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Kele - The Boxer
Noah and the Whale - The First Days of Spring
The XX - The XX

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Mag ads

  1. 1. Magazine Adverts<br />By Aidan Cheng<br />
  2. 2. Kele ‘The Boxer’<br />Kele’s album advert is lit in very low key lighting, allowing great swathes of shadow to contrast with reflected lights. It has also been coloured in black and white. The effect of this cinematography is one of seriousness, brooding, sadness and isolation. <br />The use of black conveys a feeling of negative emotions, which is coupled with the fact shadows have been used in such great excess. Shadows provide a feel of enigma and hiding. Not only is Kele’s features hidden in the dark, he has placed it away from the gaze of the audience. <br />This leads us to believe that the album may be one of great personal meaning to the artist and portrays him as sombre and perhaps troubled.<br />The use of the boxing gear and revealing of muscles alludes to the album’s title. From that, we can ascertain a theme of a fight, of a contest, some kind of conflict or dominance over something. We know Kele to be a strictly private and shy artist. This is also reflected in the way his features have remained hidden in the photo.<br />He is positioned in a bare, empty environment. This is to establish Kele’sown identity as a solo artist as well as a front man of Bloc Party – this album is solely his.<br />A list of good reviews has been placed in contrasting white (to the background), all of which are from organisations which are recognised for a generally good taste in music.<br />
  3. 3. Noah and the Whale – ‘The First Day’s of Spring’<br />Noah and the Whale’s album advert is a photo image of what appears to be a field/outdoors, country environment seen through the foreground image of grass. It has been lit in high key lighting, so as to create a dreamy effect. Editing has been used to create an old, vintage camera effect, portraying the band in a nostalgic light.<br />The use of the old camera held by the band’s front man is also reflective of this. From that, we can expect the band’s music to be indie genre, and have a nostalgic, aesthetic appeal. <br />The advert has details of the album’s release as well as star ratings from various organisations, known for their reliable reviews on music. The usage of high star ratings is used as a method to gain audience interest and is also used so that the advert has a film-poster quality. This suggests the album is a spectacle of sorts.<br />The setting and camera portray a carefree, innocent environment. It suggests the music may be easy-going and not to heavy-hearyed, this also relates to the album title. Spring has connotations of new life, new aspirations and liberty. The use of natural imagery and the sky also help to redlect this. The demeanour of the artist’s are all laid back as they are shot in a medium four-shot, all looking up in a relaxed manner toward a sunny sky.<br />
  4. 4. The XX – ‘The XX’<br />The XX album advert is a photo image of a bear-looking environment. The setting appears run down, gritty – like a council estate. On a wall, graffiti has been sprayed over, whilst in the dimly lit room, a mess of wires and junk litters the bare floor. <br />The effect of this run-down environment has a gritty, hard feel. It implies that the music will not be an easy listening, that is confrontational and progressive – rather than agreeing to conventional norms of pop music.<br />The use of graffiti is a symbolic identifier of a rough, lower-class area. Perhaps the use of this suggests the band want to reflect on social-realistic issues or at leat strip society to it’s bear bones of negativity.<br />A beam of light acting as a spotlight illuminates the centre of the photo...perhaps the graffiti is looked upon as art and an expression of self. <br />The iconography of 4 and a half stars indicates the strength of the album, from a trustworthy reliable source.<br />The dark lighting portrays the dark, eerie type of music produced by the XX. The lack of human life suggests a detachment from society. <br />