Growing Africa’s Future


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'Growing Africa’s Future' - presentation by Professor Monty Jones, FARA

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Growing Africa’s Future

  1. 1. Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa Growing Africa’s Future Prof. Monty P. Jones Executive Director, FARA Chair, GFAR
  2. 2. Outline Click to edit Master title style • Context: Africa’s development vision and vision for agriculture (CAADP) • CAADP achievements, lessons and refreshed strategy • Some messages for AIFSC • About FARA 1/13/2013Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa 2
  3. 3. Africa today …1/2• Richly endowed but lowest human development indicators East Asia and Pacific South Asia% of population Sub-Saharan Africa below $1.25 a 100day in 2005 PPP• Evidence that 75 transformation is possible. Agriculture is the initial driver (recent 50 examples include China, India, Brazil) 25 Prepared from World Bank Data 0 1981 1990 1999 2008
  4. 4. Africa today …2/2 Click to edit Master title style • Poverty reduction has stagnated despite robust economic growth (average of 5% GDP growth p.a. over last decade) • Agriculture offers highest poverty reducing effect (2-4 times compared to other sectors) 1/13/2013Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa 4
  5. 5. Cereal Grain Average Yield by Region (mT/Ha) Sources of growth in Sub-Saharan Africa agricultural output Rest of the World 5 South Asia (1961-2007) East Asia South East Asia 4 3 2 1 Source:De Janvry and Sadoulet, 2010 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2008 Year
  6. 6. Africa’s development vision “A prosperous continent free of conflict in which all our peoplecan fulfil their potential; a continent that participates effectively in the global economy on an equal footing” Poverty eradication, Food security, Sustainable Economic Development 7% annual GDP growth rate over 20 years Improving performance of agriculture (Africas largest economic sector) is pivotal to realising this vision
  7. 7. Africa’sto edit Master title style Click vision for its agriculture Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Programme (CAADP). Launched in 2003 • 6% agricultural GDP growth • Africa as next exporter of rate attained & sustained agric. products • Food security attained • Equitable distribution of wealth • Dynamic agric. markets between nation & regions • Strategic player in agricultural science • Smallholder farmers integrated in market economy • Environmentally sound methods practiced 1/13/2013Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa 7
  8. 8. CAADP Click to edit Master title style Is a continental framework for: • Improving planning processes and quality of investment plans; • Strengthening & aligning policies and policy design to support agricultural development; • Strengthening & aligning institutional capacity to competitively deliver results and impact 1/13/2013Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa 8
  9. 9. Example 1: Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP)style Click to edit Master title CAADP Pillars African vision: 6% annual growth in agricultural production 4 1 • Extending area 3 Land & for sustainable Agricultural Research land mgt & water Increasing Water control systems food supply and 2 • Improving rural Market infrastructure and reducing Access trade related hunger capacities Technology Dissemination & Adoption, and Capacity StrengtheningForum1/13/2013 Forumfor Agricultural Research in Africa for Agricultural Research in Africa 9
  10. 10. CAADP Achievements Click to edit Master title style 1. 40 countries have launched CAADP implementation; 30 have signed Compacts; 23 have formulated agric. investment plans; 11 have accessed GAFSP funding 2. Improved agricultural strategies inclusively developed & high quality investment plans based on rigorous analysis 3. Advocacy for public and private domestic investments in agriculture 4. Improved coordination & alignment within countries and with development partners 1/13/2013Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa 10
  11. 11. Click to edit from CAADP Lessons Master title style • A continental policy framework can be effective in advocating for transformation (e.g. in agric.) and in achieving alignment and coordination • After 10 yrs, CAADP is ripe for reform. It needs a strategy for next 10 years (Sustaining CAADP Momentum) 1/13/2013Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa 11
  12. 12. Click to edit Master title style Emerging issues 1. Increased population, younger, more affluent and more urbanised 2. Increased stresses on the production environment (nutrients, water, temperature) due to climate change 3. Financial and economic crisis: less demand for primary commodities, less ODA 4. The BRICs 5. Deepening globalisation (ICTs) 1/13/2013Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa 12
  13. 13. Changing African Food Systems Clients for graduate training Rapid IncomeUrbanisation Growth ConsumptionChanging Food System• Urban market growth Distribution• Shifting demand (processed Next 40 years foods, high value foods) Packaging Private Sector Processing Shifting technical skill requirements Past 40 years • Private sector Farming Public Sector • Public sector
  14. 14. Sustaining CAADP Momentum (Implementation, results and impact) Impact Wealth Job Opportunities Economic Resilience Creation and Food Security GrowthOutcomes Productivity Competitiveness Regional & Global IntegrationCAADP Pillars Land and Markets, Priva Food & Nutrition Research& Water te Sector Security Knowledge Strengthening &Strategic aligning Knowledge & Financing & Knowledge Investments in Thrust Institutions, Policies Support Agriculture & Leadership
  15. 15. CAADP’s Strategic Thrust on Knowledge & Click toKnowledge Support style edit Master title Knowledge and knowledge support Knowledge, Inf Agriculture ICT in Agriculture ormation and Science Agenda Agricultural Education and Skills (KIS) Transformation Training 1/13/2013Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa 15
  16. 16. Messages for the AIFSCstyle Click to edit Master title …1/3 African constituency welcomes moves by AIFSC to: • Align to CAADP and involving African stakeholders in formulating its strategy • Develop a long term financial plan • Complement existing initiatives, focusing on gaps (e.g. post harvest and nutrition) 1/13/2013Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa 16
  17. 17. Click to editfor the AIFSCstyle Messages Master title …2/3 • FARA supports AIFSC’s focus on adoption of priority innovations • Similarities between elements of the G8 New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition (NAFSCN) and AIFSC • Consider setting a target of what AIFSC will achieve in Africa after 10 years – Example of CARD and G8 NAFSCN 1/13/2013Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa 17
  18. 18. Click to editfor the AIFSCstyle Messages Master title …3/3 • Improving resilience is becoming increasingly important alongside improving productivity. AIFSC may want to revisit its position on this outcome • Capacity strengthening should consider changing food systems and cut across the capacity pyramid • Policy is a major factor of adoption. Often, the main challenge is getting the recommendations considered by policy makers 1/13/2013Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa 18
  19. 19. Forum for Agricultural Research in AfricaApex organization for coordinating Networking Supportagricultural research & development Functions(ARD) in Africa 1. Advocacy & PolicyMandated by Africa UnionCommission (AUC) to serve as its 2. Access to Knowledgetechnical arm on ARD and Technologies 3. CapacityMission: StrengtheningImprovements in agric.productivity, competitiveness and 4. Partnerships andmarkets by strengthening Africa’s Strategic AlliancesAR&D systems FARA integrates research, extension and education into a holistic system
  20. 20. Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa Thank you Africa Agricultural Science Week 15-20 July 2013 Accra, Ghana Africa Feeding Africa through agricultural science and innovation