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ACCESS Autumn Magazine

  1. 1. information , advice and support for your life in the netherlands Autumn 2010 pic up yok own f ur r copy ee Biking in the Netherlands Special features | Culture shock! Brazil vs Holland | Visit Maastricht |Coaching | Dutch Design | Learning languages | Courses | Events | Volunteer profile | Food | News
  2. 2. | content Autumn 2010 Biking in the Netherlands 10 My Pug and I PHOtO By MArC VAN WOuDENBErg 34 Cover and article photos courtesy of ©Shirley Agudo, American photojournalist and author of Bicycle Mania Holland. Maastricht 5 About Access 26 Volunteer Profile 23 services & volunteers 29 Bach Ensemble 7 Letter from Lucy Scott, 31 Theatre, Life’s a dramatic comedy new Executive director 32 It’s all talk 8 Community news 34 My pug and I 10 Cover story – Biking in 37 Culture shock! Brazil vs Holland the Netherlands 40 Food is food – culinary column 14 Words of Encouragement 44 ACCESS courses Amsterdam YOU’VE GOT ENOUGH TO DISCOVER 17 18 Help kids excel Dutch design – New Blue 48 ACCESS courses The Hague 52 Events calendar THAT’S WHY WE OFFER FINANCIAL SERVICES ESPECIALLY FOR EXPATS 20 De-mystifying coaching 54 ACCESS Who’s Who At ABN AMRO we are aware of the cultural and other Internet Banking in English. But we communicate 23 Travel – Maastricht differences you will encounter in the Netherlands. in more than 20 different languages. For advice on That’s why we’ll do everything to ensure that you won’t more complex financial issues, you can count on the Culture shock: have to worry about your banking matters. Our expertise and assistance of a Preferred Banker. Would International Client Service starts with quick and easy you like to discover more about our service? Brazil PLEASE VISIT ABNAMRO.COM/INTERNATIONALCLIENTS vs Holland ACCESS - The Hague ACCESS - Amsterdam Open monday Zeestraat 100, 2nd floor Prinses Irenestraat 59 2518 AD The Hague 1077 WV Amsterdam through friday 37 T. 070 - 346 25 25 T. 020 - 423 32 17 10 am - 4 pm ABN AMRO Bank N.V. (“ABN AMRO”) is not licensed to conduct banking business or sell insurance products in the United States under applicable federal and state laws. The offering, sale and/or distribution of this product or service can also be limited to other persons by the laws and regulations of other jurisdictions. Every (future) client is obliged to make inquiries after and comply with such restrictions. Neither this document, nor any copy there of may be sent to or taken into the United States or distributed in the United States or to a US Person.
  3. 3. About Established in 1986, resentatives from the commercial sector, all of whom make up our Honorary Board. Each office has a ACCESS is a not-for-profit Management Team comprised of volunteers as heads organisation committed of departments. Each Management Team is respon- sible for the general organisation and administration to supporting the of its office. ACCESS is supported by both Dutch, International Expatriate International and Expatriate businesses and organi- sations through donations and varying levels of Community in the sponsorship, each providing benefits to the sponsors Quality day-care for your child, Netherlands. in return as well as help, advice and support to their expat and returning local employees. peace of mind for you Volunteering for ACCESS From humble beginnings, ACCESS has grown to We have a team of up to 160 volunteers in The Hague • Special activities: art, gymnastics, music become a leading source of free, personalised infor- and Amsterdam. We offer volunteer opportunities in and dancing mation in the English language for the Expatriate areas including marketing, event management, Comme à la International Community in the Netherlands. Our advertising, fund raising, IT, finance, database Maison is an • Registered with the GGD. An active offices in The Hague and Amsterdam are staffed by research, copywriting and much more. The core of international Parents' Committee an enthusiastic team of around 160 volunteers who our team is our Help Desk volunteers, this is the childcare center • Warm, nutritional and balanced meals have experienced the expat relocation process and front line of our service – helping and advising expats in The Hague. We are able to provide comprehensive information, over the phone, by email or by personal consultation. available daily provide a warm advice and support, as well as empathising with the Please don’t hesitate to contact us, you can volunteer and welcoming • English and Dutch-speaking groups of experience of individuals on all aspects of living and for as few as 6 hours per week and at your conve- home for both children aged 0-to-6 working in the Netherlands, particularly in The nience. Contact us at The Hague at vrd-dh@access- Dutch and Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam regions, also or Amsterdam at English-speaking • Secure environment, fully equipped for known as the Randstad area of Holland. children. play, sleep and educational needs Finding ACCESS ACCESS receives over 20,000 enquiries a year and is In The Hague we’ve recently moved office and have • Swimming: unique to day-care, a chance widely recognised as the primary source of free infor- now settled into Zeestraat 100, which has generously to experience the world of water mation in English in the Netherlands. ACCESS is been provided by the The City of the Hague. You’re actively supported by local authorities and govern- always welcome to come and see us in the Stadhuis ment ministries, and provides regular feedback to Atrium at The Hague City Hall, along with the Xpat such bodies on the experiences and expectations of Desk team, from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5 pm. International Child Care House the International and Expat communities moving to, Comme à la Maison relocating or living in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam you can now find us in the ACCESS is governed by an Executive Board made up ExpatCenter in the World Trade Center on Tuesdays, Duinweg 1, 2585 JT Den Haag of representatives from the business community, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 9-12. We are 0031 (0) 70-404 9750 community organisations and an Executive Director also kindly supported by the ExpatCenter responsible for overall management. Amsterdam. You’re also always welcome to call in to Additionally, ACCESS is recognised and supported by our office – we’re based in the Amsterdam the Mayors of The Hague, Amsterdam and International Community School – 2nd floor – Rotterdam, by several leading Ambassadors and rep- Prinses Irenestraat 59. access | AutuMN | 5
  4. 4. Letter from the Executive Director Dutch Language Courses • Beginner to advanced • Dutch for business • In-company courses & private tuition • NT2 exam preparation English Language Courses Dear We’ve had quite a lot of change at ACCESS recently including my appointment as Executive Director. I’m proud to take responsibil- ity for an organisation that gives advice and help to over 20,000 • Beginner to advanced • Business English ACCESS expats each year, with a dedicated and amazing group of volun- teers from all four corners of the world. Volunteers who like you live, or have lived, international lives. And we’re always looking readers, • In-company courses & private tuition Language for new volunteers where you can use your skills and experience • CELTA teacher training and meet and work with some fantastic people. • Cambridge exam preparation After seven years living in Australia and now 2½ years here in The learning With the weather shifting into cooler temperatures, and darker Hague, although the kids are now settled in at the British School and my husband is busy at Shell, I can still remember how daunt- for life s Adult days, a warm autumn welcome to all of you. As we move into our ing living in a new country can be, and how difficult things can 25th year we decided we needed a makeover, so as well as the sometimes seem when you are so far away from home. And that’s and ‘new look’ ACCESS magazine in your hands, you’ll soon be seeing why ACCESS is here – to help and offer advice. Please don’t ever n hildre our new and improved website to be launched later in the year. hesitate to contact us – we’re always ready to listen. C For further information call 070 315 4080 Our thanks to Dijkman Publishers in The Hague who created our new style. If you have any feedback on the magazine, on the services that ACCESS offers or any ideas I’d love to hear from you. I also have to say a big thank you to the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency who have made a generous and welcome Warm regards, ACCESS Counselling Network investment in ACCESS as part of their programme to improve hos- pitality to, and the quality of life for, expatriates and internationals Lucie Scott Living in a new country can be a tough experience. • adjustment difficulties • children and families living in the Netherlands. Day-to-day differences, such as customs and lan- • marital/relationship issues • AIDS/HIV guage, can have more of a personal impact than you • anxiety • career challenges might expect. Additionally, ordinary and unexpected • depression • suicide life situations may prove more challenging when faced • sexual/emotional/physical abuse • eating disorders • loss and bereavement • learning problems in a different country away from personal support net- • substance abuse • psychological evaluations works and resources you had at home. At times like these you may benefit from professional support, • cross-cultural adjustment • sexuality issues • medically related problems ACCESS memory stick which ACCESS can provide through a referral to our We’re delighted to announce the multiple leaflets to plough through. There counsellor network. In addition to English, a number of ACCESS counsellors speak launch of the ACCESS memory stick will also be some free space on the memory other languages including Dutch, German, Spanish, French – ACCESSING the Netherlands. stick for you to save your own documents. The Counselling Services of ACCESS were established in 1986 and Italian. All referrals and counselling services are confiden- The memory stick will give you all the And there’ll be information included from to meet the needs of the international English speaking com- tial. Fees are set by the individual counsellors. information you need on first arriving in some of our partners. munity in the Netherlands. The ACCESS Counselling Network the Netherlands and for your ongoing life As well as being able to buy the memory consists of professionals having practices all over Holland. Our Contacting a Counsellor in Holland. Memory sticks weigh less than stick at the I’m Not a Tourist Fair in counsellors are men and women who are psychologists, mental Every month, two of the ACCESS counsellors are on-call, they a bag of crisps – or ‘chips’ and you can just Amsterdam on October 10th, you’ll also be or from either of our ACCESS offices as health counsellors, and social workers from a variety of differ- can provide a free referral to a member of the ACCESS open the information you need at the click able to buy it from our ACCESS on-line well as at the Xpat Desk in The City Hall of ent cultural backgrounds. All counsellors have a minimum Counselling Network who is best placed to assist you. Please of a mouse – no more heavy books and shop at The Hague. Masters level degree with at least two years supervised work contact the helpline at your local ACCESS office or for more experience. They offer a variety of expertise in different areas, immediate attention out of office hours, details of the month’s including: on-call counsellors can be found on access | AutuMN | 7
  5. 5. Community News Community News Amsterdam’s Canals Scheveningen Now a uNESCO World Heritage Site begins work on The UNESCO World Heritage Site will shape, giving the city centre its character- the historic old town and medieval new boulevard take in the area around Amsterdam’s istic semi-circular shape when viewed port. According to UNESCO, who three main canals: the Herengracht or from the air. Many of the canal houses awarded the title of World Heritage Site The ‘global city by the sea’ comprising Patricians’ Canal, the Keizersgracht or were built in the Golden Age, a period of to the 17th century canal ring area Scheveningen (The Hague beach) will be Emperor’s Canal, and the Prinsengracht great progress and prosperity in 17th- inside the Singelgracht, the historic further protected with reinforcements in or Prince’s Canal. The three waterways century Amsterdam. It comprises a net- urban ensemble of the canal district of the form of an attractive new boulevard run parallel to each other in a crescent work of canals to the west and south of Amsterdam was a project for a new designed by Spanish architect Manuel De ‘port city’ built at the end of the 16th Solá-Morales. Not only will the boulevard and beginning of the 17th centuries. appeal to the 20 million visitors attracted to the coast each year, as part of the Amsterdam has been working to win Scheveningen Master Plan the structure world heritage status for its 17th cen- also serves as a dike barrier to keep the tury centere since 2006. Locations on water from reaching beyond the shores to the list can obtain UNESCO funding for the city. Construction will continue maintenance or to restore damage. But through 2013. more significantly for Amsterdam, the World Heritage tag is a source of pres- tige, and boosts the location’s status as a tourist destination. young Writers in print: Source: UNESCO/NBTC Friendship book features the theme of friendship. The book con- tains the 15 winners and some 40 runners- competition winners up – picked by the judges on the basis of their imagination, emotion, insight, and writing skills. Every young writer wants to be published. Community support ACCESS at the So perhaps the best prize of all for the win- ners of the Young Writers Competition, Being expat children, there were a lot of stories and poems about leaving people or I’m Not a tourist Fair organised by the The XPat Journal, The being left behind themselves. Some were We were delighted to have our annual ACCESS networking & fund International Herald Tribune and terribly sad but others full of hope and raising event hosted by the British Embassy in the British You’ll find us at the I’m Not A Tourist Fair run by, is the publication of a book optimism. All 700 original entries have Ambassadors Residence, and extend a big thank you to Paul Expatica on Sunday, October 10th. The Expat Center featuring their work. also become part of the Expatriate Archive Arkwright and his staff. We had over 150 people attend from national Amsterdam have kindly invited us to share their Centre’s collection so every story and and local government, organisations and businesses that support stand. Please call in and say hello – you can also In total, nearly 700 young writers from 40 poem, not just those in the book, will have ACCESS. Many thanks to all those that attended and generously purchase the NEW ACCESS memory stick. different schools took part in the competi- a place in history. The book can be ordered donated to the ongoing and valuable work of ACCESS. See page 51 tion, launched last September, and submit- via or purchased from and for the list of sponsors and donors. Source: ted stories, poems and plays based around ACCESS offices or online bookshop. 8 | access | AutuMN access | AutuMN | 9
  6. 6. Biking in the Netherlands Flat as a pancake PHOtO By BEN DEIMAN there’s no better way to see the scenery in the Who hasn’t almost been run over by kami- for motorised traffic. In short, the traffic the Netherlands vest is helpful at night. Bicycle helmets are kazee tourists poorly navigating on two law distinguishes between ‘slow traffic’ not required, though sport cyclists are Netherlands and enjoy nature. Everyone cycles: wheels? While the phrase ‘go with the flow’ (bicycles, mopeds) and ‘fast traffic’ has over 15,000 km wearing them. adults, children, teenagers, the elderly, students, and may be apt for the experienced ‘fietser’ (motorcycles and cars). Indeed, driving even professionals. Cycling is a way of life, and knowing the rules of the road is a good while under the influence will net you a of bike paths Follow the path start. Cycling is so ingrained in the Dutch hefty fine if caught ‘drunk driving.’ The Netherlands is a small country, and flat popular because a continuous network of cycle culture, that children are given bike traffic As pedestrians and other cyclists are obvi- as a pancake, which makes cycling a very lessons in grade school in order to get their ously not mind readers, do use hand sig- make sure you can be heard! Bikes have practical form of transportation. Bike paths are maintained, making it convenient and ‘fiets diploma’ proving that they know how nals when preparing to make a left or right bells for a reason! Warn other cyclists as paths are distinguished by red tiles or pave- easy to get around town. It’s also efficient, energy to be safe while cycling and follow the turn. Simply put your arm out in the direc- you approach and need to pass them and ment, sometimes with a cyclist symbol on rules. In fact, the Dutch, undaunted by tion you want to turn. You also need to stay use the bell to warn pedestrians who are the pavement. Follow the signs, as bike saving and environmentally friendly! More than wind or weather use their bikes all year on the bike paths; cycling is not allowed on blocking the bike path! And speaking of paths and bike roads are indicated by a 1.3 million new bikes are sold annually from over round. They love their bikes so much that sidewalks or pedestrian-only areas, and blocking, it’s allowed to ride alongside blue circular sign with a white bicycle sym- May has been designated national cycling certainly never on the highway. Cyclists another cyclist, but cycling with three peo- bol. Some roundabouts have cyclist lanes 3,200 bike shops. So enjoy cycling, the Dutch way! month, with lots of activities. also share the bike paths with mopeds, so ple wide is not permitted. Make sure you around them, with signposts directing the keep to the right-side of the bike path so can be seen as well, even with laws stating cyclist to a destination. They are also By OLIVIA VAN DEN BrOEk-NErI that they can pass you. They are much that cyclists must have proper lighting and marked with priority, with roads connect- ACCESS VOLuNtEEr Rules in motion faster, so do keep that in mind to avoid a reflectors on their bicycles, many people ing the cycle ways to the roundabout, so In Dutch traffic law, bicycles form a sepa- collision. do not abide by the laws. Disregarding the you don’t keep going round in circles... rate category, and some special regulations Assuming your ears are not filled with ear- law is dangerous and can result in a fine. others have separate cycle paths around apply, which may be different from those pods and the sounds of music in motion, Wearing light colours and/or a reflective them. Tunnels are common around motor- 10 | access | AutuMN access | AutuMN | 11
  7. 7. Biking in the Netherlands “ the Dutch transport children, pets and You will also be amazed to see mums or almost everything dads with a kid on the front handlebars seat and one on the back of the bike, and else by bicycle.” possibly a baby in a kangaroo carrier as well. The Dutch are quite good at getting around. Women cycling in spike heels and used for every day trips, including going to tight dresses do so like its a breeze, same school and/or work, and running errands as persons moving people, goods, pets around town, whereas a sportfiets (exercise/ from A to Z in a variety of balancing sport bike) is a more convenient bicycle for manoeuvres. longer trips. A special type of ATB (all-ter- rain-bike) is the mountain bike, but Bicycle thefts because of its flat terrain is not often used Even though the Netherlands is a safe in the Netherlands. An electric bike offers country, bike theft is a big problem: the possibility to get electric support while Amsterdam is said to be the bike theft capi- PHOtO By BEN DEIMAN cycling. Because it does not require as tal of the world. In 2006, some 760,000 much strength, it is especially useful when bikes were reported stolen, about 5% of it is very windy. In Dutch this is called bicycles in the Netherlands. If people on “trapondersteuning,” which means that you the street ask you if you are interested in have to bike yourself, but the electric motor purchasing a bicycle, know that these are will support you. You can choose between possibly stolen. To help prevent your bike bikes that offer no support, little support, from being stolen, park at a guarded bicy- average support or a lot of support. Prices cle parking lot. Make sure you have a range from second-hand bikes for about sturdy lock for your bike, and make sure PHOtO By SHIrLEy AguDO E75 to super-deluxe top-of-the line f0r a you fasten it to something stationary, like a few thousand euros. bike rack, pole, or tree. Do not park your bike in places that have signs posted say- Whatever fits ing, ‘Geen fietsen plaatsen.’ (No bike park- The Dutch are big on transporting children ing.) Otherwise you may find it confiscated by bicycle, but there are laws and safety by the police, and you’ll have to pay to get it PHOtO By BEN DEIMAN requirements for cycling with children. back again. Since 1990 it has been law that only chil- ou Did y me dren younger than eight years old can be Enjoying cycling Resources/links related to cycling in the Netherlands ... So know opulation carried on a bicycle, and they must have an There are plenty of routes where you can the p • or (center of expertise on bicycle policy 85% of least one effective seat with support for their hands, cycle. Landscape-wise some of the most in NL, a ‘knowledge institute’ with masses of information) has at e. feet and back. Several ways of transporting interesting areas are the coastline, includ- • (information about taking your bicycle on the Dutch trains) bicycl your children are: in front of you, at the ing the Wadden Islands, the national parks • (national tourist information office, advice on cycling/walking routes) ways to avoid busy road junctions and traf- back, in a bakfiets, or in a so-called fietskar. “De Hoge Veluwe” and “De Veluwezoom,” • (national motoring/touring organisation), info on cycling • (hundreds of biking routes) fic lights, although for some reason they Bakfietsen (cargo bikes) are transport bikes as well as the hills in Limburg. However, • (Dutch association and interest group for cyclists in NL often smell like urinals. When crossing riv- with three wheels and a large front bucket. exploring towns and villages can be fun, • (for fast access, public transport bikes at some 200 user destinations; subscriptions cost €9.50 per year. Returning the bicycle, the key is scanned, ers, bridges are used, but at times there are It is common to see parents transporting and suggested routes are readily available and the rental price of €2.85 per 20 hours is automatically deducted) SPECIAL OFFER: no separate bike paths and cyclists are children around in bakfietsen because the at tourist and bicycle shops. Riding a bike • (history of the Dutch bicycle and various models) You can download the complete new forced alongside automobiles. So do be box is low to the ground making it is easier in the Netherlands is a good way to inte- • (for enthusiasts, with routes, news, agendas, tips) ACCESS Bicycling in the Netherlands careful. There are plenty of types of bikes to transport more weight, so you’ll see grate into Dutch society, and with these •, American edition information booklet, free-of-charge, (Netherlands Board of Tourism; see ‘Discover Holland/Active/Cycling’) via the website (see publications). to choose from. Stadsfietsen (city bikes) and them filled with kids, dog, groceries, you tips you can be ready to join the Dutch on omafietsen (grandma bikes) generally are name it, whatever! the bike path! « Tips courtesy of 12 | access | AutuMN access | AutuMN | 13
  8. 8. Education Words of encouragement Abcoude. Sarah had been tutoring a child Abcoude. The interest was instantaneous. see a few baseball games with the students, in the village in English and was looking They had over 230 children wanting les- teachers and parents. We’re organising a for a way to organise English lessons of sons! Art and Sarah began hiring other summer camp this year for kids who want some sort there, as well. Sarah has a back- native English speakers to teach the les- a boost before school starts again. We help ground full of volunteering and teaching sons, as there were far too many students the kids put on plays in English for the experiences. She was born in Singapore, for just the two of them. school during the year. Anything we can and brought up in Malawi, Central Africa. think of to help stimulate them to commu- Her father is a teacher and currently the “The challenge has been to keep the quality nicate in English is fair game,” adds Sarah. voluntary directory of Open Arms orphan- high, and to keep our teachers well Sarah has a special talent in coming up age in Malawi. trained,” states Art. The mission of Fun with an endless variety of lesson themes When Sarah was 18, she moved to Zanzibar Learning English is to improve the English and material that are both fun to teach and to teach English in a local school for a year. of students from age 4 to 12. The classes fun to learn. Some recent examples of les- She then returned to England and com- meet before and after the normal school sons that she created are ‘World Cup pleted her degree in Sociology and Anthropology at Hull University. After graduation, she moved to India where she “ Having fun while learning English is taught English at an international school. the key to our business.” “From a young age my parents stressed the importance of doing things for other peo- It always seems to be During his hectic first years in Amsterdam, his sons were up to all day, Art began vol- ple regardless of material gain,” Sarah said. day in groups of 4 – 8, all children of simi- Fever’, ‘Making a Pizza’ and ‘Working in a Art met Catherine, a Netherlands native. unteering at their basisschool (elementary While in India, Sarah met Bastiaan and lar age and language capability. All of the Toy Store’. Every week there is something one small, simple The two married, moved to Abcoude, and school). His original assignment was to moved with him to Amsterdam in 1998. Fun Learning English teachers are native different for the children and the teachers thing that inevitably three boys later, Art concluded that trying read stories in English, one day a week, to a In 2004, Sarah and Bastiaan became par- English speakers who are enthusiastic to enjoy. “It’s not just about fun learning to combine his demanding career with few 10-year olds who were having trouble ents and decided to move to Abcoude. about working with children. They use English, but just as much about fun teach- causes life to change raising a family was less than ideal. with English. Within a couple of months, games, songs, reading aloud and even per- ing English. We try to keep our teachers in unexpected ways. American-born Art (Miami, Florida) was however, it grew into English lessons for Fun learning English form short plays to interest the children in engaged by organising regular get-togeth- educated at Vanderbilt University in the entire school (4 -12 year olds)! Art and Sarah established Fun Learning a fun way in the English language. ers where we share experiences and pro- For Art Olender, it Nashville, Tennessee, and received his Art was enjoying taking small groups of kids English Abcoude VOF in March 2009. Art There are a number of advantages that vide training on the various lessons that was the moment that Masters Degree in Computer Science. As and teaching them games, reading stories had his volunteer teaching experience, but learning English provides for the children. Sarah comes up with,” says Art. one of the founders of IEX Corporation, and singing songs in English. They even put decided to get a TEFL certification to help Early learning gives the children more self- Art and Sarah are now expanding Fun he decided to spend Art moved to Amsterdam in 1997 to open on short plays to help them overcome their give him more insight into how children confidence, it prepares them for middelbare Learning English into Amsterdam. Their some of his free time his company’s first international office. fear of speaking English. After volunteering learn new languages. school (high school) and it helps them with goal is to grow it through out the for nearly a year and seeing how much fun In May 2009, Art and Sarah began giving learning additional languages later on. Netherlands for the next few years, then volunteering at his Back to school the kids were having, and how much fun he official lessons at the school of Art’s sons. “We take advantage of a child’s innate on through Europe. sons’ school. In 2008, he took a parental leave with the was having, Art decided to look into ways to They immediately had a quarter of the desire to communicate. Having fun while If you’d like to know more about Fun idea that he would look for a job that would turn this into his new career. entire school taking the course! In learning English is the key to our busi- Learning English, or to become a FLE By CANDACE CONNEr-kABELA allow him to spend more time with his wife Almost by coincidence, Art met Sarah September, they had an information eve- ness,” Art states. “It’s not just about hav- teacher visit their website: ACCESS VOLuNtEEr and children. Initially curious as to what Bevis, an English woman living in ning for the remaining three schools in ing fun during the lessons. We’ve been to « 14 | access | AutuMN access | AutuMN | 15
  9. 9. Education City of The Hague The Hague Hospitality Centre Help your situation can also hide fears, awkward- ness, mental blocks, for instance: “ever since my best friend’s left, I feel lost.” children “People are laughing at me.” “I don’t even know how long we’ll be here for.” “I’m afraid to leave home next year to continue my studies...” learn, evolve and excel! WWW.DENHAAG.COM Your first point of contact for (new) residents of the city of The Hague 2) What will be the short and long-term conse- By MArIE DEWuLF quences if you don’t solve this problem, now, for ACCESS trAINEr & VOLuNtEEr yourself ? What do you risk losing if you don’t change the way you act and react? THE HAGUE IS JUST Relocating to another country can be a fab- the solution and therefore the child is As soon as the child becomes aware of A CLICK AWAY! ulously rich experience for some chil- motivated to take responsibility and what is happening now, he can very clearly dren. But for others, it can be more diffi- action to follow the path to the solution. see the positive and/or negative conse- email: telephone: 070 353 5043, every working day from 9.00 until 17.00 hours cult as they have lost their familiar points quences of his actions if he doesn’t change visitor’s address: City Hall of The Hague, Spui 70 (Atrium) of reference. It is important to keep in Here is an extract of the method: his behaviour/attitude/actions. opening hours: Monday through Friday from 9.00 until 17.00 hours mind that when moving house, a child may 1) What do you think of the situation you are in require a great effort to adapt their life- now? How is that a problem for you? 3) Give me five solutions that would help resolve style, to make new friends, to get used to Here, the child discussed a difficulty, a particular this problem. Which one do you choose to act 22198_GDH_Xpat_Advertentie_190x135.indd 1 11-11-2009 16:29:32 another school, culture, language, etc. situation encountered at school and/or at home. upon as of today? When will you start? What do Academy for Counselling and Coaching Fear of having to be up-rooted again can create a difficulty in thinking about the Often, children unconsciously use the defence mechanisms they have to avoid you expect to achieve? The answers commit the child to take English-language Diploma Course Counselling & Coaching future. feeling responsible and guilty. They often action, to make a plan and to look forward Exciting International classes with people from all over the world School results do not only depend on a trivialise situations “I didn’t do well but it’s to a positive outcome. good education, an efficient memory and not really a problem because neither did You can gain valuable skills and experience that make a positive difference in your personal regular support... They also depend on a my friends.” Or victimisation: “it’s not my 4) Knowing yourself, which are the strategies you and professional sphere. This course provides ample opportunity for useful learning and child or teenager’s acceptance that they are fault; it’s the teacher who didn’t explain could be tempted to use to sabotage this action? development and can be a starting point for setting up your own practice......... . responsible for managing their everyday well enough or doesn’t like me.” A difficult Blame the teacher, not being able to say no life and their future goals. to a friend, spending too much time online. The training for Counselling and Coaching is given in The Hague - Amsterdam or TeleClasses In parallel with the support of quali- Your trainer is Els Barkema - Sala, an international professional in counselling and coaching. Expand your personal skills and professional repertoire and Register now for the new fied school staff, you can also 5) What signs do you think will indicate to you English-language Diploma Course in Counselling & Coaching. contribute to your children’s that you are on the right path? progress by using coaching Encourages the child to visualise success. Ask for further information techniques. Coaching uses a Els Barkema-Sala, MPhil, MBACP at question and Succeeding 071 - 52 82 661 or answer method that enables your This type of coaching encourages finding - (mind: double ll) child or teenager to become con- scious of any problems and their new points of reference and techniques. « subsequent consequences. The child can then determine for him- For more information self what needs to be done Marie Dewulf, to change the situation. Nothing is imposed, the child discovers access | AutuMN | 17