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Blended Teaching for Graduate Business Education Excellence

Presentation from #ACBSP2016

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Blended Teaching for Graduate Business Education Excellence

  1. 1. Blended Teaching for Graduate Business Education Excellence Stephanie R. Nesbitt, JD, MBA Director MBA & RMI Programs Assistant Professor RMI @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  2. 2. • Good business programs offer good MBA programs • A problem with brand recognition • Over-saturated market for online MBAs, limited geographic draw for campus-based programs • Great offerings in niche business areas (cyber security, economic crime, risk management & insurance), limited offerings and depth in general business The Journey Begins
  3. 3. Rethinking the MBA • Addressing the disconnect between what academics teach and what business needs (Mintzberg, Rubin & Dierdorff) • Addressing the disconnect between academic notions and what the student perceives as value-added • Less theory • More application
  4. 4. Addressing the Disconnect • Manage the decision-making process • Manage human capital • Manage strategy and innovation • Manage the task environment • Manage administration and control • Manage logistics and technology
  5. 5. Core Course Examples • BUS 611/612- Principles and Practices of Leadership • BUS 621/622- Financial Fluency • BUS 631/632- Data-driven Decision-making • BUS 641/642- The Global Consumer, Markets & Logistics • BUS 651/652- Strategy
  6. 6. The Results • Compress the notion of the MBA and follow the market with a 30- credit hour program • Integrated and applied curriculum • Exploit our expertise in niche areas by allowing specialization • Choose teaching method(s) that support our overall objectives- Blended
  7. 7. U.C. Business- Blended Course • Student can choose physical or virtual classroom • Student can attend synchronously or asynchronously • Assessment is all completed in the course shell • The classroom is used for application and synthesis- NOT FOR LECTURE • “Attendance” is required
  8. 8. Common Program Offerings • Students must choose a modality • Choice is permanent • Challenges ensuring course equivalency & consistency • Teaching inefficiency
  9. 9. U.C. Blended Program Offerings • A single classroom with a single course shell • Students choose how they enter the classroom • Classroom choice can change week to week • No issues of equivalency or consistency • Efficient teaching model
  10. 10. The Course Shell • Specifically designed to support the teaching method • All are master courses and come with an instructor’s manual • Cases and examples are the purview of the instructor • Syllabus, textbook, assessment items, course shell design are updated or changed only by decision of our Graduate Business Forum @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  11. 11. Creating the Environment • New business school • A separate floor for graduate and professional education programs • High-tech classrooms @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2016
  12. 12. The new business school at Utica College. The Harza Building, site of the first F.W. Woolwroth’s store.
  13. 13. The telepresence (“MX700”). Facilitates audio, visual & teaching materials sharing. The rear screen which shares visual materials for students and instructors.
  14. 14. One of four breakout rooms using desktop computer and simple webcam technology to support multi- location student work teams.
  15. 15. Questions? Stephanie R. Nesbitt, JD, MBA Director, MBA & RMI programs Assistant Professor RMI