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Hazmat poster


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Hazmat poster

  1. 1. HAZMAT 2011: What Happened Where? Ralph  Stuart,  CIH   Secretary,  Division  of  Chemical  Health  and  Safety   Where  the  Informa5on  Comes  From   What’s  the  Big  Picture?   Each day, Google identifies headlines from around the English speaking world for stories that contain various combinations of “hazmat”, “chemical”, “fire”, “explosion” and Location of events and keywords included in the media “laboratory”. These stories are reviewed and tagged with keywords that identify the stories location, sector, type of event, extent of the event, and the chemical involved. These stories are then placed on the DCHAS pinboard site ( for review and the opportunity to learn from other people’s bad experiences. Loca5on   Number  Distribu5on   of   among   About twice a year, these events are reviewed to provide some descriptive statistics of events     events   these events in terms of the parameters collected. While these numbers of some interest, the primary purpose of this effort is to maintain people’s awareness of the types of events United  States   1406   75%   that happen routinely (7 to 10 times per day) and the value of good practices in the UK   105   6%   handling, use, and storage of chemicals of all kinds. India   79   4%   This information is particularly important in the laboratory setting, where hazardous Canada   69   4%   chemicals are used in unusual ways, and where there are less established methods for Australia   68   4%   controlling the hazards of the work being done with chemicals. This collection of events Other   65   3%   can help laboratory workers run “what-if” scenarios in order to anticipate potential safety issues they may run into as their work proceeds. New  Zealand   29   2%   China   26   1%   Ireland   17   1%   South  Africa   5   0%   Total   1869   100%   What  are  the  Pa9erns?   What  Happens  in  Labs?   Economic Sector Sector Count   Percent   There were 148 laboratory events reported by Google in 2011 (about 3/week). These generally indicate that there was a response by a public fire department. The media report Industrial   636   34%   keywords are below. Meth labs are excluded from these events. Public   634   34%   Transporta.on   353   19%   Laboratory   151   8%   Educa.on   95   5%   Type of Event Type  of  event   Count   Percent   Release   994   53%   2011  Lab  Hazmat  Events  by  Extent   Explosion   349   19%   Death,  4,  3%   Fire   342   18%   Discovery   178   10%   Response,  90,   61%   Injury,  53,  36%   Environmental ,  1,  0%   Extent  of  event   Count   Percent   Extent of Event Lead  chemical   Count   Response   1143   61%   Unknown  chemical   61   Injury   516   28%   Acids   15   Death   121   6%   Solvent   14   Environmental   Time-­‐   8   impact   89   5%   Others   50   For  More  Informa5on   Chemical     Count   Percent   Chemicals Involved Unknown   460   25%   Follow the DCHAS twitter stream: @acsdchas Meth  lab   125   7%   Follow the C&EN Safety Zone blog: Ammonia   81   4% Petroleum   72   4%   Chlorine   59   3%   Join the Chemical Health and Safety Division: Our e-mail list, DCHAS-L , not only tells you about these incidents, it also has discussions about how to prevent them! HCl   46   2%   Solvents   40   2%   Waste   29   2%   Ag  chemicals   37   2%   Pool  chemicals   33   2%   Others   887   47%  RESEARCH POSTER PRESENTATION DESIGN ©