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AAUN AUSTRALIA AFRICA UNIVERSITIES NETWORK - Prof Anton McLachlan, Australia Africa University Network

  • necessary for the development and prosperity of Africa
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  1. 1. AAUN AUSTRALIA AFRICA UNIVERSITIES NETWORKA consortium of Australian universities working with African partner universities to:- sustain research and education collaboration and leadership across priority areas - marshal Australian and African expertise in equal partnerships to address challenges.
  2. 2. AAUN AUSTRALIA AFRICA UNIVERSITIES NETWORK MembersObjectives • 12 Australian universities• Focus Australian universities engaged in Africa engagement in SSA • 12 leading African universities• Provide an advisory portal and invited, with focus on east and point of contact southern Africa• Develop institutional research African hubs partnerships on SSA • Pretoria• Develop capacity building and • University of Pretoria • HC, AusAID training programs • GRM, CARDNO• Produce innovative policy • Nairobi solutions • University of Nairobi • HC, AIFSC, AusAID• Provide post-training support • CPFGM, GRM for African scholars
  3. 3. AAUN AUSTRALIA AFRICA UNIVERSITIES NETWORKPrioritised themes• Food security Capacity building• Mining and minerals • Scholarships• Public sector reform • Alumni network • Short courses• Public health • Academic mobility• Education • Research students • Research partnerships
  4. 4. AAUN AUSTRALIA AFRICA UNIVERSITIES NETWORK Capacity building: themes relating to AIFSC• Land use, water resources; conflict, legal issues• Plant health, production, irrigation, salinity• Animal health and production• Poultry value chains, family farming• Reducing postharvest losses• Food safety and nutrition• Agribusiness and supply chain management
  5. 5. AAUN AUSTRALIA AFRICA UNIVERSITIES NETWORK Initiatives 2013• Research development fund• Joint proposals – Research projects – Short courses (consultation between AIFSC and AAA short courses to maximise synergies)• Delegations, fora• ACU/AAUN events