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  1. Our mission and an overview of our tools & services April 2021 How can ACC help you?
  3. Which is why the Association of Communication Companies opened up to all creative agencies Advertising – Activation – Content - Digital – Events – PR & Influencer
  4. Our 147 members & their roots
  5. 47 Event & Brand Activation agencies
  6. What do we ‘creative agencies’ stand for?
  7. agencies We are entrepreneurial places to work, with a diversity of talents and skills creativity We distinguish ourselves via conceptual thinking and applied creativity communication We are customer centric and go from insights over tools to implementation What do we all have in common?
  8. ACC’s mission: … is to upgrade, promote and defend the added value of our members towards (future) employees, clients, authorities, press & public
  10. • Reflecting our core values of collegiality and fair-play • A mini-soccer tournament with up to 12 agencies Belgian Agency League – by ACC
  11. How do we work?
  12. We have a small team of dedicated people Laurien Engels – Project Manager Johan Vandepoel – General Manager Stéphanie Vazquez - Office Manager
  13. • 5 Cross disciplinary Expert Centers: • Legal & Finance • Sector Challenges • Strategic Planning • Young Accounts • Young Dogs • 5 Competence based Expert Centers: • Brand Activation • Content Marketing aka Custo • Event Marketing • Public & Influencer Relations • Digital Marketing But we have a huge team of volunteers
  14. • 5 Cross disciplinary Expert Centers: • Legal & Finance: Dirk Debeys / mortierbrigade • Sector Challenges: Francis Lippens / FamousGrey • Strategic Planning: Vincent d’Halluin / mortierbrigade • Young Accounts: Margaux Mariens/ mortierbrigade • Young Dogs: Shi Qi Ji / BBDO • 5 Competence based Expert Centers: • Brand Activation: Daniel Schots / BBDO • Content Marketing: Michel Libens/ Propaganda • Event Marketing: Bert Knuts/ Event Masters • Public & Influencer Relations: Werner De Smet / Oona • Digital Marketing: TBC With very motivated Presidents
  15. And a committed Board of Directors Vinciane Morel
  16. • The Expert Centers are at the heart of the ACC • They initiate and elaborate actions, services and tools • The dedicated team serves as facilitator • The CEO represents the members and serves as ‘advocate’ • The Board of Directors provides guidance and feedback Who does what?
  17. What do we do for you?
  18. • We Regulate • We Stimulate and Facilitate • We Investigate • We Educate • We Celebrate • We Communicate We do a lot, and it all ends with ‘ate’
  20. Code of self-discipline & Ethical Committee
  21. Membership Event Confederation is included • E-C was founded by ACC, BESA & Febelux in 2020 • It is open to all Associations in the Event industry • It defends the broad interests of the event sector • And serves as the lobbying organisation for event associations
  22. in 2020
  23. Done Q4 2020 – Q1 2021 Verlenging steunmaatregelen • Technische werkloosheid • Overbruggingsrecht • Steunpremies per regio Voorschotwaarborgregeling 2 Vaccinatiecentra Bankendeal Verhoging plafonds vlaio Media & Hoorzittingen • TX
  24. Ongoing Q1 & Q2 2021 Verlenging steunmaatregelen • Technische werkloosheid • Overbruggingsrecht • Steunpremies per regio Voorschotwaarborgregeling 3 Globalisatiemechanisme Heropstart sector : CERM2021 – CIRM Protocol Overleg virologen & kabinet De Croo & Vandenbroucke & coronacommissariaat Feedback webinar verwerken Taskforce Vaccinatie Communicatie bij doelgroepcommunicatie Reispakketwetgeving Moonshot
  25. Work in progress Steunmaatregelen gelijk trekken doorheen regio’s bijv garantieregeling RSZ-korting Loonsubsidie Onroerende voorheffing Vakantiegeld arbeiders Relancemaatregelen sector Relancemaatregelen pakket Horeca-Events-Reissector Testevent opvolgen Kabinetten & politieke partijen relatie onderhouden Voucherregeling verlengen Financiering Eventconfederation Vacature opvolging o fq • TX
  26. New: Relaunchplan for entire sector
  27. Dear receiver of this invoice, These are turbulent times for everybody and every business. Especially for the creative industry. Yet, we witness a tremendous sense of adaptation, flexibility and solidarity. The agency that sends you this invoice undoubtedly has been working in quite difficult circumstances over the past year to come up with innovative solutions to help you grow or at least maintain your business. And in doing so, they involve suppliers and freelancers for whom it is even more difficult to make ends meet. Each invoice stands for a team of hardworking people: strategists, project managers, creative teams, producers, technical people and suppliers, who dedicate all their talents to the success of your brand and company. Which is why the Association of Communication Companies and the Event Confederation humbly ask you to pay their invoices within the agreed terms, preferably within 30 days. And by doing so, to respect the European Late Payment Directive. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, Johan Vandepoel CEO Association Communication Companies Vinciane Morel President Event Confederation A special thanks to Ogilvy Romania and Ogilvy Social.Lab Brussels for the campaign. Open Letter to respect 30d Payment Terms, endorsed by UBA
  28. On site campaigns ACC & Event Confederation
  29. Massive Press coverage
  30. Social Media coverage
  31. • Different interpretations taks levels on catering (2020) • Different interpretations on taks deductibility (2021) We set things straight regarding taks audits
  32. 3 fields of application: - Trade Fairs or day-events including overnight stay/ transport - Combi Tickets for Festivals or events including several overnight stays in hotel/camping - Orgnaized trips Problems: • Insurance for insolvency: - Non existing in our sector because the rules aren’t clear - Reinsurance impossible because of Covid-19 pandemic - Equity of 15% requested, which is troublesome in Covid-times - Cost for insurance: ‘Single Asset Based” • Cancellation: - Even stronger rules for packaged tours than for events/festivals Dealing with issues regarding packaged tours
  33. - Exemption as ‘packaged tours for combi-tickets with several overnight stays when the event is qualified as culture, sports, leasure or training - During the days of the main event => not considered as package tour - When being ‘extended’ => considered as package tour - Accessible and affordable insolvency insurances - Insolvency insurances via the Government (possibly via state owned Credendo). Limited contribution, based on a fixed fee per trip - All of this is being lobbied for iaw Union Professionelle des Agences de Voyage and Vereniging Vlaamse Reisbureaus Packaged tours: what do we want?
  34. • Task Force : • Bart Vandaele (Besa & E-C), Juul Van Gils (Febelux & E-C); Unizo (partner)​; Chris Persyn (Lawyers); Emmanuel Andries & Koen Vanhove (ACC) • Strong lead from Besa / Febelux • Work done ​: • Monthly meeting with task forces • 2 meetings with FEB/VBO – UCM • Definition of the project : cfr document on the website (old version) & new doc “in progress” • “Een gemengde CP bediende & arbeiders” voor evenement sektor “ • Event acteur de la 100 & 200 Working on a specific Paritary Committee:
  35. Objective: • Get the green light and support from “Employers assocation” before going to “Employee / syndicat “ association Current situation • No ok yet on the project from VBO • Main reason : scope of the project & defintion • Ok for event organisors • Not ok for suppliers • Back to work on Nace code and definition • Advice from Laywers : • 1st make Event Confederation stronger and united • Work on the long term for CP / PC • CP 200 has tried to put all of us into 126 • Contact with Fedustria (part of VBO) • Contact with politics to unwind the situation Paritary Committee: what’s new:
  36. • A standard form to unify Purchase & Sales terms • To avoid non signing by clients, mainly among event agencies • Developed by AdaStone Law and accredited by ACC • Downloadable on Standard Purchase & Sales Templates
  37. • A template in collaboration with MVVP lawyers • For creative/commercial interim independents • With clauses that minimize fiscal/social hazards • Available in NL, FR, ENG • Downloadable on Standard Freelance Contract
  38. • A template that regulates the cession of rights from actors and authors • Mainly in the field of interviews for content purposes • Created by AdaStone Law • Downloadable on Cession of Rights Permission template AFSTAND VAN RECHTEN Ik, ondergetekende:___________________________________________________ (Vul naam en voornaam in) Geboren op: _________________________________________________________ Gedomicilieerd te : ____________________________________________________ (Vul straat, nummer, postcode en stad in) geef mijn akkoord om: - gefotografeerd /gefilmd/geïnterviewd te worden in het kader van de campagne [vul naam van de campagne in]; - dat mijn naam, afbeelding, stem, werken en alle andere aspecten die me betreffen, gefotografeerd, gefilmd, en vastgelegd mogen worden met het oog op de verspreiding hiervan aan het publiek; - en bijgevolg om de nodige rechten voor de exploitatie en de mededeling aan het publiek van deze afbeeldingen, filmen en geluidsbanden af te staan aan [vul naam onderneming in], gevestigd te [vul adres onderneming in], ingeschreven in het KBO met ondernemingsnummer [vul ondernemingsnummer in] (hierna, de ‘Onderneming’). De rechten die worden afgestaan behelzen onder meer de persoonlijkheidsrechten (recht op afbeelding, naam en stem) en de auteurs- en naburige rechten verbonden aan mijn werken (het recht om mijn stem en afbeelding vast te leggen en op te slaan, om de beelden te kopiëren, aan te passen en te verspreiden naar het publiek, zonder enige beperking in hoeveelheid, integraal of gedeeltelijk, via elke drager en in formaat, en in het bijzonder het recht om de sequenties van beelden te digitaliseren of laten digitaliseren, te kopiëren of laten kopiëren, in het verkeer te brengen, te verspreiden, verkopen of laten verkopen; het recht om de werken te verhuren, mee te delen aan het publiek, overal en via elk kanaal of medium, daarbij inbegrepen de uitzending via netwerk en/of andere systemen voor telecommunicatie (analoog of digitale radiogolven, analoge of digitale kabel, Internet - inclusief sociale medianetwerken - satelliet, analoog, mobiel netwerk) rechtstreeks of on-demand; het afgeleide en secundaire exploitatierecht, in het bijzonder op alle papieren dragers (pers, affiches, magazines, boeken), audio en visuele dragers (digitaal of fysiek). Deze afstand, waarvan ik het ongestoord genot garandeer, is gedaan ten kosteloze titel, voor de volledige duur van de bescherming van de rechten, wereldwijd, voor alle talen en via alle dragers zoals hierboven omschreven. De Onderneming: - is de enige die kan beslissen omtrent de hierboven genoemde rechten en werken tijdens de uiteindelijke montering van de beelden, inclusief het volledige of gedeeltelijke gebruik; - kan deze rechten afstaan aan elke derde; - is niet verplicht mijn naam en titel te vernoemen in de (eind)generiek van de filmen. Datum :……………………………………………………………… Handtekening:………………………………………………… (voorafgegaan door “gelezen en goedgekeurd”)
  39. BA Insurance policy for Event sector Coverages Usual coverages Verheyen nv Territorial scope Belgium and surrounding countries. Extension to Europe is possible with additional premium. Worldwide, excluding Canada and USA Third Party Liability € 1.250.000 € 5.000.000 Co-insureds: freelancers, occasional co-workers, interns Not insured € 5.000.000 Product and service liability No standard coverage € 2.500.000 Professional liability No standard coverage € 500.000 Damage to entrusted goods No standard coverage. If insured, mostly limited to € 25.000 per claim for goods to work “on” € 75.000 per claim for entrusted goods to work “on” and to work “with” Damage to rented material Not insured € 75.000 per claim, max. € 150.000 per year Damage to used/rented venues Not insured € 75.000 per claim Objective Liability Not insured Insured when the event organiser is legally supposed to underwrite this coverage. Third Party Liability of your client Not insured Coverage on top of TPL-policy of client. If client has no TPL coverage, a deductible of € 50.000 per claim will be applied. Legal assistance € 25.000 € 50.000
  40. Plus a checklist & rationale Event Cancellations Insurance Policy Algemene gegevens Organisator + E-mailadres: Opdrachtgever: Naam Evenement: Aantal deelnemers / Bezoekers: Locatie en land: Omschrijving event: Duur in aantal dagen: Begindatum event: Te verzekeren bedrag Productiebudget (totaal factuur aan uw klant) in Euro : Andere bepalingen Dient er inkomstgeld te worden betaald door het publiek? Ja / Neen Gaat het door U ingerichte evenement geheel of gedeeltelijk door in openlucht? Ja / Neen Aanwezigheid van tenten / circustenten / opblaasbare hallen? Indien ja, gaat het evenement door op minder dan 5 km van de kust ? Ja / Neen Ja / Neen Wordt er vuurwerk voorzien? Ja / Neen
  41. • Guidelines to streamline competitions • For all kind of commercial pitches: • Long term relations or ad hoc pitches • All kind of disciplines (also events, content, PR,…) • They are not binding law, but... • If violated by a prospect, ACC puts pressure UBA/ACC/UMA Competition Charter
  42. • Leaflet with practical tips for a ’Happy pitch’ • A practical overview of the basic pitch procedures • For CEO’s, CSD’s and new bizz managers Questions to ask “when the call comes’
  43. • Practical guides with do’s & don’ts • For public servants • Different versions: Federal & Flemish TIPS • Taskforces with Kortom, VVSG and EBP to create ‘model tenders’ for main activities Tips for Government Pitches
  44. • A 2-step process to protect strategies and concepts in and after a pitch process for 5 years • Put the ACC-protected logo on your presentation • Create an i-depot: and pay 35€ ACC protected tool
  45. • An UBA approved template to officialise relationships between clients & agencies • Suitable for all communication disciplines • Updated on talent & intellectual property rights and privacy legislation (GDPR) • Available in 3 languages A client/agency contract, by ACC & UBA
  46. Influencer Guidelines, issued by ACC • As a response to the ‘recalled’ Influencer Guidelines from the FOD Economy • Under the umbrella of CC • Approved by all other Belgian associations (BAM, UBA, Feweb) • Controlled by JEP
  47. • A service agreement template • To streamline agreements between agencies and influencers • And to guarantee respect for the Influencer Guidelines Contract Template for Agencies/Influencers
  48. • A set of Guidelines for the Selection of an AV production company • Purpose is to provide clear indications of what is to be expected from all parties • It comes with a Briefing Template for an audiovisual production AV Production Guidelines
  50. • Based on the input of our new President and our Board Members • What are our current and future challenges? • And how to prepare for them! Vision Memo 2020/2024
  51. Let’s walk the talk. Let’s focus. Let’s raise our voice inside & outside. Battle fields for transformation: 1. Strengthen our business consulting skills. 2. Better quality education inflow. 3. Stimulating collaborations between agencies. 4. Accelerate diversity in agencies. We are transformers
  52. Strengthen our Business Consulting Skills • To guide creative agencies in their transformation into Creative Consultancy Agencies • 10 full-day sessions + Hackaton in Feb/Jun 2021 • Fully booked after 3 days: n=26, mainly CEO’s + SD’s
  53. A plan to outline training needs for high-schools & universities • Goal: offer more relevant education (business, technology, …). • Bachelor, master, post-graduates, … with a focus on commercial and strategic profiles • Target groups: high-school and university governors, teaching staff, students, press, … • Whyte steers an action plan: • Survey to agency managers & youngsters to define needs & gaps in March 21 • 3 World Cafés (FL, BXL, WALL: Universities, High-schools) to outline training needs in April 21 • ACC Whitepaper for the entire educational sector in Q3 21 Better quality education
  54. A plan to connect complementary ACC agencies • Goal: explore eco-systems & alliances among agencies from different disciplines • We are developing a MatchMaking Engine, based on: • Complementarity in agency services • Similarity in values and agency culture • It will serve as an online tool and as a date-generator for networking event(s) • Timing: May 21 for the tool; Q3 2021 for the networking event Stimulating internal collaboration
  55. Looking for complementary agencies: • Competences • Open for Collaboration on which disciplines • Collaboration Modus (lead, eco-system, executor,…) Comparable or opposite structure/culture?: • Staffing • Local or Adaptation Work • Client Portfolio (B2B, B2C,…) • Mother tongue • Ownership • Reputation • Best known for … • Personality Traits Collecting data for Match Making Engine
  56. A plan to close the diversity-gap in our sector • Goal: to assure that our consumer insights cover the entire population • Problem setting: • We have no clue of the (media) consumption & values of a growing part of our population • Only 4% of our talent has an ethnic/migration background • Lack of esteem for our profession and absence of role models are main barriers to join us • Our plan: to connect people with migration background and agencies via ASATT • Immersion Day for agency managers and A Seat At The Table: • Four Roadshows for 100 youngsters @ 12 agencies in Antwerp, Brussels (2x) and Ghent • Followed by selective invitations for ACC & participating agencies’ trainings & events • Timing: preparation Q4 2020; field Q3 2021 (after Corona) Accelerating Diversity in our sector
  57. A Client/Agency evaluation tool: COLLAB
  58. • What: ACC coordinates all applications from schools wanting to visit an agency: +/- 40 groups, mainly ATL & digital agencies • Target: last year students marketing & communication • When: All year through, depending on availabilities agencies • Was extended to Event Marketing and Content Marketing We organize Open door Days
  59. • Purpose: to ensure students to prepare in the best way for a job in the creative industry • In the Toolkit, we offer: • A charter with 9 criteria and guidelines (incl NDA template) • A checklist with criteria for a good internship and guidelines • A Certificate with logos ACC and agency We offer Internship Toolkits & Certificates Criteria for ACCredited Internships Checklist *Mandatory 1. Profile domain* The intern should belong to a job profile domain within Marketing Communications: Advertising, Event management, PR, Brand Activation, Content Marketing and Digital: 2. Development plan* The intern and the agency should draft a development plan with details about the internship. 3. Content* The content of the internship should include relevant tasks from the job profile domain, real client cases and exposure to the other job profile domains within the agency. 4. Mentoring* The intern should have both a school and an agency mentor, responsible for following up the intern’s progress. 5. Duration & Workload A minimum duration of 10 weeks is recommended within a standard 38 hour per week workload. 6. Recognition The intern should be encouraged to pitch his/her own ideas, work on their execution and be acknowledged for them thereafter. 7. Legal requirements* Interns should work under a standard internship agreement, stating legal rights and obligations. 8. Reimbursement of expenses ACCredited internships are unpaid, but reimbursement of costs is recommended. 9. Evaluation* The interns should be evaluated by both mentors, according to predefined criteria. Overview of responsibilities School Agency Provide job profile curriculum Provide knowledge and experience for the different job profiles Assign a school internship mentor Assign an agency internship mentor Participate in drafting the development plan Participate in drafting the development plan Implement a minimum internship length Organise a 30 min per week 121 meeting Provide a standard legal internship agreement Assign real client case tasks to the intern Provide insurance coverage Ensure recognition where appropriate Facilitate a final evaluation Provide reimbursement of expenses Provide a final evaluation
  60. We give guidance to jobseekers
  61.  Would-be Dentist becomes Account Manager  Journalist becomes Strategic Planner  Astronaut becomes Data analyst  Footballplayer becomes Growthhacker Some more examples:
  62. • All ACC members can put job offers on our site for free • For full time or part time jobs, freelancers or internships • For jobs in Client Service, Creative, Strategic or Technology departments We offer a free Job Corner on our website
  63. Keeping talent aboard via ACC Talent Bank
  64. We organize speed dating sessions
  65. Art Students & CD’s date @ CDate Night
  66. Marketing students & CEO’s date @ The Hunt
  67. • Need for new talent at event agencies • 8 schools select 8 top candidates each • 10 event agency managers screen students • Candidates send cv and present themselves during a 1 min live ‘elevator’ pitch • Group assignment on real briefing + presentation • Speeddating with agency ceo’s + networking • Selection of Top Talents: agencies offer internships or interviews for job recruitment • Iaw VBO/FEB “Young Talent in Action” Young Event Talent Day
  68. Students and agency managers at YET Day
  69. YOUNGDOGS: pitch sessions for Young Creatives 6 pitches per year Real clients - real briefs Creatives under 28yo (both working & studying) Two weeks to work on brief Ideas are judged by 2 or 3 Belgian CD’s & client Winners get ticket to Cannes
  70. • A dating-site for young creatives looking for a partner • 30% of young creatives are looking for a creative partner • Admates is free of charge, sponsored by MM & ACC • Admates features ‘Bros&Sis’: experienced creative advisors • ADMATES by YoungDogs, MM & ACC
  71. • There is a strong demand for more/better freelancers • More disciplines, more variation jrs vs srs, even internships • There is a big need for a performant platform to display offer freelancers • Informative, re-active, transparent • ACC has a partnership with The Maffia • They address our needs and offer rebates to ACC members: • Diversification of profiles • Transparent price model and rebates for ACC members • €55 rebate on finders’ fee < 1 month • €1.000 rebate on finders’ fee > 1year We professionalized the Freelance offer
  72. • What: a helpdesk with a lawyer company, specialized in marketing & communication • How much: €185/question/90 mins or, if complicated they will send a quote upfront • When: available at all times We offer a Legal Helpdesk with AdaStoneLaw
  73. • Reclame voor elk medium (internet, TV, radio, cinema, outdoor, pers, etc.), promotionele verkooptechnieken en handelspraktijken • Sponsoring, merchandising, events, wedstrijden en tombola’s • Eerbied voor het privéleven en bescherming van persoonsgegevens • Prijsreglementering • Verpakking en etikettering • Commerciële communicatie betreffende specifieke producten en gericht op gevoelige doelgroepen (tabak, alcohol, medicamenten, kinderen) • Elektronische handel • Auteursrecht, merkenrecht, tekeningen en modellen, recht op afbeelding • Juridische aspecten van PR-opdrachten • Reclametechnieken, product placement, teasing • Algemene contractuele beginselen uit de reclamesector • Algemeen advies over de Tax Shelter Typical questions for the Legal Line
  74. • What: advice from a lawyer company, specialized in tax law • How much: standard tax/juridical questions at a flat rate of €185. For more complex matters, you will receive a quote • When: available at all times Tax advice from Lauwers & Seutin
  75. • A good briefing is key for a strong campaign • ACC & UBA developed briefing templates for • Integrated campaigns • Event Marketing campaigns • Content Marketing campaigns • Public & Influencer Relations • Combined with MasterClasses @UBA Briefing Templates, by ACC and UBA
  77. • 4th You & Corona Survey in Q1/21 • Extra questions on: • Issues with resilience @work • Homeworking issues: impact on extra benefits mobility and home office • Who looked for extra funding or took a loan? • 86 agency (groups) participated • Survey “Employees & Corona” in Q1/21 • To check on homeworking and resilience • 675 employees from 77 agencies participated • Agencies >3 employees got their own report Monitoring the Corona-impact to our sector
  78. You & Corona Survey among managers
  79. Employees & Corona Survey
  80. • We combine the Salary Survey with the Hourly Rates Survey: • so you can compare the cost of your talent with the tariffs you charge to your talent. • An ‘evolutionary’ database: data of new participants will be added • and will be reported whenever you sign in to the online database • We increased the number of Job Profiles, from 37 last time to 61 now • we added management & administrative functions • we included part-timers, independents and freelancers • We provide annual payroll cost (FTE basis) and annual company cost • including car costs, insurances, … Salary/Hourly Rates Survey + freelancers in Q2 2021
  81. Detailed database for extra benefits
  82. Detailed database for extra benefits
  83. And a separate part on Hourly Rates
  84. • Only agencies having filled in Salary Survey AND the Hourly Rates Survey will receive both Surveys • Data are permanently updated Interested in participating? • We reduced the fee for both surveys to a one-time forfait of €500 • Subsequent editions will be free of charge How does it work?
  85. Profitability Survey: why do we need it?
  86. • Allows members to make their own selections • Brussels/other cities • Network/Independent • Per discipline • “Remembers” previous years’ figures • Issued in May – database released end June • +100 agencies participated last year Digitalized Profitability Survey
  87. Benchmarks can be customized
  88. Performance on 4 main KPI’s
  89. Variance versus year ago
  90. And some additional KPI’s
  91. • A survey, called Custometer • Conducted by Insites • Measures online & offline content • Provides feedback on readership • Measures effect on brand perception We offer Content measurement tools
  93. • The Trip Advisor for trainings, courses and events in our sector: • ACC initiated, ACC hosted or ACC endorsed • For members/non members; interns/jrs/srs/all • For Account Mnt, Creative-, Financial-, Mnt-, Personal-, strategic- and Techology Skills The Brainery: our platform for trainings
  94. Some Brainery Trainings
  95. • Tailor made for acc members iaw Talent Lab • Provides a recognized Certificate Prevention Advisor Level 3 • Dutch spoken; 5 working days: 19, 20, 21, 26, 27/11 • ACC members can ‘earn’ 240€: cost = 1.000€, but subsidized by KMO Portefeuille Sectorfonds & Betaald Educatief Verlof • Next session in 2021 A 5 day workshop ‘Prevention Advisor’
  96. New Revenue Models for Agencies
  97. • In partnership with PitchPoint, UBA and inspired by IPA • We will publish a paper with all existing remuneration modes • We will instruct agencies how to move towards more sophisticated – value based – remuneration modes • We will establish a benchmark via a survey and we will measure evolution on a regulat basis Followed by Taskforce ‘Pricing for Success”
  98. Schrijven voor Social Media
  99. Writing & Presentation Skills
  100. Training for Strategic Planners
  101. Adapting to the new normal How to present online
  102. Adapting to the new normal Time Management
  103. Adapting to the new normal Stress Management & Resilience
  104. Creative Strategy Night (APG UK Winners)
  105. 1st HYPRE Cycle for PR Executives
  106. 1st European Edition Content Marketing World
  107. 8th HYPE Cycle for Strategic Planners
  108. 1st FAME Cycle for Account Managers
  109. Free Young Account Bars
  110. Free Partner Sessions • 25/06: Data-driven advertising (by Mediahuis) • 02/07: Multilingual communication (by ELAN) • 09/07: Optimising client relationships (by Pitchpoint) • 27/08: Managing your tax administration during a global health crisis? (by Lauwers & Seutin) • 10/09: Corona and its legal impact (by KOAN) • 17/09: Communication skills (by ELAN)
  111. Free Brainery Sessions • Beyond Brands by Tom Van Den Bergh/RCA – 12/11 • Collaboration between brand & performance mktng by Sofie Verstreken/BBDO – 19/11 • Content Mktng for adv. & full service agencies by Pieter Vereertbrugghen/Cypres – 26/11 • TikTok, an untapped opportunity by Rob Van Alphen (School of Disruption) – 03/12 • Communities Decoded by Dennis Claus (Supermachine) – 10/12
  115. • Celebration of the best Activation Cases • Two Juries: creatives and clients • Indicator for the international Festivals • Cancelled due to corona Best of Activation Awards
  116. • Introduced by Custo & ACC in 2018 • In association with BOA Awards • 2 Categories: Strategy & Craftsmanship • 2 Juries: Clients & Craftsmen • Winners to appear in BOCA Annual Best of Content Awards
  117. • ACC guides Jury process • ACC gives trainings on “how to write a winning case” • ACC co-organizes learning moments • ACC agencies get 10% discount on cases • 2020 edition cancelled due to corona Partner of the Best Event Awards
  118. New: 1 platform for BEA + BOA + BOCA
  119. • One platform for all disciplinary awards: • Live and streamed presentations shortlisted cases to Jury • Combined and prestigious Award Ceremony on 01/12/21 NEW: BOA & BOCA & BEA join forces
  120. • To promote Creative Thinking, not just effectiveness • For strategy with strongest transformational impact • Chosen by ACC members of the Effie Jury • Handed out at the Effie’s Initiator of the Strategic Shift Awards @Effies
  121. • Belgian Jury members in Cannes present the hottest cases and their experiences • Targeted to young people who couldn’t attend Cannes • But like to party as in Cannes • Edition 8: canceled due to corona St-Canneke: straight from Cannes Festival
  123. • Sign in: => About us => Newsletter • Overview of ACC initiated projects • Links to subscription- or download pages A monthly Newsletter
  124. An accurate website
  125. Targeted mails & groups
  126. Follow us on Social Media
  127. Follow us on Social Media
  128. For Custo: Content Talk Newsletter & Blog
  129. Educational Specials:
  130. BOCA Annual:
  132. Submit a file with the following elements: Signed ACC Charter with declaration regarding bankruptcy, RSZ, VAT, rejection bribery, adherence to conventions JEP, … Last years’ balance sheet CV ceo + 2 references of clients/suppliers/ceo’s other agencies ‘Peer’ check among existing members of main discipline Possible issues will be handled by Ethical Committee Measures in case of disloyal Members: Abuses can be reported at ‘Red Line’ Issues will be handled by Ethical Committee How to become an ACC member?
  133. Fees are based on last year’s gross margin
  137. Thanks!