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Mongol Messenger June 2020


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Mongol Messenger June 2020

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Mongol Messenger June 2020

  1. 1. Friday, June 5, 20208 THE MONGOL MESSENGER The Mongol Messenger is operated and printed by government news agency MONTSAME Web: E-mail: ISSN 1684-1883 ARTS & CULTURE Arts Council of Mongolia, Delta Foundation Center, IV floor, Tourists Street-38, Chingeltei District Tel/Fax: 976-11-319015 E-mail: Web: ARTS COUNCIL OF MONGOLIA ARTS COUNCIL OF MONGOLIA The early-20th century temple is an example of Chinese- style religious architecture, with the complex containing five temples dedicated to different Buddhism deities-Choijin Lama Temple Museum was included on the 2020 World Monuments Watch. Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM) & Choijin Lama Temple museum celebrated Watch Day on May 17 to highlight the importance of vibrant community engagement and local stewardship in the sustainable preservation of heritage sites. Supported by WMF, the event coincided with International Museum Day. Following the government’s strict social distancing rules, ACM organized a series of outside-only educational activities, online live program detailed in below.To enrich Choijin Lama temple museum exhibits and content, guided tour about Mongolian temple architecture, traditional techniques, external decorations was led by historic conservation architect Mrs. Oyunbileg. Choijin Lama Temple Museum has various papier-mâché artifacts and decoration patterns, which of size vary from human palm up to 3-meter tall ones. Thus, Watch day promoted Mongolian paper mâché art through hands on training focused on making Tsam mask. With an aim to use innovative digital tools and applications for the promotion of heritage site, Arts council of Mongolia produced Augmented reality content based on old archival photos dating back to 1920s. 4 temples 3 stone monuments were re-constructed using AR technology. On watch day, new AR content presented for museum visitors along with archival photo exhibition. On Watch Day, “888” Tree planting activities involved museum supporters & landscaping project donor MCS group to empower local partners to leverage and capitalize on the national and international attention drawn from their inclusion on the Watch. World Monuments Watch The World Monuments Watch is a biennial program that uses heritage conservation as a vehicle to improve community well-being. The Watch was created in 1996 with founding sponsor American Express to bring awareness to cultural heritage sites at risk around the world. Every two years, communities, individuals, and other groups nominate heritage sites to the Watch that are in need of urgent action and can trigger social change through conservation. Since the program’s inception, more than 836 sites in more than 135 countries and territories—including those on the 2020 Watch—have been included in the World Monuments Watch. Visit for more information. Watch Day Contact: World Monuments Fund Contact Afsy Kafei, at Arts Council of Mongolia Contact: Bayanmunkh.D, at heritage@ WatchDayeventscelebratedwith InternationalMuseumDay Mongolian Film Institute will organize the 8th Golden Ger International Film Festival online between 4-7 June, 2020. G er is the main dwelling and a great heritage of the nomadic Mongols. Golden Ger means an event with the highest form of expressiveness in the most inclusive manner. Starting in 2020, Mongolian Film Institute is changing the name of the festival from previous Altan Khalis International Film Festival into Golden Ger International Film Festival. Golden Ger International Film Festival (GGIFF) provides a platform for aspiring young filmmakers to challenge themselves and showcase their burgeoning talents to a growing audience of movie-lovers. Ultimately, the film festival aims to establish a creative filmmaking scene in Mongolia. This year, due to COVID-19 pandemic we decided to organize the festival as an online streaming event. The current setup is to live stream all the short films and feature films on Skymedia and SkyGo. So, during the days of the festival, all the films will be put on the platform for free to watch. This way, we would reach more people than we could actually reached through traditional screening in cinemas. Mongolian Film Institute received 586 short films from 71 (including Mongolia) countries this year and 44 films were selected in the international and Mongolian competition section. Along with feature films screenings, Spotlight on Alisi Telengut, and out of competition section films the competition section films will stream on Skymedia and SkyGo platforms. Apart from the screenings, live videos and online Master Class with Canadian renowned filmmaker Atom Egoyan will be broadcast on the festival facebook page GGIFFest. The four feature films are the best films from 2019 which were selected in Locarno, Toronto, Busan, Vesoul and other festivals. On the closing day of the festival, the winners of the competition section will be announced. MongolianFilmInstitute’s GoldenGerInternationalFilmFestival Kicking-off in March 2019 with a signed agreement between ACM and the Asia Development Bank (ADB), the Re-Imagine Ulaanbaatar Community Engagement program was commenced. Redevelopment will focus on augmenting urban planning with mapping and monitoring indicators and strengthening the coordination capacity of stakeholders through ICT solutions. Strong support will be given towards inclusive community engagement and access to economic opportunities within ger locales. In consultation with stakeholders and community members Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM) seeks to change people’s behavior and attitude towards their own communities. Engagement by community members is paramount for the development of their residential and leisure spaces as safe and welcoming environments, for the benefit of all residents. The idea being for local members to monitor and communicate with government authorities on developing and establishing sustainability for the future within their own ger district. On May 28th of 2020, with partnership of the Ulaanbaatar City Mayors Office and support of the Asian Development Bank, Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM) has established “My Home” children’s library and “My Film” movie club for children at newly opened Bayankhoshuu Subcenter. The aim of the children’s library and film education program is to engage ger district community children in creative process and to enhance their arts education by proving equal access. “My Home” children’s library has collection of 1500 children’s books and its ready to serve for children from 7, 8, 9, 10 and 28th khoroos of Songinokhairkhan district. The library is equipped internet lab and book reading and meeting zones that can serve for 20 children at once. With the partnership of Arts Council of Mongolia and Mongolian Librarian Association, the library is planning to deliver its weekly online educational contents through social media that includes author and their book introduction, lecture, book talk and reading contents. Organizers and Bayankhoshuu community members are expressing its deepest gratitude for all the organizations and individuals who donated books for “My Home” children’s library. In collaboration of Altan Khalis film association, “My Film” children’s movie club has established at the Bayankhoshuu Subcenter. Between June and July, 8 local and international renowned films and directors talk and discussion and weekly film education workshops will be organized for children of Bayankhoshuu area. For more information, please visit to Library’s facebook page: Миний-гэр-хүүхдийн-номын- сан/ and join to library group: groups/617698492156482/ “MyHome”children’slibrary,“MyFilm”movieclubreadytowelcomechildrenatnew BayankhoshuuSubcenter