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Expat Personal Security Workshop Presentation


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Presentation that seeks to empower expats with practical & dynamic personal security information that will enable them to live, explore, and thrive while living overseas.

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Expat Personal Security Workshop Presentation

  1. 1. EXPAT PERSONAL SECURITY WORKSHOP Presented by David Santiago Certified Security Professional Presented at AMIDEAST Tunis on: Saturday, November 8, 2014
  2. 2. Purpose of the presentation
  3. 3. 3-parts Security Overview Building block of Personal Security Application
  4. 4. Subscribe today to receive free updates
  5. 5. About the Presenter
  6. 6. David Santiago  Security Consultant (assisting international organizations & Expat Community)  Current Private Sector Chairman for the Overseas Security Advisory Council in Tunis  Follow at @DavidSecurity  Blog  LinkedIN Profile: David A. Santiago
  7. 7. The Workshop
  8. 8. Security Network in Tunisia
  9. 9. Tunisia 2014 Crime & Safety Report
  10. 10. “Most reported criminal incidents against foreigners are crimes of opportunity, including pickpocketing, purse-snatching, and petty theft...”
  11. 11. Crime Threats
  12. 12. If you are the victim of a crime you should report it immediately, tell the police, share it with colleagues, friends, expat community.
  13. 13. Residential Security
  14. 14. “Most home and apartment burglaries often occur during the day, when most people are away and happen in both expatriate and Tunisian neighborhoods…”
  15. 15. Residential Security Alarm System
  16. 16. Overall Road Safety Situation
  17. 17. “Road safety poses one of the greatest risks to foreign travelers in Tunisia…”
  18. 18. “Highly encouraged that you become well aware of the neighborhoods, local traffic patterns, and road culture before driving...”
  19. 19. “Police officers may stop drivers for inspection for no reason at any time, and drivers should comply…”
  20. 20. Civil Unrest
  21. 21. “Tunisia remains a critical threat country for political violence…”
  22. 22. Police Response
  23. 23. “The police presence is particularly high in tourist areas and other areas frequented by foreigners...”
  24. 24. “The Tunisian police often set up after-hours checkpoints…”
  25. 25. Nationwide emergency numbers Police: 197 National Guard: 193 Fire Department: 198 Ambulance (SAMU): 198
  26. 26. RISK MATRIX American Cooperative School of Tunis
  27. 27. Part 2 Building blocks of Personal Security
  28. 28. 4 Blocks Confident Mindset Situational Awareness Understanding your environment Reacting to Danger
  29. 29. Mindset
  30. 30. 3 Elements Recognition of the threat(Don’t live in denial!) Accept the challenge (It’s on YOU.!) The WILL to use your 007 skills
  31. 31. Establish a baseline…
  32. 32. Run, hide, fight
  33. 33. HOW ?
  34. 34. CHOOSE TO… Live with Confidence (Move with a purpose…) Avoid BS LIFE OVER PROPERTY Respond immediately and escape
  35. 35. Using your 007 skills
  36. 36. Practice Time (self defense portion of workshop)
  37. 37. “There is no reason to live in fear of crime and violence. There is however reason to take reasonable precautions. And in doing so, you will have deterred most criminals from choosing you as their victim.” -Marc MacYoung
  38. 38. Self Defense Package 1. Identify Threat (Avoid problems + Self defense is a last resort) 2. Distraction (Learn moves that will cause quick pain & serve to distract criminal.) 3. GO TO MOVE! (Learn basic & effective strikes) 4. ESCAPE (Learn how to escape) 5. ASSESS & Share
  39. 39. Overall Tunisia is a safe & enjoyable country…
  40. 40. With the right mindset…
  41. 41. You can have a successful stay…