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Nude woman


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Another Type of Nude Woman, by Martha Medeiros

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Nude woman

  1. 1. Another Type of Nude Woman By Martha Medeiros
  2. 2. After the invention of Photoshop, the more insignificant of creatures becomes a goddess, just few touches here and there. I have never seen so many naked woman.
  3. 3. Weekly, the web sites renew its inventory of cats dizzying. That does not lack is the candidate to withdraw clothes. Gives a good money.
  4. 4. And the boyfriend supports, the father feel proud, the mother finds an event, her friends feel jealous, then, embarrassment for what?
  5. 5. I do not know if men are radiating with this proliferation of breasts and asses. Unhappy should not be, but I doubt that something that has become so commonplace attract even those with more than 14 years.
  6. 6. Maybe the real excitement is, today, see a woman undress ... emotionally.
  7. 7. Nudity may have a different meaning and more intense. It is witnessing a woman exposing her fantasies, her pain, her history.
  8. 8. It is erotic see a woman who smiles, which cries, which hesitate, which is beautiful and sincere, which is a delight being fun, that leaves every man crazy being smart.
  9. 9. A woman who says what her think, what her feel and what her want, without half-truths, without hiding her small defects.
  10. 10. Moreover, we should take pride of our failures, is what makes us human, not of porcelain dolls.
  11. 11. Magnificent is see the revelation of a woman whom one can always rely, even if she turn ex, even if she know much.
  12. 12. Not long ago that pose nude was still an eccentricity of artists. I remember that it was expected with anxiety that the magazine would bring a test of Dina Sfat (Brazilian actress), for example
  13. 13. - To quote a woman who always had more to show than her own body.
  14. 14. But now there is no charm or suspense, we are in the era of women "things" that pose naked because they think it is a step in the career. It is. In most cases, towards decadence. Stairs serves to fall.
  15. 15. It is not easy remove the clothes and be hung on a banking of newspaper, but difficult for difficult, is also complicated open hand of verbal demureness, exhibit our secrets and insanity, reveal our interior.
  16. 16. But it is what we should continue doing. Undress our soul and show who we are, what we bring inside. I don't know strip-tease more alluring.