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Mongol messenger jan 2020


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Mongol Messenger January 2020

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Mongol messenger jan 2020

  1. 1. Friday, January 17, 20208 THE MONGOL MESSENGER Arts Council of Mongolia, Delta Foundation Center, IV floor, Tourists Street-38, Chingeltei District Tel/Fax: 976-11-319015 E-mail: Web: ARTS COUNCIL OF MONGOLIA ARTS COUNCIL OF MONGOLIA ARTS & CULTURE The Mongol Messenger is operated and printed by government news agency MONTSAME Web: E-mail: ISSN 1684-1883 “Red Ger” Creative Space, formerly known as the “Red Ger Art Gallery, was established in 2003 with the aim of supporting Mongolian artists both locally and internationally by promoting artistic competitiveness and creative collaborations. Creative Space launched the website www. in 2019 to promote and sell artwork from talented local artists. To view and purchase any of the presented artworks online please visit the Shop at shop/ and for enquiries contact Centrally located “Red Ger” Creative Space offers 65 square meters of ‘potential’ for you to realize your creative, business and entrepreneurial pursuits through activities such as exhibitions, workshops, seminars, conferences and social events. In addition, the Creative Space can host up to 25 people with the provision of six tables (40cm X 150cm), 30 chairs, an overhead projector and a large screen to communicate your message to your audience. The Space can be adapted to suit your business and training needs and requirements yet, also offers a quiet, cozy reflective area for more creative meditative pursuits. Consider our Space as your co-working space or, as a personal studio or, as a meeting place for a series of lectures and readings. The possibilities are there for you to explore and discover. And, we are proud to announce that we support emerging artists by organizing their exhibitions with coordinating “ArtSeeTalk” as well as art and culture related discussions. Artists can send their exhibition proposals to the “Red Ger” Creative Space coordinator at redger@ before Feb 15th, 2020. The Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM) and the Foundation for Sustainable Develop­ ment in Mountain Regions (FDDM) have announced the fourth SMArt (Sustainable Mountain Art) artist-in-residence program targeting professional photographers and media artists in 2020. ACM is receiving applications from photographers and video artists with the deadline for applications being the 15th of February. The program was created to strengthen understanding of global issues in mountain regions among decision makers and promote intercultural exchange and dialogue between artists and audiences around the challenges of mountain regions. A selection jury will consist of delegates from FDDM, SMArt, Ecole de design et haute école d’art du Valais (édhéa), Association riverbero (host residence) and ACM. To increase the insight of decision- makers and communities to the challenges faced by mountain regions through artworks, particularly photography and video, the SMArt program was initiated. The project has chosen four themes: climate change and natural risk disaster – water resources, migration, and agriculture – bio-diversity – food security; as a focus for attention this year. During the art residency artists will create a work that reflects how they perceive and understand the challenges faced by their host region. The artists’ work will be exhibited in Switzerland and there will be many opportunities to meet with local decision-makers, artists and the population. And, on returning to their own countries the artists’ work and experience will be promoted in partnership with local cultural organisations. The residency will be from Mid-June to Mid-September 2020 in Poschiavo, the main village of the valley with the artist living in individual accommodation organized by riverbero, a cultural association from the Valposchiavo. Further information: www. Mongolia’s 2018 candidate was Tamir Bayarsaikhan who completed his artist-in- residence in Canton Valais, an alpine region of Switzerland, from April to July. Tamir is a talented Mongolian photographer and graphic designer whose diverse and powerful work touches on clear links between nature and people. Tamir presented his exhibition in both Switzerland and Mongolia. Valposchiavo is the destination for the 2020 artist-in-residence program and is an agricultural valley region in Switzerland that embraces all climate and vegetation zones fromglaciersoftheBerninaRangetoorchards and palm trees located at the valley’s mouth in Campocologno. The valley is hemmed in by 3,000 meter peaks on either side and due to this setting agricultural pursuits include a broad range of raw material from milk and meat, fruit and vegetables to vineyards. Valposchiavo has 87 farms cultivating 1,700 ha of agricultural land. However, the farms are mainly small family businesses with many (95%) having made the change to producing organic products. To guarantee the valley’s first-grade products are found on the menus of local restaurants the project “100% Valposchiavo” was established. This has led to the changes in local production methods through innovation creating a healthy economic sector and has played an important role in the local tourism industry. For further information about the project: “100% Valposchiavo” experience/100-valposchiavo/the-project Further information about Valposchiavo: At the crossroads of culture and sustai­ nable development SMArt was launched in 2014 by the Foundation for the Sustainable Development of Mountain Regions (FDDM) in close cooperation with the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development (DDC) and the Culture Service of Canton Valais. To learn more on SMArt and discover the artworks: For more details about the art residency application contact: SMArt-SustainableMountainArt–Artist-In-ResidenceProgram PhotographerResidencySwitzerland International Wood Culture Society approached ACM to nominate one talented artist to participate “World Wood Day” International Wood Carving show. World Wood Day event is an annual celebration on March 21st to raise public awareness of the importance of wood and how wood plays as a key role in a sustainable future. For the coming event in Japan, with the theme LEGACY the celebration will be on March 17th–22nd in Tokyo. Program includes Folk Art and Craftsmanship Workshop, International Woodcarving Show, International Young Adult Furniture Making Invitational (IYAFMI), Music of Wood, Symposium, Tree Planting, Wood Education, Wood Design and Woodturning Demonstration. ACM is searching woodcarving artists who will join the event and share their value. Eligible candidates can send their CV and art work photos into before 10th February 2020. WorldWoodDay2020 InternationalEvent “RedGer” CreativeSpace