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Mongol messenger Feb 2020


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Mongol messenger Feb 2020

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Mongol messenger Feb 2020

  1. 1. Friday, February 14, 20208 THE MONGOL MESSENGER Arts Council of Mongolia, Delta Foundation Center, IV floor, Tourists Street-38, Chingeltei District Tel/Fax: 976-11-319015 E-mail: Web: ARTS COUNCIL OF MONGOLIA ARTS COUNCIL OF MONGOLIA ARTS & CULTURE The Mongol Messenger is operated and printed by government news agency MONTSAME Web: E-mail: ISSN 1684-1883 The Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM) is an arts and culture NGO, which was established in 2002 with the mission to support the sustainable development of Mongolian arts and culture and the preservation of cultural heritage. Its activities include supporting Mongolian art institutions and individual artists through programs for promoting international exchanges, raising public interest and awareness about Mongolian arts and culture, building the capacity of artists and administrators at the Mongolian art institutions, and initiating art education and cultural heritage programs through advocating a close collaboration between private and public sectors. In 2020, ACM is planning to organize the following highlighted arts and culture events for the public. If you join ACM, you will participate and receive special invitations to all ACM’s arts and culture events, concerts, exhibitions and festivals throughout the year and broaden your network with diverse group of intellectuals, artists, and patrons of the arts. ACM Membership night ACM 2020 Membership campaign will launch on March 18, 2020. One of the most important parts of ACM local fundraising activity is the ACM members recruitment. In order to raise awareness of ACM activities and enhance public support for Mongolian talent, the ACM continues its ‘Bringing the Arts to you!’ creative series. This year membership campaign will start with fundraising event for “Cultural Treasure” grant program through which ACM improves preservation of Choijin Lama Temple Museum. Everyone can join us for this fundraising event and your contribution will make “Choijin Lama Temple Museum”- a unique historical and cultural memorial of Mongolia to become an attractive “Oasis” at the heart of UB city, providing UB citizens with a place of rest and relaxation. By becoming our new member you will be invited to ACM creative cultural events including annual festivals, concerts and exhibitions. ACM will implement four different arts festivals, such as Motion Mongolia International Contemporary Dance Festival, Ulaanbaatar International Media Art Festival, Culture Naadam Festival and Ulaanbaatar International Film Festival. Motion Mongolia International Contemporary Dance Festival ACM in collaboration with its official partner Mongolian Ballet Program is about to present the 2nd Motion Mongolia International Contemporary Dance Festival in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The festival focuses on promoting artistic excellence and cultural diversity through dance and it aims to nurture local talents through collaborations, professional development exchanges and presenting the world- class dance companies to Mongolia. As contemporary dance today has reached new dimensions by adapting to our vast and dynamic world, we believe contemporary dance can trigger cultural and artistic diversity and unveil unique understandings about movement expression in Mongolia. Motion Mongolia 2020 main program shall consist of Contemporary Dance Competition; Main Stage Performance; International Dance Showcase; Street Dance showcase and Master classes. The festival shall take place in Ulaanbaatar during April 27 – May 2, 2020. Ulaanbaatar International Media Art Festival ACM in collaboration with TodaysArt IMAF is going to present the 5th Ulaanbaatar International Media Art Festival(UBIMAF),whichaimstofacilitate innovation, collaboration in the media arts field of Mongolia by bringing artistic excellence by internationally renowned artists to the audiences in Mongolia. The 5th UBIMAF shall take place during June 6-14, 2020. UBIMAF 2020 program shall consist of “Fake Reality” the main joint exhibition by the international participants; “Perception” a curated train trip to East Gobi’s Energy Center with mobile installation, performance and interactive talks and artist’s workshops. The main international exhibition of UBIMAF 2020 “Fake Reality” will be presented to public at the MN17 Art Gallery. It will be a reflection of the natural mirage and participants’ interpretation of social mirage and complex aspects of fake reality, through sound, light, dance and visual expressions shall be presented for the public in Ulaanbaatar, during June 8-14, 2020. ‘Perception’ the train trip will assist the participants to reflect on the natural phenomenon of mirage along with opening opportunities for the participants to network and to perceive reality and illusions that the nature has to offer. Participants will experience the train ride through the wilderness during June 4-6, 2020. It will be a pre-journey of perception before going into the fake reality. Culture Naadam Festival ACM and the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture are co- organizing the ‘Culture Naadam’ to showcase traditional Mongolian nomadic arts and culture for Mongolian and international visitors. This year, for the thirteenth time, Mongolia’s Naadam celebrations will include a summer arts festival. The Culture Naadam will bring new festive spirit to the sweeping Hui Doloon Hudag Valley, where the Naadam horse races take place on July 11 and 12. Culture Naadam is run in the valley of the horserace, the out of town spectators witness the racing of horses, take a stroll in the scent of pasture sage and thyme and pay a visit to the ‘One Day in Mongolia’ arts and crafts village of Culture Naadam. It’s arts and crafts village with several Mongol gers and pop-up tents, where heritage bearers and artists showcase distinct nomadic culture. It’s not only for watching, but available for taking part in the actions of calligraphy writing, traditional painting, felt stitching and wool processing. Holding a brush, dipping it in ink and writing on rice paper will definitely make you feel like an ancient sage. Or making felt out of wet wool, sensing its tangled fibres will bring you the warmth of the wool and the warmth of the hearts of Mongol people. Ulaanbaatar International Film Festival ACM will organize the 12th edition of Ulaanbaatar International Film Festival (UBIFF) together with City Governor’s Office, City Arts and Culture Department, and co-organize with the Embassy of France, Embassy of Australia, Goethe- Institut Mongolia, Alliance of France Mongolia and partner with Locarno Film Festival, during October 19-25, 2020. The festival presents most recent and cinematically daring, uncompromising and powerful films that had been selected and awarded at the Cannes, Berlin, Toronto and other A list festivals and the best of recent Mongolian films to the local audience. This year, UBIFF will feature French films as a focus country. Overall festival programs will consist of Open-air-summer screenings in July, Festival Opening ceremony, Focus country-French films, Film competition among feature and documentary films, Non-competition films, Bright future – screenings and discussions with school children, Film forum on film industry development and series of workshops on script writing and film production for local film community. Highlighted exhibitions at Red Ger Creative Space Under its main goals, the ACM’s Red Ger Creative Space supports young talents by exhibiting their artworks to the public under innovative and creative curatorship. In 2020 ACM shall feature the following three exhibitions. “Khosolmol” by Bolortuvshin.J is the first exhibition of this year at the space and it will be held from March 20th–April 20th. The exhibition consists of 3 big and 4 small size paintings of fairy tale characters with 2D animation, 3 channel video installations that will reflect a unique way of imagination. Artist Bolortuvshin.J is known for her beautiful paintings which describe innocent children characters. Bolortuvshin.J uses advanced technology in order to reach modern audiences and to trigger new aesthetic experiences. Series of ACM curated exhibitions shall be followed by “Urban Fashion”. This exhibition shall lead the audience to travel in time and shall trace the links between the fashions of the last two centuries. Reflecting unique features of the past in the current fashion expressions. “Urban Fashion” exhibition shall take place at the Red Ger Creative Space in May, 2020. The third curated exhibition at the creative space shall be “DeeL”. Mongolian history of the 20th century shall be narrated through a traditional outfit of a single historical figure. This exhibition shall be delivered through video media installations. “DeeL” exhibition shall greet the audiences in September, 2020. Mongolia’s first inclusive short film “Stairs” launch In partnership with Bus Stop Films (BSF), Australia’s premiere and globally leading inclusive filmmaking company, ACM has successfully implemented four 10 week, terms of an accessible film studies program for people with intellectual disability, titled “We can–We are talented”. The program has culminated in the creation an 11 minutes’ short film “Stairs” made with people with intellectual disability at the helm, and with local Mongolian and Australian filmmakers. The first inclusive short film made by “We can–We are talented” initiative promotes inclusivity in the Mongolian film industry as well as society. In this film; a young man who uses a wheelchair, must overcome the obstacles in his path if he is to achieve his dreams in the city of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. ACM will host the Mongolian premiere of “Stairs” on the 3rd of April 2020. ACM is preparing the second edition of the “Inclusive film making curriculum” to be held from April to December 2020 at Broadcasting Media Arts School of Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture. Finally, the ACM would like to welcome all the organizations, individuals, artists, partners, friends, members and volunteers to join us. See you at ACM arts activities of 2020! Bringingtheartstoyou!