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Oklahoma Business Week

East Central University hosts Oklahoma Business Week each summer to give 120 high school and college students a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about business in a fun, experiential way. Partnerships with business professionals augment student learning and opportunities.

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Oklahoma Business Week

  1. 1. Oklahoma Business Week East Central University Stacey Bolin, Rachel Nicholas, and Casey Black @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2015
  2. 2. Presentation Overview • Engagement: Setting the Stage • OBW Video • OBW Engagement: Professionals • OBW Engagement: College Students • OBW Highlighted Activities • OBW Research: The Impact on Students • OBW Goals: Mission Accomplished
  3. 3. Engagement: Setting the Stage • Entrepreneurs contribute to prosperity, create jobs, and fuel innovation (Solomon, Bryant, May, & Perry, 2013; Yallapragada & Bhuiyan, 2011).  86% of the new jobs (Neumark, Wall, & Zhang, 2011)  70% of the world’s production (Ates & Bititci, 2011)  67% of new inventions (Winkel, Vanevenhoven, Drago, & Clements, 2013) • Despite some debate, entrepreneurship studies cite the ability to teach entrepreneurship (Cheung & Au, 2010; Morris, Webb, Fu, & Singhal, 2013; Raposo & Do Paco, 2011; Schmidt, Soper, & Bernaciak, 2013).  Best results from hands-on, experiential learning (Gerba, 2012; Gibson, Harris, Mick, & Burkhalter, 2011).
  4. 4. References Ates, A., & Bititci, U. (2011). Change process: A key enabler for building resilient SMEs. International Journal of Production Research, 49, 5601–5618. doi:10.1080/00207543.2011.563825 Cheung, C., & Au, E. (2010). Running a small business by students in a secondary school: Its impact on learning about entrepreneurship. Journal of Entrepreneurship Education, 13, 45–63. Retrieved from Gerba, D. T. (2012). The context of entrepreneurship education in Ethiopian universities. Management Research Review, 35(3/4), 225–244. doi:10.1108/01409171211210136 Gibson, S., Harris, M., Mick, T., & Burkhalter, T. (2011). Comparing the entrepreneurial attitudes of university and community college students. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 11(2), 11–18. Retrieved from Morris, M. H., Webb, J. W., Fu, J., & Singhal, S. (2013). A competency-based perspective on entrepreneurship education: Conceptual and empirical insights. Journal of Small Business Management, 51, 352–369. doi:10.1111/jsbm.12023
  5. 5. References Neumark, D., Wall, B., & Zhang, J. (2011). Do small businesses create more jobs? New evidence for the United States from the national establishment time series. Review of Economics and Statistics, 93(1), 16–29. doi:10.1162/REST_a_00060 Raposo, M., & Do Paco, A. (2011). Entrepreneurship education: Relationship between education and entrepreneurial activity. Psicothema, 23, 453–457. Retrieved from Schmidt, J. J., Soper, J. C., & Bernaciak, J. (2013). Creativity in the entrepreneurship program: A survey of the directors of award winning programs. Journal of Entrepreneurship Education, 16, 31–44. Retrieved from Solomon, G. T., Bryant, A., May, K., & Perry, V. (2013). Survival of the fittest: Technical assistance, survival and growth of small businesses and implications for public policy. Technovation, 33(8-9), 292–301. doi:10.1016/j.technovation.2013.06.002 Winkel, D., Vanevenhoven, J., Drago, W. A., & Clements, C. (2013). The structure and scope of entrepreneurship programs in higher education around the world. Journal of Entrepreneurship Education, 16, 15–29. Retrieved from Yallapragada, R. R., & Bhuiyan, M. (2011). Small business entrepreneurships in the United States. Journal of Applied Business Research, 27(6), 117–122. Retrieved from
  6. 6. The Reach of OBW: Student Capital • OBW began Summer 2012 • Growth in Attendance New Students Returning Students College Students Involved Summer 2012 62 n/a 15 Summer 2013 72 10 25 Summer 2014 84 15 40
  7. 7. OBW Engagement: Professionals
  8. 8. • Link to Oklahoma Business Week Video on YouTube: • OBW Video
  9. 9. OBW Engagement: College Students
  10. 10. How OBW impacts our life… Introduction to the Business World Development of Skills Needed to be Successful Real World Experience of Management Networking with the Numerous Business Professionals
  11. 11. Oklahoma Business Week Highlighted Events @ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2015
  12. 12. Board Room Dinners
  13. 13. Board Room Presentations
  14. 14. Tradeshow
  15. 15. OBW Research: The Impact on Students Statistical Significance between Pretest and Posttest Scores Student Ratings of their Abilities - Scale 1 to 7 Leadership Skills t(76) = 2.44, p < .01 Recognition of Opportunity t(76) = 2.36, p < .05 Development of New Products and Services t(76) = 2.22, p < .05 Networking Skills and Professional Contacts t(76) = 2.14, p < .05 Problem Solving t(76) = 2.02, p < .05 Creativity t(76) = 1.00, p > .05 Students Considering Entrepreneurship as a Career Pretest 48 Posttest 48 Changes 20
  16. 16. I feel more confident speaking in a group or public setting now 91% I feel more comfortable asking questions if I am not sure about something 90% I feel more comfortable negotiating my ideas and thoughts 95% I found my interaction with my CA valuable to my personal development 94% I found speakers, judges and guests valuable for my personal development 97% I feel I am better able to work in a team environment 97% I feel more flexible and tolerant 92% I feel I am better able to evaluate and select information 95% I will work even harder in school after this experience 97% I will return to school with greater motivation to succeed after this experience 99% This week gave me better ideas about furthering my education beyond high school 94% I am more excited for my future career possibilities 96% I am more self-confident 93% OBW helped me understand what is required to manage a successful business 100% I have a better understanding of corporate/business finance 96% My understanding of personal finance/credit has improved 92% I had fun 99% I will recommend this program to my friends 99% My ability to work under deadlines has improved 92% I think I am more creative 87% I would like to return to a future OBW 91% Has OBW influenced your choice of a college major? 76%
  17. 17. OBW Goals: Mission Accomplished 1. Recruitment of Excellent Students 2. Real World Management Experience for College Students • Planning & Execution of Teambuilding Activities • Assisting with Companies and Dorm Life 3. Networking for the Future 4. Business Professional Engagement
  18. 18. “It was more hands on and we were able to work with other students directly and formed bonds with the other students which made it a lot more entertaining.” -OBW Alum
  19. 19. “I actually had hands on learning instead of reading it out of the book, as well as speakers with success in business showing that I can actually achieve something later in my future.” -OBW Alum
  20. 20. “It's much more specific and hands on, which I enjoy. You actually put all of your time to use at OBW, where as in school you waste too much time. OBW is more fast paced, so I never get bored and I'm always interested.” -OBW Alum
  21. 21. “I actually learned what it means to run a business. I learned about all the important details in business. I did not just learn about leadership skills, but also business skills that are important to ANY occupation I go in to.” -OBW Alum
  22. 22. “At Howe High School I only learned the basics to business but only enough to get a taste for it. At OBW I now understand what business is and want it to be part of my future.” -OBW Alum
  23. 23. OBW Contact Information Camp Director – Stacey Bolin (580) 559-5596 OBW Intern – Casey Black (580) 559-5274