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Mateete Bekunda (Africa Rising) - Africa Rising current activities


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Presentation to the AIFSC-ILRI Nutrition Workshop

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Mateete Bekunda (Africa Rising) - Africa Rising current activities

  1. 1. . Current activities Mateete Bekunda IITA, Arusha, Tanzania
  2. 2. Africa RISING Research in SustainableIntensification for the Next GenerationA program Supported by USAID as partof the US Governments Feed the Future(FtF) global food security initiative:Hypothesis …catalyzing agricultural-ledgrowth will raise the incomes of the poor,increase the availability of food, andreduce under nutrition….Africa RISING Purpose:Provide pathways out of hunger and poverty for smallholder families throughsustainably intensified farming systems that sufficiently improve food, nutritionand income security, particularly for women and children, and conserve orenhance the natural resource base.
  3. 3. Increasing agricultural productivity for enhanced food and nutritional security Income Food & Food Productivity nutrition safety security Nutritious food
  4. 4. Activities over the past year: 10 Quick-win projectsShort title Lead InstituteValue chain analysis of grain legumes in ESA IITAImproved post-harvest technologies CIMMYTScaling up of evergreen agriculture ICRAFCatalogue of tested crop, soil and water management options TSBF/CIATMycotoxins in maize and cassava IITAIdentifying efficient seed systems, practices, models CIATSeed multiplication ICRISATIntensification of maize-based farming systems in Malawi CIMMYTWeed management in rice-based systems Africa RiceEnhancing vegetable value chains AVRDC