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Research in internet_lecture_1


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Research in internet_lecture_1

  1. 1. Research in Internet Lecture 1 by Sergey Panarin, HSE
  2. 2. Intro Course outline Introduction Definition of researchClassification
  3. 3. What is a problem? To make decisions we need information Information comes from data found and processed during research
  4. 4. Course oultine 9 Lectures 9 Seminars (research paper for specific project) 4 Team workshops (team-work research) Excursion
  5. 5. Perspective Project manager Startuper
  6. 6. GoalTo conduct a researchthat could be used (and published)
  7. 7. Lectures1. Lecture 1 Research basics Lecture 2 Research of Internet audience: Russia Lecture 3 Research of Internet audience: World Lecture 4 Marketing research in Internet: market research Lecture 5 Marketing research in Internet: ads campains monitoring & optimization Lecture 6 Site research: web-analytics & Google Analytics Lecture 7 Site research: competitors & usability & eCommerce Lecture 8 Social media research: overview & inner instruments Lecture 9 Social media research: metrics & outer instruments
  8. 8. Research topics Top Russian Internet startups Top Russian Internet companies Young entrepreneurs by schools (Russia, USA, UK) Brands in social media Social games market
  9. 9. Research topics Mobile applications market (by segments: games, business) Mobile applications market (by devices: iPhone, iPad) SaaS services (Russia, USA, UK) Entrepreneurial communities (Russia, USA, UK) Industries in Internet (retail, media, software, consulting)
  10. 10. Definition of researchResearch – the systematic investigation into and study ofmaterials and sources in order to establish facts andreach [Oxford Dictionary]
  11. 11. Object and subjectObject – what is being investigated?Subject – what aspect of the object is beinginvestigated?
  12. 12. Research process1. Define the question2. Gather information and resources (observe)3. Form hypothesis4. Perform experiment and collect data5. Analyze data6. Interpret data and draw conclusions that serve as a starting point for new hypothesis7. Publish results8. Retest
  13. 13. Classification of research in Internet Research of Internet audience Marketing research in Internet Site research Social media research
  14. 14. Research methods types Experimental (vary some variables and measure output) Opinion based (questionnaires) Observational (case-studies)
  15. 15. Examples Global Market Information Database (GMID) – Internet users by country Datamonitor Marketline – companies profiles – startups, fundings and deals
  16. 16. Questions?