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Church Roof Project - MacDonald Road Case Study


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ACSAP Roofing, West Midlands based roofing contractors, were appointed by MacDonald Road Methodist Church for a major re-roofing project.

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Church Roof Project - MacDonald Road Case Study

  1. 1. Project: MacDonald RoadMethodist Church
  2. 2. www.acsap-roofing.comComplete over-roof – Church roof projectAbout The Project:There were existing original green mineral feltcoverings over fibre board onto a structural steel deckwhich had reached the end of their servicable life.ACSAP Roofing used an overlay of a three layer highperformance torch on system with ventilators torestore the main roof.In addition, the fifties design had gutters constructedfrom concrete integral with the eaves. These werecarefully cut off; the eaves were then re-constructedto provide an attractive modern fascia and largecapacity gutter detail.
  3. 3. www.acsap-roofing.comComplete over-roof – Church roof projectMore About The Project:A surrounding flat roof was of concreteconstruction and suffering seriousleakage. These were dealt with inRhepanol FK, and new skylight domesmounted on a new kerb with purposemade access platforms over them alongthe very narrow rear roof.
  4. 4. www.acsap-roofing.comComplete over-roof – Church roof projectProject Challenges:There were a number of challenges whilstundergoing this project. A main challenge wasproviding for the retention of the original coveringsto provide uninterrupted working whilst thebuilding was in continued use, and ensuring thatany dampness was able to escape subsequently; aswell as transforming the badly deterioratedconcrete gutters to a smart new system and theprovision of new skylights to the concrete pointswhilst ensuring there was proper and safe accessfor maintenance.
  5. 5. www.acsap-roofing.comComplete over-roof – Church roof projectServices Used: Felt roofing Rhepanol single ply roofing Guttering & Fascias
  6. 6. www.acsap-roofing.comComplete over-roof – Church roof project“I first met Andy and Chris Smith (ACSAP ROOFING) on a felted church roof in Coventry. Ultimately, they wereappointed to carry out the work of renewing the felted finish. This was carried out to a highly professionalstandard, bearing in mind modern Health and Safety requirements, and a competitively priced contract. Workwas also completed to time and on the budget..Subsequently, when our slated roof at home, a converted Victorian School, required renewing, we were pleasedto talk to Andy and Chris, once more. we were pleased to appoint them and work proceeded steadily, despitesome mixed weather, to a very satisfactory conclusion. Besides the slating being part reused and part completelynew, we were able to insulate the existing roof, and the whole project has proved to be highly beneficial to ourcomfort and use of the property.Throughout these projects, we have always been confident of ACSAP ROOFINGS capabilities and thestraightforward way in which business has been conducted. We are impressed and very happy with theintegrity, honesty, and clear way in which we have been dealt with by Andy and Chris Smith.”JIM SORRELL Dip Arch (Birm.) BSc. RIBA CHARTERED ARCHITECT
  7. 7. www.acsap-roofing.comComplete over-roof – Church roof project“A.C. Smith Applications completed a roof refurbishment scheme at Macdonald Road Methodist Church whilst Iwas Property Steward. They completed the work to the full satisfaction of our architect and myself, in good timeand within our budget. They were always courteous and helpful and advised on solutions when problems arose. Irecommend them without reservation.”Clive R. Warburton (Former Property Steward at Macdonald Road Methodist Church)
  8. 8. www.acsap-roofing.comContact us today!For more information on ecclesiastical roofing, church roof repairs or anyother roofing services in the West Midlands:Visit: www.acsap-roofing.comE-mail: