios