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Mongol Messenger September 2019


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Mongol Messenger September 2019

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Mongol Messenger September 2019

  1. 1. Friday, September 6, 20198 THE MONGOL MESSENGER Arts Council of Mongolia, Delta Foundation Center, IV floor, Tourists Street-38, Chingeltei District Tel/Fax: 976-11-319015 E-mail: Web: ARTS COUNCIL OF MONGOLIA ARTS COUNCIL OF MONGOLIA ARTS & CULTURE The Mongol Messenger is operated and printed by government news agency MONTSAME Web: E-mail: ISSN 1684-1883 May the lotus of wisdom of those who revere the books be always budding and blooming. The National Library of Mongolia houses over one million five hundred thousand books, sutras and manuscripts and is the richest place in Mongolia to access the valuable heritage of the treasures. Selected books, sutras and scripts introduced in this album comprises the national historical accounts, annals, state honorary awards, handwritten manuscripts, dictionaries, books of legislation, religion, myths and legends, star charts, territorial maps of khoshuu and Khuree city, genealogical trees, astrology and anatomy. Containing more than a hundred literary artifact and photographic images, each followed by detailed explanations precisely expounded by library experts and specialists in both Mongolian and English. The catalogue offers an opportunity, through brief introductions and detailed explanations to learn the origins, crafting techniques and size of the manuscripts within the catalogue so as to encourage further study and research. Upon an initiative originated by the Arts Council of Mongolia, “National Literary Heritage of Mongolia” is a rare and invaluable catalogue of the important books and manuscripts kept at the National Library of Mongolia and, now released to the public. We hope the album provides necessary and preliminary information for the keen pursuit and attention of people interested in heritage books, artefacts and historical information. “National literary heritage of Mongolia” catalogue was sponsored by Sh.Norjinbat, Partner/COO of Deloitte Onch Audit LLC and ACM Board member, compiled by the staff of National Library of Mongolia, supported by Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences & Sports. “National Literary Heritage of Mongolia” is available for purchase in bookstores. For more information please call ACM office at 319015. In consultation with stakeholders and community members Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM) seeks to change people’s behavior and attitude towards their own communities. Engagement by community members is paramount for the development of their residential and leisure spaces as safe and welcoming environments, for the benefit of all residents. The idea being for local members to monitor and communicate with government authorities on developing and establishing sustainability for the future within their own ger district. Kicking-off in March 2019 with a signed agreement between ACM and the Asia Development Bank (ADB), the Re-Imagine Ulaanbaatar Community Engagement program was commenced. Redevelopment will focus on augmenting urban planning with mapping and monitoring indicators and strengthening the coordination capacity of stakeholders. Strong support will be given towards inclusive community engagement and access to economic opportunities within ger locales. An assessment on solid waste management and community behaviors was conducted by ACM in partnership with Public Lab (NGO). The surveyed 144 households located alongside drainage channels were selected based on recommendations from ADB. Data collected from the survey and four focus group meetings in the communities will provide feedback and analysis toward the final report. 90 students from Bayankhoshuu area schools (#67, 76, and 105) and 30 kindergarten teachers and mothers had trainings in environmental conservation and recycled arts education. The workshops were supervised by nine professional artists and designers and part of the Solid Waste Program, managed and implemented by ACM. Recycled art pieces created by the workshop attendees were exhibited at the Bayankhoshuu public event– “My Home-My City”–held on Children’s Celebration Day, June 1st for the people of 7, 8, 9, 10, and 28th khoroo of Songinokhairkhan district. At the event community members experienced recycled art and received information and updates on the sub-center progress. A survey conducted at the Children’s Celebration Day event by a consulting team from ADB evaluated community engagement, feedback and overall impressions. Responses from those interviewed scored the public event highly (93.8%) while others surveyed believed it saved money and time by being local; enjoyed the free gamesandperformances;delighted in performances which included khoroo children; and that gifts were given to children. Indications from the feedback illustrate the desire of communities to attend cultural and creative events, which engage khoroo populations, and are held in their own local district. Once the sub-center opens, ACM will conduct weekend arts and cultural programs to engage youth and public of the Bayankhoshuu area. During the event, ACM organized production of a LIVE video with the partnership of Mongolian Social Channel and the produced Live video was posted and promoted on the Facebook page of UB Sub-Center: https:// and reached out to 15.690 people, engaging 1024 and viewed 5400 times. In addition, as part of the lead up to the Bayankhoshuu public event, another excellent outcome of the Solid Waste Program was the establishment of two eco-clubs being coordinated by selected kindergarten teachers to share recycled arts knowledge amongst their community. Also, through the program 36 hours of Paper Mache recycled art curriculum was developed by professional artists allowing future students, teachers and parents to benefit. Five portrait awards were announced at the event for the most active participants of the program with another five being decided in September. Another goal for ACM was the Trash is not Trash! Recycled Art Program for youth which is an eco-friendly living and environmental education program engaging children in recycled art and creative classes. The result was the development of 108 hours of recycled art curriculum work-shopped to 90 students and six visual art teachers; and the establishment of three eco-clubs to share information on recycling and waste management awareness in their community. ACM through community action in the Solid Waste Program aims to achieve the goals of improving environmental conservation while generating income from household waste. Creating an enhanced waste management system and education for future generations being prime activity outcomes for the ACM-managed pilot program. The program contributes towards achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) target, as promoted by the United Nations. “NationalLiteraryHeritageofMongolia”-acatalogue ofrareandvaluablebookshasbeenreleasedforsale “MyHome-MyCity”communityprograminBayankhoshuu