Creating a Leading Edge Website


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Presentation by Web123 on Creating a Leading Edge Website - making your web presence work for your business, in support of ACT Digital Enterprise

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  • A watch is a single purpose device… Younger generation are used to operating their life from a device and they are very saavy online
  • Creating a Leading Edge Website

    1. 1. Creating a Leading Edge Website
    2. 2. Why are you here?• Client expectations and new buyer behaviour• How to engage online in today’s fast paced world• Why your Website is Your Hub• How Social Media fits into the bigger picture• The importance of being mobile compatible• How Apps can set you apart from your competitors• Improving your efficiency with online tools• How to make online work for your business
    3. 3. Why online?
    4. 4. Our Habits are Changing
    5. 5. Our Expectations are Changing44% of Australian shoppers said they would move on if apage takes more than 15 seconds to load.Roy Morgan ResearchWe want it nowWe want it to be easyWe want an experienceWe don’t want to be sold toWe want to get to know youWe crave Good Customer Service
    6. 6. Time for a RethinkIt’s not just about the technologyWhat’s your Message?Rethink your service deliveryRethink your message deliveryHow can you use technology better?
    7. 7. New Buyer BehaviourWIFMMultiple platformsHappy to shop onlineWant to get to know you
    8. 8. It’s not about you…
    9. 9. What’s Your WHY?
    10. 10. Your Website is Your Hub
    11. 11. Online Sales Funnel
    12. 12. What’s Your Plan?
    13. 13. Your Web Strategy
    14. 14. What do you have to offer?
    15. 15. Content Creation
    16. 16. Learning Centre
    17. 17. Web123 ResourcesWeb123 Blog
    18. 18. Value and Trust
    19. 19. Be Authentic
    20. 20. Consider User ExperienceKeep it simple. Don’t confuse your visitor by askingfor too many things. Are you focussing on yourmain goal?Is the site clean and aesthetically appealing?Good use of banner images with your keymessages and calls to action.
    21. 21. Make it Memorable
    22. 22. How Social Are We?71% of Australian internet users haveread other consumers’ opinions anddiscussions about brands online and59% watch online videos to helpinform their purchase choices.Nielsen Australian Online Consumer Report 2011‐2012
    23. 23. Where are your clients?
    24. 24. Social SellingSource:
    25. 25. Social SellingSource:
    26. 26. You Must be Mobile Compatible
    27. 27. Smartphones inform our daily lifeOur mobile planet: Australia – understanding the mobile consumer report
    28. 28. MultitaskingOur mobile planet: Australia – understanding the mobile consumer report
    29. 29. Local information seekers take actionOur mobile planet: Australia – understanding the mobile consumer report
    30. 30. Did you know…• 61% of mobile users are unlikely to return to a site thatthey had trouble accessing from their phone.• Australia has the second highest smartphone usage bypopulation density, second only to Singapore.• 51% of smartphone users access internet via theirmobile multiple times a day.Our mobile planet: Australia – understanding the mobile consumer report
    31. 31.
    32. 32.
    33. 33.
    34. 34.
    35. 35. Is this about You?
    36. 36. Ask The Butcher
    37. 37. Opportunity via Apps
    38. 38. Bupa Apps
    39. 39. Apps
    40. 40. Free Tools to Improve Efficiency
    41. 41. Google Places for Business
    42. 42. What’s Next in Web?ExperientialUser ExperienceInteractive and Real TimeCommunication & VisualisationVirtualisation
    43. 43. Flex your online muscle
    44. 44. Keep Informed
    45. 45. Any Questions?