Acsa fall 2013 otan presentation (2)


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From Cell Phones to Social Networking

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Acsa fall 2013 otan presentation (2)

  1. 1. From Cell Phones to Social Networking: Low Cost/No Cost Resources … and great ideas for using them with adult learners!
  2. 2. OTAN Presenters: •Joyce Hinkson, Director •Blair Roy, Project Specialist •Penny Pearson, Distance Learning Coordinator •Branka Marceta, Technology Coordinator
  3. 3. OTAN One of the adult education leadership projects, OTAN’s mission is to support California’s adult educators in the effective integration of technology to benefit learners.
  4. 4. Objectives Participants will: • list and analyze more than 10 online and other technology tools to integrate in the adult education classroom and online instruction • experience Google Presentation, Infuse Learning, Voki, and Brainshark for educational uses • identify professional development opportunities offered by OTAN
  5. 5. Basic Skills for Computer Based Testing (CBT) for 2014 GED •Evelyn Lenton •Antelope Valley Adult School, Lancaster, CA •GED site chief examiner •2nd approved site for computer based GED test by GED Testing Services in CA •Currently offers 2002 test •Preparing to offer the 2014 GED in January •OTAN presenter – online and conferences
  6. 6. Basic Skills for CBT - Mouse •Palm Beach County Library
  7. 7. Basic Skills for CBT – Keyboarding $ •Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing •EduTyping by B.E. Publishing •Typing Instructor or Typing Quick & Easy by Individual Software, Inc. •Typing Agent by SpeedSkin
  8. 8. Poll Everywhere • •Live audience participation •Variety of question types – multiple choice/free text •Control timing of poll •Control number of votes/participant •Vote from Smartphone or Web browser
  9. 9. Infuse Learning ● ● ● ● ● ● Online learner response system Real time feedback Variety of question types + drawing Any device, any location Simple and easy to use Multiple languages
  10. 10. Let’s Try It! ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Take our your device Open your browser - not IE Navigate to Type in Room ID (randomly assigned) Type your name Wait for your teacher to ask you a question Draw or select answer
  11. 11. Google Voice Project by Palo Alto teachers Mary Bazios & Nilou Shokrani •Used Google Voice to Evaluate Outside Oral Assessment •Conversation practice in classroom •Introduction letter on school letterhead •Student calls teacher’s Google Voice number •Student asks community member a question – Where is Costco? •Native speaker answers question while being recorded •Student must repeat answer •Teacher receives recorded conversation in their Google Voice account •Teacher has rubric to assess student’s interactions
  12. 12. Cell Phone Apps for Adult Learners ● ● ● ● ● Words4U What’s Next?! USA Learns Future plans for expansion Do you have any favorites?
  13. 13. Words4U ● Supplemental application for our shared Moodle course “College Transitions and Career Preparation” Available for iPhone only, free
  14. 14. What’s Next!? ● ● ● ● Fun and informative way to sharpen your skills for preparing for college/job Aligns with “College Transition and Career Preparation” shared course Two versions; school and job Free, available on Apple iTunes
  15. 15. Cell Phone Apps Learn more about USA Learns applications at: Available on all platforms; Andriod, iPad and iPhone ($0.99)
  16. 16. Review: Apps for Adult Learners ● ● ● Words4U What’s Next?! USA Learns ● Future plans for expansion ● Do you have any favorites?
  17. 17. Social Media - Facebook • • • • • Promote services to the local community Connect with current learners Follow-up with learners after they complete the program Post about offerings, new catalogs, celebrate, video, photo and writing prompts Teachers use FB groups for sharing and discussion
  18. 18. Social Media Twitter
  19. 19. Twitter •Vocabulary –Tweet –Retweet –@ –Follow –# Hashtags
  20. 20. Getting Started with Twitter •
  21. 21. Create a Classroom Web Site • • • • teachers use Web sites to post resources and syllabus Baldwin Park ACE - Susan Coulter ABE Web site aligned to CDE AEO standards Fremont ACE- Sharon Ram VESL class learners create Web sites as electronic portfolios popular free services: Weebly, Wix
  22. 22. Presentation Tools Brainshark: Upload, narrate and share PPT presentations, documents, videos, photo albums and podcasts. (Free and subscription Google: You are experiencing Google presentations with us! We created this presentation (and shared it with you) using Google Presentations!
  23. 23. Narrate My Brainshark Dial: 617-612-7020 Enter access code: 8798-8050 Press 5, then slide number (2 through 10) Press # when done recording. Hang up. Once we are done, I’ll make it public. Phone Key shortcuts: 1 to record one slide. 5 to go to specific slide, # to finish recording, 9 to hang up
  24. 24. Audio Tools Voki, Voxopop, VoiceThread ($) Using audio tools helps differentiate teaching; it helps language learners practice skills and it’s just plain fun. Voki - visual avatar with single message, or as a discussion board (Voki classroom $) Voxopop - an online audio discussion board Voicethread - upload media/documents, facilitate an online discussion with text, audio or video. Any other suggestions?
  25. 25. Creativity Tools - Comics
  26. 26. Creativity Tools - Wordle, Tagxedo
  27. 27. Creativity Tools - Memes
  28. 28. Creativity tools - ePosters Glogster for Vocational and Technical Education - 2 point perspective
  29. 29. OTAN Can Help! •Face-to-face and online workshops FREE •Resources •Lesson plans and class activity ideas •Technology support