RICE-BASED SYSTEMS RESEARCH (RSR) PROGRAM: Food Security in Lao PDR, Cambodia and Bangladesh


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Rice-based Systems Research: Regional Technical Workshop June 2012 Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)

Dr Gamini Keerthisinghe

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RICE-BASED SYSTEMS RESEARCH (RSR) PROGRAM: Food Security in Lao PDR, Cambodia and Bangladesh

  1. 1. ACIAR Dr Gamini Keerthisinghe RICE-BASED SYSTEMS RESEARCH (RSR) PROGRAM: Food Security in Lao PDR, Cambodia and Bangladesh
  2. 2. What is ACIAR? A statutory authority within the Australian Government’s Foreign Affairs and Trade portfolio Part of Australia’s Aid Program, with the objectives of advancing Australia’s national interest through poverty reduction and sustainable development A research funder and manager ACIAR
  3. 3. ACIARVisionACIAR looks to a world wherepoverty has been reduced and thelivelihoods of many improvedthrough more productive andsustainable agriculture emergingfrom collaborative internationalresearch ACIAR
  4. 4. ACIARMissionTo achieve more productive andsustainable agricultural systems forthe benefit of developing countriesand Australia through internationalagricultural research partnerships ACIAR
  5. 5. What we do Commission research into improving sustainable agricultural production in developing countries Fund project related training Communicate the results of funded research Conduct and fund development activities related to research programs Administer Australias contribution to the IARCs ACIAR
  6. 6. Themes Food security and nutrition Productivity and resilience of crop, livestock, forestry and fisheries systems Smallholder and community livelihoods Animal and plant biosecurity Agricultural ecosystem services Individual and institutional R&D capacity ACIAR
  7. 7. ACIAR Region & Country Budget 2012-13 PNG & Pacific Island countries Thailand Africa $12.14M Burma $.36M $20.32M $3.08M Vietnam $5.47M China Mekong countries $1.73M and China $20.44M South and West Asia Cambodia Lao PDR $19.59M $4.13M $5.67M Indonesia, E Timor and Philippines $16.35M $88.8 million $20.5 million ACIAR
  8. 8. Disparities in Economy / Food security GDP US $ /capita HDI45003500 0.72500 0.61500 0.5 500 0.4 Many disparities between and within countries Over 30% of the population in below poverty line Burma, Cambodia and Lao PDR In emerging economies persistent pockets of food insecurity & poverty ACIAR
  9. 9. Country Funding - TrendsCountry 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 $M Lao PDR 2.7 3.7 5.0 5.7Cambodia 3.3 4.2 4.9 4.1Bangladesh 1.3 1.5 1.9 ACIAR
  10. 10. ACIAR’s Program in Lao PDR• Alternatives to shifting cultivation in upland regions – Improving health and production of village pig and cattle operations – Incomes from forestry and agroforestry• Improved food security and profitability of FS through diversification – Rice-based lowland cropping systems – Horticulture – Improving riverine and culture fisheries productivity• Adapting farming systems to climate change ACIAR
  11. 11. ACIAR’s Program in Cambodia• Securing productivity of RBFS• Income generation and better nutrition through diversification in agricultural systems – Cropping systems – Ruminant livestock – Fisheries• Adaptation to climate change ACIAR
  12. 12. ACIAR’s Program in Bangladesh• Intensification and diversification of RBFS – Introduction of short-duration pulses – Policy constraints for rice-based farming systems• Sustainable intensification of rice–maize production systems in Bangladesh• Sustainable use of water resources in South Asia• Adaptation to climate change ACIAR
  13. 13. Rice is Life in AsiaThe Asian region produces andconsumes more than 90 % of theworld’s riceRice provides more than a third oftotal dietary energyPart time employment to over 300million ACIAR
  14. 14. Major challenges Restructure the rice sector for sustainablePopulation pressure cost-efficientFragile resource base productionDeclining farm income Identify technologies for increasing yieldsRising cost of inputs using •less land •less water •less labour •less chemicals ACIAR
  15. 15. Thank You ACIAR