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Partnering With a Business Accelerator to Jump Start Student Success

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Partnering With a Business Accelerator to Jump Start Student Success

  1. 1. Suzanne M Erickson PhD Dean College of Business and Mass Communication Brenau University Partnering With a Business Accelerator to Jump Start Student Success
  2. 2. Brenau University: Who’s that? @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2015
  3. 3. What’s the partnership? Increased chance of Success Oxford Center Brenau Motivated Student
  4. 4. Where’s the Need? • Growth opportunities for small private colleges • Partners help market programs • Surge in entrepreneurship • Ease of start up • Disillusionment with corporate America • Need for business skills
  5. 5. The Vision Entrepreneurs will jump start their business idea or accelerate their growth through foundational knowledge in business and access to successful entrepreneurs through networking or as mentors.
  6. 6. Innovative Partnership • Brenau provides the academic foundation • Oxford Center provides access to entrepreneurs • Mentors • Apprenticeships • Funding possibilities • Networking
  7. 7. Our Partner
  8. 8. Oxford Center Roundtable
  9. 9. Oxford Center of Entrepreneurs Website
  10. 10. The Oxford MBA
  11. 11. Two Levels of Participation Global Entrepreneur MBA • Membership in the Oxford Center and free access to all events • $6,950 surcharge MBA with CEO Apprenticeship • Membership in the Oxford Center • Work side-by-side with a successful entrepreneur. • Paid placement as you see, feel, and learn what it takes to build an entrepreneurial culture that rewards high performance. • $11,950 surcharge
  12. 12. Original Target Market • Entrepreneurs globally • Full time students who move to Atlanta for the program • At a minimum have business idea
  13. 13. How It Works • Brenau University provides the curriculum and the faculty • Oxford Center provides mentoring, networking, potential access to capital and apprenticeships.
  14. 14. The Curriculum • MBA Core (30 credit hours) plus • Entrepreneurship • Entrepreneurial Finance • Channel Development and Account Management • Product Development and Innovation • Advanced Entrepreneurship
  15. 15. Out With MBA's--In With Masters In Entrepreneurship … in the last decade or two, we have seen a seismic shift in demand for an alternative business education, especially with the rising costs of education. One that teaches the basics in starting your own business and being your own boss. One that is tapped into local startup ecosystems with access to venture capitalists and startup incubators. One that marries expertise in technology development, with startup business and marketing skills. A new breed of business education under the banner: a Master’s in Entrepreneurship. entrepreneurship/
  16. 16. The Next Edition: The Masters in Entrepreneurship • 30 credit hours total • Add: social media • Delete: • Two foundation courses • Cross Cultural Business Challenges • Management and Org Behavior • Global Economics • Integrated Business Operations
  17. 17. Mutually Beneficial • To the student – access to successful business mentors • To Brenau – distinctive program and co-branding opportunity • To Oxford Center – Academic credibility to their program. Business development through education
  18. 18. Don’t take it from us….
  19. 19. In Conclusion • Small tuition driven schools need to look outside the box for revenue enhancing opportunities • Business partnerships may help us replicate the networking connection of the more well endowed schools • We need to partner with industry to supplement our knowledge
  20. 20. Potential for Culture Clash • Working with business can be a challenge • Dissimilar processes and timelines • Things in business tend to move faster than in education • Their bottom line pressure impacts what we can do • It must be a true partnership
  21. 21. Questions/ Comments?

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