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Agility Check Up


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Assess your agility with our world wide known Agile experts

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Agility Check Up

  1. 1. AGILITY CHECK-UP Adapt to Change and Move
  2. 2. Agility Check Up is an unique assessment that is performed to get improvement actions via assessing levels of Agile teams in 6 different perspectives. What is it? How to Do? Each Agile team and the overall related organisation are assessed in six different perspectives through surveys, meetings, team room visits, face-to-face communication via experienced Agile Consultants. ! ! Maturity(of( Roles( Maturity(of( Teamwork( Maturity(of( Inspect(&( Adapt( Maturity(of(( Transparency( Maturity(of( Business( Alingment(( Maturity(of( Learning( Organization(
  3. 3. Perspectives Maturity of Roles Maturity of Teamwork Maturity of Inspect & Adapt Maturity of Transparency Maturity of Business Alignment Maturity of Learning Organization6
  4. 4. Maturity of Roles How capable are your team roles? Scrum Master/Product Owner SURVEYS Scrum Master/Product Owner FACE-TO-FACE DEV. TEAM SURVEY3 Assessment of role capabilities (leadership, Agile mindset, communication skills, etc) via unique role based surveys. Experienced Agile Consultants deep dive into capabilities of roles via face-to-face informal and case based meetings. 360 degree evaluation of team members on their contribution to being a high performing team.
  5. 5. Maturity of Assessing Agile team formation by applying the Tuckman Survey to all team members of the Agile team and identification of the actions needed. How well is your teamwork? TEAMWORK SURVEY
  6. 6. Maturity of Inspect & Adapt Assessment of events’ structure and functioning via team surveys. Experienced Agile Consultants attend at a retrospective meeting and check the health of meeting together with the level of Kaizen culture. EVENTS SURVEY RETROSPECTIVE HEALTH How well settled Inspect & Adapt mindset in your team? 2
  7. 7. Maturity of Assessment of the proper use of Scrum artifacts, level of transparency created via these. TEAM ROOM VISIT How transparent is your organisation? ARTIFACTS SURVEY 2 Experienced Agile Consultants visit Agile team room to review its structure and aura.
  8. 8. Maturity of Business Alignment Face-to-face evaluation of Agile team and its results as seen by the related business units, assessment of communication level between team and the business. How well are your team aligned with the business strategy? SURVEY WITH 
  9. 9. Maturity of Learning Organization Executing the ‘Overall Monitoring’ meeting with full attendance of all Agile teams in the organization. This meeting aims to evaluate the positive and negative aspects of current culture & structure and processes in order to identify the pain points. AGILITY TEAM* ACTIONS Are you a well functioning ‘learning organization’? OVERALL MONITORING 2 Assessing the level of executive support to transformation and they positioned in the process. * Agility Team is a high-level improvement team which includes Scrum Masters and related executives that is formed to give additional support to the expansion of the Agile culture within the organization.
  10. 10. OVERALL MONITORING Overall Monitoring Meeting Identifying pain points in the organization level
  11. 11. AGILITY SERVICES COMPANY Adapt to Change and Move