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Feb 2014 meade_acap_newsletter

  1. 1. ACAP MEADE Insert “Spotlight” Headline News 4216 Roberts Ave, 1st Floor, Room 132 In this issue: Why a Post-Interview Thank You Letter is Important  Why a Postinterview Thank You Letter is Important By Christian Larkins, Military Veteran  Why Do You Want To Leave Your Job 1 – If there were a lot of applicants then it will remind them of who you  Quick Jobseeker’s Strategies  Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy  Regional Job Fairs  Upcoming ACAP Events are and make you stand out from the crowd (remember most people don’t even think about writing a letter).  February 2014 acap.meade@serco-na.com Smart Response to the Interview Question: Why do you want to leave or why are you leaving your current job? 301-677-9871  People leave their job for a variety of reasons. Today many military service members are leaving due to the draw down. Knowing how to properly answer the question above is an important part of your job search preparation. First rule is you definitely shouldn't badmouth your employer. "It's ok to bring up a problem with your current employer," says J. Patrick Gorman, co-founder of the iFind group, an executive recruiter based in New York, "but you have to show how you attempted to solve it so you don't sound like a whiner." 2 – It can give you the chance to include a comment/thought that you forgot to mention during the interview. 3 – If the interviewer(s) are having a tough time deciding between you and one or two of your competition then this will put you to the front of their minds. They will be thinking of you more when making the decision to hire. They will also realize that you went the extra mile to write the thank Rita Boyle, a senior executive search consultant with New Jersey-based Cornerstone Search Group, suggests explaining how the change is the next logical step for your career path. "Explain why you're running to their company instead of why you're running away from your current one." you letter and that will give you an edge over your competition. Remember there is very little traffic on the extra mile i.e. less competition. Plausible Response: “I honed a variety of skills including…in the military. I would now like to employ those skills with ABC Inc to contribute to your ability to achieve your goals.” What not to say: “I want to work for you because you have better pay, benefits, and I love the location.” Page 1 of 3
  2. 2. Did You Know? You can view recent job vacancies, ACAP Schedule of Events/Seminars, and useful transition information on the Ft. Meade ACAP Facebook page, HTTPS://www.fa cebook.com/fort meadeACAP Quick Jobseeker’s Strategies By Rob Riggins, clearedjobs.net 1. Only apply to jobs for which you’re truly qualified. This can be since it’s so easy to apply for jobs online. You need to meet 80% of the job requirements to apply. Only exception is if you are being referred or you know someone in the hiring process. Think of it this way. Why would a hiring manager want to interview someone they have never met who is clearly not qualified for a position? Would you? 2. Get your salary expectations in line. The cleared job market is changing and you may not be worth what you used to be worth. Contract rates have been coming down– hopefully not for your skill set, but check it out via Glassdoor.com or Payscale.com, your professional association, people in your network. 3. Customize your resume for every job. Review the job description and compare how your skill set matches up. Are you meeting that 80% threshold? Using similar keywords and phrasing? Is there anyone in your network who can refer you or provide more intel on the position? Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy There is an internship opportunity in acquisition for those who have at least 24 credits that are business related or have a Bachelors degree. Priority is given to veterans. http://www.acquisitionacademy.va.gov/ schools/internship/faqs.asp#aisq03 REGIONAL JOB FAIRS Tech Expo Top Secret Job Fair 11 Feb from 10am –3pm BWI Marriott 1743 West Nursery Rd Linthicum Heights MD 21090 www.techexpousa.com Veteran Recruiting/ACAP Virtual Job Fair 25 Feb from 10am –12pm Register at: www.acapcareerfair.com Fort Meade Technical Job Fair 19 Mar from 9am – 2pm Club Meade 6600 Mapes Rd Fort Meade MD 20755 www.dllr.maryland.gov/employ mentjobfairs 4. Review all your job search materials – resume, boilerplate cover letter and online profiles – to make sure they are up-to-date. Take a newly critical eye to your materials. Page 2 of 3
  3. 3. “Upcoming Events” Event Executive TAP Workshop* Date 10 – 13 Feb Time 0800 – 1600 Apply For A Federal Job 20 Feb 1330 – 1530 Dress for Success 21 Feb 1300 – 1600 Starting a Business Franchise 21 Feb 0900 – 1200 Executive TAP Workshop* 24 – 28 Feb 0800 – 1600 How to Work a Job Fair 27 Feb 1000 - 1200 Employer Day (mini job fair) 6 Mar 1300 - 1500 TAP Workshop* 10 – 14 Mar 0800 – 1600 Understanding Educational (GI Bill) Benefits for 2014 18 Mar 1330 - 1530 Apply For A Federal Job 20 Mar 1330 – 1530 TAP Workshop* 24 – 28 Mar 0800 – 1600 Apply For A Federal Job 2 Apr 1330 – 1530 Dress for Success 10 Apr 1300 – 1600 TAP Workshop* 14 – 18 Apr 0800 – 1600 Executive TAP Workshop* 21– 25 Apr 0800 – 1600 *Included in the 5-day TAP Workshop is Transition Overview, MOC Crosswalk, VA Benefits Briefing, Department of Labor Employment Workshop, Financial Counseling Seminar, and Individual Transition Plan Briefing. NOTE: Please make appointment to ensure seat availability ACAP Staff  Countess D. Simiyu, Manager  Denise Elliott-Bourdeaux, ACAP Counselor (SFAC) 301-677-6318 Meade ACAP Phone: 301-677-9871 E-Mail: acap.meade@serco-na.com  Paula McNeill ACAP Counselor (Main Center) https://www.acap.army.mil Transition Services Manager George E. Matthews, 301-677-9874 george.e.matthews.civ@mail.mil  Carmella Foreman ACAP Counselor (Main Center)  Sharif Small, ACAP Financial Counselor Page 3 of 3