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Pre-production Documents

  1. 1. HAYDON MEDIA Call SheetProducer: Aidan Cheng Production: Cults ‘Oh My God’ Music VideoDate of Shoot: Time: (from/to) Location of Shoot:22/10/11 4pm – 11pm 17 Park View, Hatch EndPersonnel Required: (inc. details of role) Equipment Required:Aidan Cheng – Director Exec Producer Canon 550D, charger, aperture lenseNatalie Denton – Principal PhotographerStephen Dunne – Lighting and crew PhotonBeam exterior lightsCindy Cheng – Assistant Director Jessops 323 TripodElizabeth Cassidy – lead role Nikon D5000Elliot Fitzwater – white rabbit actorHarry White – male nymphSasha Watterson – mad-hatter actressScott Russel – sheep actorSajan Khullar – mask actorFiona Heath – female nymphGemma Harris – female nymphOrla Gillman – female nymphKiri Emerson – female nymphEmily Smith – female nymphFleur Considine – female nymphDetails of shoot: (scenes)Entirely night shoot, split into 7 sections: ‘Alice meets the rabbit’, ‘Alice meets the nymphs,’ ‘Alice at thepicnic,’ ‘Alice transforms’, ‘Sparklers’, ‘Dancing’, ‘The End’Special Requirements: (inc. details of props / costumes needed, preparation requiredCostumes a compilation of borrowed items from Compass Theatre, Ickenham, as well as self-bought items anditems brought by the cast.Lanterns, flag line, candles, cupcakes, tea set and picnic blanket as propsWarm food and drink will be provided as well as snacks.
  2. 2. HAYDON MEDIA Risk AssessmentProducer: Aidan Cheng Production Details: 22nd October, Night shoot ‘Cults’ ‘Oh My God’’Types of Risk: Personal Injury / Health & Safety / Damage to equipment /Halting ProductionRisk Type Details of Risk Ways to minimise risk Person(s) ResponsiblePebbly, slippery Due to the night setting and the Clearing used area of small Aidan Chenggarden surfaces exterior shoot, actors or crew may find debris, surveying area themselves oblivious to debris on the ground.Continuity issues In the case of reshoot or during gaps Photographic evidence Natalie Denton, between takes, the throughout the night as Aidan Cheng surrounding/actors/environment etc reference points might change and break with continuity.Late/Absent This can hold up the entire shoot, Ensuring actors and crew Aidan Chengpersonnel especially from key individuals such are informed promptly of as the protagonist. any schedule changes and that they are continuously reminded about the event, prior to it, including the day it occurs on.Adverse weather As almost solely outdoors, it is Weather checks and Aidan Cheng essential for weather to be of good updates throughout the filming condition, with no rain or coming days up to the snow or any other kind of falling event. Preparation with substance to impair and prolong or umbrellas in the case of prohibit the shoot. I am prepared for rain and preparation of hot cold weather. food and drink for all personnel during the cold.Unwell personnel Unwell personnel require special Keep injured or unwell Aidan Cheng et al attention, not only to prevent the personnel’s roles as spread of possible disease and extra minimal as possible, preparation, but to ensure they further regularly check up on themselves away from the possibility them. of more injury or sickness.Equipment failure Equipment becomes a hindrance; this Ensure everything that Stephen Dunne, could occur if they are damaged, needs charging is fully Cindy Cheng,Obstruction of unreliable or if wires and cables form charged in advance, have a Aidan Chengequipment/Live obstructions to personnel. crew member solely
  3. 3. wires responsible for the safe- keeping of wires and ensuring they do not obstruct others or get in the way of the shoot.Fire hazard – Fire can cause injury or can spread if Ensure water is nearby Aidan Cheng et alsparklers not handled properly. during use of sparklers, make sure they are held at arm’s length and there is distance of a metre between people.Time Keeping to schedule is important as Have a clear plan, work Aidan Cheng personnel can only be kept for a efficiently and make sure limited amount of time. you know all the times personnel wish to leave beforehand.
  4. 4. HAYDON MEDIA Running OrderProducer(s): Aidan Cheng Production Title: ‘Cults’ ‘Oh My God’’Timing Act / Scene Where Personnel Involved6.30pm (having The meeting of the white rabbit The patio area Stephen Dunne, Aidanarrived at 4pm for scene Cheng, Natalie Denton,make-up and Cindy Cheng, Elliotcostumes) Fitzwater and Elizabeth Cassidy7.00pm ‘Alice’ enters the secret garden The back area of garden, All crew and Elizabeth part near the shed Cassidy7.15pm Nymphs begin to emerge and Shed area All crew, Elizabeth C, surround ‘Alice’ Fiona H, Fleur C, Orla G, Gemma H, Kiri E, Emily S7.45 Initial dancing Back garden ALL8.00 The picnic scene The back garden Sasha W, Harry H, Elliot C, Fiona H, Emily S and Kiri E8.00 BREAK BREAK BREAK8.45 Transformation Back ALL9.00 Sparklers Back ALL9.30 Dancing scenes/celebratory Back ALL scenes9.50 The end sequence Back ALL10.10 Individual scenes/location fillers Back Variable cast, ALL CREW10.30 END END END
  5. 5. HAYDON MEDIA Personnel DetailsProduction Details: ‘Cults’ Oh My God’ Night shoot Producer(s)22nd October 2011 Aidan Cheng PERSONNEL CHARACTER ROLE COSTUMEElizabeth Cassidy Protagonist/Alice White nightie – yellow/pink long dress, glitter makeup, flowersFleur Considine Nymph Green/leafy coloured clothes, glitterEmily Smith Nymph Green/leafy coloured clothes, venetian maskKiri Emerson Harlequin Harlequin outfitSasha Watterson Mad Hatter Face paint, top hat, suit, caneOrla Gillman Nymph Green/leafy coloured clothes, glitterGemma Harris Nymph Green/leafy coloured clothes, glitterFiona Heath Nymph Green/leafy coloured clothes (Victorian dress), glitterScott Russell Mask Blazer, waistcoat, tie, chinosHarry White Bacchant Toga – brown fur, leopard, bacchanty. Wreath on head, gold cup.Elliot Fitzwater Rabbit Mask Blazer, waistcoat, tie, chinosSajan Khullar Newspaper Guy/Owl Owl mask or newspapers aboundAidan Cheng Director/Exec Prod Camera, lights, props, actorsCindy Cheng Make Up and set direction Make up, propsNatalie Denton Camera/principal photography Camera,Stephen James Lighting Lights