AlbaN.Y. 2008


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AlbaN.Y. 2008

  1. 1. Albany County Convention &Visitors Bureau, Inc. 25 Quackenbush Square | Albany, NY 12207 Q k b hS Alb (518) 434-1217 | (800) 258-3582 |
  2. 2. An Amazing Discovery ~ Albany! Welcome to Albany, New York's historic Capital City on the banks of the mighty Hudson River! Albany is firmly rooted in its history and moving toward the future. Explore this presentation, then come and di d discover th C it l Cit f yourself. the Capital City for lf New York’s Capital Region has enticed visitors for 400 years with historic sites, fabulous attractions, family-friendly amenities, and entertaining events. World-class museums, unique galleries, stunning architecture, delicio s resta rants architect re delicious restaurants, and welcoming accommodations ensure your Albany experience elcoming ens re o r Alban e perience is legendary. Begin your journey to Albany at the Albany Heritage Area Visitor’s Center at historic Quackenbush Square. If you are planning a meeting or conducting business, you're joining good company. For centuries, Albany has been hosting meetings that shaped the nation and continue to mold its future future. Visit to learn more about everything Albany has to offer and for a list of all of our attractions, hotels, restaurants, galleries, and more. Whatever it is you are looking for, you will be sure to find it in New York s Capital Region. York’s Region
  3. 3. Albany, NY A ba y, The New  York State  Thruway,  Adirondack  Northway,  Taconic  Parkway, and  Interstate 88  all converge  in the region.
  4. 4. The Amazing Downtown Albany Skyline
  5. 5. Albany Heritage Area and Visitors Center
  6. 6. Albany Heritage Area Exhibits Uss Albany Exhibit, and more, at the Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center
  7. 7. Education Programs at the  Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center
  8. 8. Albany Heritage Area Planetarium
  9. 9. Albany Aqua Ducks and Trolley
  10. 10. Historic Albany Architecture
  11. 11. Entertainment at the E i  St t Empire State Plaza From fireworks to free concerts F fi ew k t f ee et to farmers’ markets, and more!
  12. 12. Do ownto  Alban own A ny Fir orks rewo
  13. 13. NYS Capitol Serving as the seat of Government since the 1880’s
  14. 14. Albany City Hall
  15. 15. The Executive Mansion Historic home to New York s Governors since 1875 York’s
  16. 16. Albany County’s Historic Homes
  17. 17. Cultural Education Center at the  Empire State Plaza {home of the NYS Museum and the NYS Library}
  18. 18. “The Egg”  at the Empire State Plaza
  19. 19. SUNY Plaza (F (Former D&H R il d H d t ) Railroad Headquarters)
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Albany’s Historic Churches: Some of the many: St. Peter’s, St. Paul’s, St. Mary’s, & Church of the f y , , y , f Immaculate Conception
  22. 22. Times Union Center Hosting Concerts Sports Concerts, Sports, Conventions, and more!
  23. 23. Albany’s Palace Theatre & Performing Arts Center One of many theatres in the Albany area, f f y y featuring Broadway g y shows, concerts, comedians, plays, movies, and more!
  24. 24. Albany County Theatres continued: Cohoes Music Hall Proctor’s Theater Cap Rep and more! Hall, Proctor s Theater, Rep,
  25. 25. Hudson River Way Pedestrian bridge connecting downtown Albany to the Hudson River and Riverfront Park, lined with trompe l’oeil Park l oeil paintings describing Albany.
  26. 26. Albany Riverfront Park
  27. 27. The Half Moon on the Hudson {Replica of the ship Henry Hudson sailed into p p y Albany in 1609}
  28. 28. USS Slater DE 766
  29. 29. Crewing along the Hudson River
  30. 30. Hudson 400 A Celebratio of Celebration Discovery 1609-2009
  31. 31. North Pearl Street Sandwiched between The Times Union Center and the Palace Performing Arts Center, and walking distance from Albany’s downtown hotels, you will find restaurants, theatres, and nonstop nightlife. A popular attraction for college students and locals all year round!
  32. 32. Lark Street: the “Village in the City” Home to many quaint boutiques, bars, restaurants, and Albany’s , y Annual Lark Fest
  33. 33. Washington Park Host to several festivals festivals, concerts, and plays…
  34. 34. Albany’s Annual  Tulip Festival In Washington Park
  35. 35. Washington Park Lakehouse
  36. 36. Fall Family Fun! Every season in Albany brings with it new and exciting festivals and family-oriented activities in our parks, fairgrounds, orchards, and more!
  37. 37. Winter Wonderland! Winter in Albany brings more family fun! Snowmen, skating, skiing, and more!
  38. 38. Albany County Bed and  Breakfasts B kf Morgan State House, House Albany Mansion Hill Inn, and more!
  39. 39. Albany County Hotels and  Accommodations
  40. 40. Creative Gathering Spaces
  41. 41. Albany, NY Restaurants Albany’s restaurants cater to every taste bud, offering a wide eclectic mix of cuisine.
  42. 42. Shopping
  43. 43. Colleges
  44. 44. Albany Sports: Siena Basketball, Albany River  Rats, Valley Cats, and more! Rats  Valley Cats  and more!
  45. 45. Albany Sports: Albany River Rats, Conquest, home of NY Giants  Training Camp, and more!
  46. 46. Albany International Airport
  47. 47. Albany Amtrak Station