Sustainability: Process Field Networks


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Sustainability: Process Field Networks

  1. 1. Sustainability Through PS t i bilit Th h Process Field Networks Wil Chin Research Director ARC Advisory Group
  2. 2. Diverse Communication TechnologiesSupervisory ORK LEVEL Control PROFInet HSE NETWO I/O DP PA , Device H1 TYPE OF CONTROL Machinery Process 2 © ARC Advisory Group
  3. 3. 2009 Process Field Network Survival GuideNew and Brownfield: Extend M d E t d –Modernization & Repair i ti R i Measured Field Investments Invest in Value Initiates More Productivity with Less Use Existing Infrastructure Networks Provide Access to Information Use Economical Field Networks to Access Intelligence - Reduce Operational and Maintenance Cost 3 © ARC Advisory Group
  4. 4. Plant Asset Management Growth($Millions) Total Shipments of PAM CAGR=10.8% CAGR=10 8% 3000 2500 2406 2138 2000 1910 1723 1571 1443.8 1500 1000 500 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 4 © ARC Advisory Group
  5. 5. Achievable PAM Benefits O&G, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power Industries • Removed 183 of overtime hours • Reduced monthly work orders by 8% • Improved planned work mix to 40% • Saved $800k in 6 months • Saved $200 device in commissioning and installation • Reduced checkout ti R d d h k t time by 30% b • Increase production by 4-10% • Reduced unplanned shutdown by 9% • Reduced total maintenance cost b 20% d d l by • Reduced valve maintenance by 50% 5 © ARC Advisory Group
  6. 6. Worldwide Installed Base of Field DevicesField Devices - Press, Temp, Flow, Level, Valve Positioners, Analytical 58 Million Installed Devices in 2007 Smart Non - Smart 6 © ARC Advisory Group
  7. 7. Process Field Communications Nearly 24 million HART devices are N l illi d i installed in process plants around the g globe HART communication protocol is a low cost solution for 2009 economic challenges h ll Foundation Fieldbus & Profibus Continues to be the protocol of choice for “Greenfield” capital projects 7 © ARC Advisory Group
  8. 8. Why HART? Low Risk Solution Low C t Solution L Cost S l ti Availability of Products Already Halfway There Use Existing Field There- Devices Proven Value Enables PAM of Field Devices Wireless HART Standard 8 © ARC Advisory Group
  9. 9. WirelessHART Built on the HART Standards Backward compatible Delivers benefits to users independent of the age of control systems Enables transition to a predictive maintenance strategy to: • Lower operating and maintenance cost • Increase plant availability • Help in regulatory compliance HART certified devices by May 2009 May, 9 © ARC Advisory Group
  10. 10. WirelessHART Applications Capture device and process information via PAM solution Communicate installed base of existing HART device diagnostics using a wireless adapter Deploy measurement previously not cost- effective Simplify installation and commissioning • Uses the same HART tools • Minimal training required l d 10 © ARC Advisory Group
  11. 11. Wireless Field Device Penetration 15% 10% 5% 11 © ARC Advisory Group
  12. 12. Success “HART Plant of The Year” PDVSA near Barcelona, Venezuela 248,000 b 248 000 barrel per d l day refinery fi 7.5°API Feedstock Produces Synthetic Crude 5,000 Field Devices tied to DCS Multiple Field Device Suppliers Emerson AMS PAM System Honeywell DCS y Other Suppliers: Dresser Masoneilan, Endress +Hauser, General Monitors, Saab, Control logic 12 © ARC Advisory Group
  13. 13. Award Presentation Photos 13 © ARC Advisory Group
  14. 14. Results Increased Wrench Time by 10% • Optimized Maintenance • Predictive Maintenance • Traceable Calibration Records Allows the Workforce to do More With Less 14 © ARC Advisory Group
  15. 15. Results 60% reduction of Lost Profit Opportunities (LPO) caused by field device faults Reduced “Bad Actors” by 95% Bad Actors • Reducing Random Failures Reduced LPO by $70 m in 2-years 2 years Strong Case for Field Networks in Good and Bad Economies 15 © ARC Advisory Group
  16. 16. FDT Enables Information Access Supported Configuration Optimization PAM Reliability Protocols HART Foundation Fieldbus CIP (DeviceNet/IP, CompoNet) Interbus Discrete Industry FDT Process Industry IO-Link Hybrid Industry Modbus SL/TCP Profibus DP/PA Profinet I/O Pending Sensor Profibus Foundation HART Fieldbus Protocols Buses Devices Devices Devices Devices CANopen SERCOS III AS-I FDT Enables Interoperability Regardless of EtherCAT Industry, Protocol, and Application Visit FDT in the Innovation Showcase 16 © ARC Advisory Group
  17. 17. Thank You.For more information, contact the author or visit our web pages at www arcweb com 17 © ARC Advisory Group