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Jenny Grey: The new framework for government communications


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Jenny Grey: The new framework for government communications

  1. 1. The new framework for governmentcommunicationsJenny GreyExecutive Director for Government Communication
  2. 2. A long-established reputation for deliveringimpactful and innovative communications
  3. 3. The role of proactive communications Specific statutory requirement Support operation of to provide public information government and services about government work e.g. take up of a service, recruiting e.g. public consultations staff, supporting service users Influence attitudes and Generate understanding of behaviours that benefit the Government’s programme individuals or wider society e.g. informing the public about e.g. public health, safety, security specific activities and priorities
  4. 4. Communication is particularly effective indelivering government objectives alongsideother levers Policy levers Communication Context/ environment e.g. legislation e.g. information regulation engagement e.g. external factors, taxation persuasion service delivery
  5. 5. The context for communications continues tochange and present new challenges £ Changes in the Audiences are Government spending ismedia landscape shifting their habits decreasing to tackle theare accelerating and expectations deficit. Communications must adapt too
  6. 6. Controls are in place and big efficiency gainshave already been delivered 531 213 3438 2120 77 137 110 48 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2009-10 2011-12 COI Turnover Advertising spend Central department (m) (m) headcounts
  7. 7. We have put in place a new structure forproactive communications Communication Delivery Board Government Communication Centre Shared Campaigns Policy & Govt Digital Partnership Behavioural Comms & Strategy Capability Service Unit insight Service Proactive Communication Hubs Government Virtual teams across govt depts and arms-length bodies Procurement Service
  8. 8. We need to work together with thecommunications industry to meet the challenge• Our drive for greater effectiveness and efficiency must go further• We need to collaborate on key areas, including: Making the most of our owned & Developing more partnerships with earned channels and integrating commercial and voluntary sectors, them with paid-for communications looking for alignment Driving greater innovation, Getting more value for money particularly through new digital through rock-solid evaluation of opportunities what works best
  9. 9. Implementing a more strategic approach• We are developing a proactive communication plan that will summarise the activities of each hub for the coming year – More detailed planning and coordination of activity – Clearer focus on target audiences and opportunities to integrate communications – Better organisation of resources to maximise effectiveness and efficiency – More collective visibility of communications programmes – Less isolation and silo working