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Mongol messenger December 2018


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Mongol messenger newspaper December 2018

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Mongol messenger December 2018

  1. 1. Friday, December 7, 20188 THE MONGOL MESSENGER THE ARTS PROGRAM is fo­cused on nurturing artistic ex­ cel­lence among arts and culture or­ganizations and artists, building their capacities, enhancing their international collaboration and promoting Mongolian arts and culture abroad and world talents in Mongolia. Arts program implemented 12 different projects, trainings and international exchange programs in the field of film, dance, music, visual arts and arts management, and involved more than 565 artists and arts managers and reached over 12000 people. In 2018, Arts program initiated and implemented the first edition of Motion Mongolian International Contemporary Dance Festival and presented 4 international and Mongolian contemporary dance productions, the 3rd edition Ulaanbaatar International Media Arts Festival and presented 11 artists from the U.S, UK, Taiwan, France, Germany, Romania, and China and the 10th edition of Ulaanbaatar International Film Festival and presented 16 award-winning films that have been selected in highly prestigious international film festivals including Cannes and Berlinale and 7 Mongolian films at the Mongolian Film Showcase in Austria to promote cultural diversity and Mongolian films and to bring the world- renowned talents to Mongolia. In addition, the Program provided a networking and platform to exchange for Mongolian artists, performers and managers in the field of visual arts and media through initiatives such as Shining Horses International Fellowship and Grant competition, SMart Residency, Nomadic Arts Residency, World Wood Day, and Insomnia Media Art Festival. The program expanded its network in visual and media arts, film, contemporary dance and music with more than twenty- eight countries around world including U.S, UK, Taiwan, France, Germany, Romania, and China, Russia, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Germany, Iceland, France and Japan. Arts Council of Mongolia, Delta Center, IV floor, Tourists Street-38, Chingeltei District Tel: 976-11-319015 E-mail: Web: ARTS COUNCIL OF MONGOLIA ARTS COUNCIL OF MONGOLIA ARTS The Mongol Messenger is operated and printed by government news agency MONTSAME Web: E-mail: ISSN 1684-1883 THE COMMUNITY ARTS EDU­CATION PROGRAM is contributed to the education and pro­fessional development of stu­ dents in several ways. It awar­ded scholarships to 8 students and engaged 489 children (9 of them were children with intellectual disability) in visual art, classical music and film trainings to enhance their creativity and self- steam. Through the program, ACM has collaborated with 30 local artists, 18 local art therapists, 2 Australian film makers, 5 American art therapists and delivered its activities to the different focus groups including children with disability and their parents, disadvantaged area’s children, hospital patients and art lovers. The program has promoted to 6000 people through social & partner media channels and involved 2000 people in project events and exhibitions. With the support of new international & business partners, ACM has enriched its program contents and expanded its activities. In 2002, business, civic, and arts leaders of Mongolia formed the Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM), a non- governmental organization with the mission to promote the sustainable development of Mongolian arts and culture and preservationofculturalheritage.ACMisoneofthefirstNGOs of its kind in an emerging democracy. Its activities include the support of Mongolian art institutions and individual artists through programs by promoting international exchanges, building interest and awareness of Mongolian arts and artists, and initiating art education and cultural heritage activities by advocating a creative cooperation of the private and public sectors. Based on past achievements achieved by its strong and sustainable programs and governance structure ACM has expanded its geographical network for cultural partnerships. In 2018 ACM initiated new collaborations with artists and organizations from Japan, Switzerland,Argentina, Columbia, Chile, Russia, France, Germany, Korea and USA. In 2018 ACM successfully maintained its stated objectives including supporting artistic excellence, enhancing international cooperation, preserving cultural heritage and promoting the role of arts & culture for human and social development. As of October 2018, ACM has raised around $6,9 million in cash since its establishment to carry out its priorities and objectives. Year to date in 2018,ACM has supported implementation of a total of 39 projects, of which 9 were new. All together 18 cultural organizations and 715 artists benefited from our activities. ACM activities reached out a total of 25,330 people and over 636.801 reached by social media. The highlight of the year is the 1st “Motion Mongolia” contemporary dance festival ACM launched in May with aims to support development of contemporary dance scene in Mongolia by providing access to world renowned contemporary dance productions and professional development and dance education for local dance community and the audience. As part of the festival three international contemporary dance companies Ririe -Woodbury Dance Company from the U.S, Bill Coleman Dance from Canada and Russian duet “Tuda Syuda” are performed on the stage of Corporate Hotel and Convention Center and in the Red Ger Art Gallery. “Motion Mongolia” International Contemporary Dance Festival hosted 20 international dancers in Mongolia, and provided professional development for 100 local dancers and 3000 audience had the opportunity to seize diverse artistic expression of contemporary dance. Another highlight of the year is the “Bus Stop Mongolia” project from Community Arts Education Program, which aims to build confidence and life skills of youth with disability through film making workshops with partnership of Bus Stop Films Australia. The second phase of this project will be take place in 2019 with partnership of local entities working with disabled youth and film makers. Heritage program highlight is the Choijin Lama Temple Museum Assessment project which has been completed and reports are delivered to relevant stakeholders and Ministry of Education Culture Science and Sports. To fulfil its mission, ACM continued to run programs in four different areas: Art, Community Arts Education, Cultural Heritage and Development. THE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM ensures sustainable development of ACM and Mongolian arts and culture by increasing its earned revenues through building a creative partnership with local and international businesses. As of October 2018, thanks to the membership campaign 6 organizations and 42 individuals became ACM members. ACM would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all supporters, donors, board members, program partners and project participants who have helped make 2018 such a successful year. The organization is looking forward to a host of equally exciting and fruitful projects in 2019 that will continue to see art and culture in Mongolia thrive. For more information please visit our web site or call 319015. THE CULTURAL HERITAGE PROGRAM has been continuing to contribute to the preservation & promotion of both intangible and tangible heritage of Mongolia and to transmit the knowledge to the public and youth. The program has created and maintained a strong network among local government, international organizations, heritage practitioners and arts and cultural organizations. In 2018, the program focused on promoting cultural heritage to the general public and supporting preservation of heritage site and involved 30 artists and reached out 15.000 audience. A number of projects were carried out in this respect, including publication of Choijin Lama Temple Museum assessment & condition study reports, “Culture Naadam” nomadic arts festival & Mongolian traditional performing arts showcase at the Antalya International Youth festival. TheArtsCouncilofMongolia:2018TheYearThatWas