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ARC's Bob Mick's Cyber Security Standards Presentation at ARC's 2008 Industry Forum


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ARC's Bob Mick's Cyber Security Standards Presentation at ARC's 2008 Industry Forum in Orlando, FL.

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ARC's Bob Mick's Cyber Security Standards Presentation at ARC's 2008 Industry Forum

  1. 1. Cyber Security Standards Today Bob Mick ARC Advisory Group VP Emerging Technologies Security is viewed as a cost by most organizations, making it a good candidate for standardization. Standardization can control costs, accelerate security programs to higher levels, and provide a framework for satisfying increasing regulation and compliance requirements.
  2. 2. 2 © ARC Advisory Group Agenda This Session: Security in Manufacturing National Institutes of Standards ISA SP-99 Panel with Q&A
  3. 3. 4 © ARC Advisory Group Clearly more secure Keeping pace with escalating threats Clearly Less Secure Do Not Know Other Is your company more secure than it was five years ago? 41.5 % 28.9 % 8.3 % 17.0 % 4.3 % The Industry Is Coming to Grips With Security But Security is a Never Ending Challenge  70% feel that our investments have done the job  But many feel that we are just keeping up  8% know that it is not enough  Too many do not know … highlighting a need for common metrics Costs Are Likely to Continue to Escalate Unless We Develop New Approaches and Innovative Solutions
  4. 4. 5 © ARC Advisory Group Growing Staying the Same Shrinking Do Not Know Other Over the past five years, has your security budget changed? 39.6 % 24.2 % 1.8 % 29.3 % 5.1 % Security Spending Continues to Grow Almost No Companies are Deciding to Reduce Spending  Average by company increase was 13% which is typical of end user increases  Suppliers and Systems Integrators reported the biggest increases (some 50-100%)  Caution: Numbers are not indicative of overall industry spend Spending Increases Vary Widely, Depending on the Maturity of Security Programs, Industry, …
  5. 5. 6 © ARC Advisory Group Please identify your level of concern over the following topics? Cyber Threats are Still the Biggest Worry But Internal Threats Will Need Increasing Attention  Internal threats are more of a concern than physical threats  Internal threats have the lowest “have it covered” and the biggest “do not know”  Most standards do not address internal threats explicitly We Need Additional Resources to Address Internal Threats Not a Diversion of Resources From Cyber Threats High Concern Some Concern Have it Covered Do Not Know Cyber Threats Physical Threats Internal Threats 41.4 % 21.6 % 29.5 % 40.2 % 56.8 % 51.1 % 16.1 % 20.5 % 12.5 % 2.3 % 1.1 % 6.8 % Note: Manufacturers Only
  6. 6. 7 © ARC Advisory Group Does your company have a training program for control system security? 21.4 % Yes No 78.6 % Once Once A Year Twice A Year More Often How often do your employees attend training? 40.8 % 35.4 % 9.2 % 14.6 % Awareness is Critical To Security Programs And One of the Biggest Challenges for End Users  Clearly we are not training enough  Indicative of the cost, effort and disruption of thorough training programs  Lack of training will limit the effectiveness of otherwise excellent security programs Industry Standards Reduce Complexity, Ease Training and Enhance Awareness
  7. 7. 8 © ARC Advisory Group What are you looking for in security standards? A Critical Question: What Do We Want in Standards?  Differences between survey respondent groups • Practices: End users, systems integrators and suppliers agree practices are #1 • Architecture and Metrics: End user ranking was slightly higher than other respondent groups • Technologies: Supplier rankings were slightly higher than other respondent groups “How-To” Standards Help Educate and Fight Complexity Extremely Important Very Important Somewhat Important Important Not Very Important Not Important At All Practices Architecture Technologies Metrics
  8. 8. 9 © ARC Advisory Group Given the changing nature of the information technology environment, do you believe that security standards can effectively ensure a secure manufacturing control system? 75.7 % 24.3 % Yes No The Industry Believes In Security Standards In Spite of the Difficulty and Time Required  End user confidence was consistent with overall industry opinion  Interesting Comments: • Standards can not cover everything • Security needs are now, standards take time • Security is a moving target • Does sharing best practices make systems more vulnerable? • Security requires maintenance • People are an essential element • Doing nothing is not an option Overall, This Reflects Very High Expectations
  9. 9. 11 © ARC Advisory Group Security Standardization Listen to the Standardization Experts …  Bryan Singer, SP-99 Co-chair (Wurldtech)  Keith Stouffer, NIST  Eric Cosman, SP-99 Co-Chair (Dow) •Will join us on the Q& Panel
  10. 10. 12 © ARC Advisory Group Thank You For more information, contact Bob Mick at