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2012 ACBSP Region 4 Best of Regions Presentation Rubric


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2012 ACBSP Region 4 Best of Regions Presentation Rubric

  1. 1. ACBSP Region 4 BEST OF REGIONS PRESENTATION RUBRIC October 2012 Criteria Desired Outcome Definitely Should Accept if Space on Definitely Should Not Accept Rating = the Program Rating = Accept Rating = 5 4 Rating = 3 2 Rating = 1 (Discuss) (Discuss) PRIMARY DETERMINANTS OF EXCELLENCEReflects the The topic clearly The topic is central or The topic may be The topic, though it may beConference falls within the mainstream to the theme of somewhat applicable to interesting, is not clearly or Theme scope of the the conference the theme of the closely related to the theme conference theme. conference but is not a of the conference. mainstream concept related to the conference theme.Interest to The topic is one that The topic would be of great The topic would be of The topic would have veryMembership will both interest interest to the members and moderate interest to limited interest to the and motivate highly motivate them to the members and members and would members to attend. attend. would motivate some motivate few members to members to attend. attend.Value Added The topic is one that The presentation topic is The presentation topic The presentation topic is not advances academic very creative, advances is somewhat creative, particularly creative, does understanding, academic understanding, advances academic not adequately advance demonstrates and adds significant understanding to a academic understanding, creativity, and adds educational value to the limited extent, and and adds little educational educational value to conference and to the adds some educational value to the conference or the conference. attendee’s understanding of value to the conference to the attendees’ the concept. and to the attendee’s understanding of the understanding of the concept. concept.
  2. 2. SECONDARY DETERMINANTS OF EXCELLENCE Criteria Desired Outcome Definitely Should Rating = Accept if Space on Rating = Definitely Should Not Accept 2.5 the Program 1.5 Accept Rating = 3 (Discuss) Rating = 2 (Discuss) Rating = 1 Communication The The proposal/presentation The The proposal lacked clarityand Organization proposal/presentatio was clearly written and easy proposal/presentation and effective Mechanics n is well written and to understand the key was somewhat clearly communication, well organized to concepts, error free in communicated and grammatical and/or spelling clearly communicate terms of grammar and understandable, errors were in evidence, key thoughts and spelling, and organized in a contained some and key ideas were not well ideas about the logical flow of ideas. grammatical and organized and did not topic. spelling errors, and reflect a logical flow. minor problems with logic and flow of ideas were in evidence. General The topic was The proposal/presentation The The proposal/presentation Presentation presented in a logical included a clear and logical proposal/presentation included ideas that did not Quality manner with ideas progression of ideas included ideas that have a logical connection developed and supported by meaningful were presented in a and which were not supported by a rationale to provide a solid somewhat logical supported by a rationale or rationale that framework for academic manner, with limited framework which promoted provided an discussion. rationale provided to further academic discussion. academic framework support further for discussion. academic discussion. Scholarship The The proposal/presentation The The proposal/presentation Quality proposal/presentatio applied scholarly references proposal/presentation did not apply, or minimally n reflected a basis in from a literature review of applied scholarly applied, scholarly references sound scholarship ten or more appropriate references from a from a literature review of and adequately citations. literature review of five two or less appropriate referenced the to seven appropriate citations. subject literature, as citations. appropriate. This additional factor would be applied during the actual meeting presentation. Presentation The presentation was The presentation was The presentation was The presentation relied Dynamics effectively clearly communicated and communicated with heavily on a prepared text, communicated, with conducted without regular reference to the visuals were not clear or visuals and/or overemphasis on text or text or notes, some effective, the audience was learning tools that notes, with clear and visuals and/or learning not engaged, and responses were well done and effective visuals and/or tools were unclear or to their useful. The audience other learning tools. The ineffective, and the questions/comments were was engaged and audience was engaged and audience was inadequate and received appropriate interested, and received moderately engaged unsatisfying. responses to their very satisfying and and fairly satisfied with comments/questions. appropriate responses to responses to their their questions and comments and comments. questions.