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What You Need for a Successful Self-Study

Presentation from #ACBSP2016

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What You Need for a Successful Self-Study

  1. 1. What You Need for a Successful Self‐Study Dr. Jeanne Bedell Dr. Diann Ferrell @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  2. 2. Introduction @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  3. 3. Core Team Characteristics • Creative • Writing skills • Attention to detail • Dedicated • Work well in teams • Work well under pressure @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  4. 4. Support Team • Campus Presidents • Faculty • Deans • Office of the Chancellor @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  5. 5. Project Management • Manager with prior accreditation experience if possible • Work with your mentor • Strong commitment from management, faculty, and staff • Effective communications skills • Good meeting minutes @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  6. 6. The Process-Narrative @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016 Preliminary Draft Revisions Final Submission
  7. 7. The Process-Documentation Review and storage on Portal Faculty Information Course Information Assessment Information Other Information- catalog, policies, etc. @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  8. 8. The Process Final Document Narrative Review Documentation Review @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  9. 9. Relevant Information • Answer the question(s) asked, many have multiple parts • Avoid the “fluff” • Review the documentation to the narrative to make sure it supports your case • Engage cross-functional readers (does it make sense to someone outside of that area/unit) • Reuse documentation when appropriate @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  10. 10. Documentation @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016 Documentation is key • You may have to sort through paper reports and faculty files or contact faculty to obtain the needed information
  11. 11. Sample (tie to mission) @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  12. 12. Sample (tie to mission) @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016 Criterion 4.1. The business unit shall have a learning outcomes assessment program.
  13. 13. Sample (tie to mission) @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016 Criterion 4.1. The business unit shall have a learning outcomes assessment program.
  14. 14. Sample (clear labels) @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  15. 15. Sample (clear labels) @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016 Figure 4.1
  16. 16. Sample (clear labels) @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  17. 17. Sample (consistent application) @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  18. 18. Sample (consistent application) @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  19. 19. Sample (visual representation) @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  20. 20. Sample (visual representation) @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  21. 21. What we learned from the process Challenges • Time is always shorter than you think and something always happens • Online template has limitations • Reviewing and collecting data is very time consuming and needs to be reviewed for quality Solution • If you imagine it will take 1 month, plan for 3 months… If you think you will need a team of 3, plan for 6… • Included more exhibits rather than tables • All data was submitted to one person to review and store for quality control @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  22. 22. How can this be adapted? • Look at your team • Who is included and what skills do they possess? • Look at your process • How is your documentation and narrative controlled, stored, and reviewed? • Look at your document • Did you answer all parts of the standard and is it clear to someone outside of your organization? • Do you have clear support for what you say? @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  23. 23. On-site visit @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016 • Have everything scheduled out • Have people ready to meet with the team • Keep a professional look to the room • Computers/printer • Paper documents as requested • Supplies
  24. 24. Conclusion • The team • Ensure only relevant information • Management of the process • How can this process be adapted? @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  25. 25. Questions @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016 Dr. Jeanne Bedell—Keiser University Dr. Diann Ferrell—Keiser University